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Best deodorant for men with sensitive skin

Need a UK men’s deodorant for sensitive skin? Here we help you to shop effective, natural and non-irritating deodorants for men with sensitive underarms. Our deodorants are even suitable for skin that may be prone to eczema.

By Alexandra Julian

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Need a UK men’s deodorant for sensitive skin?

Here we help you to shop effective, natural and non-irritating deodorants for men with sensitive underarms. Shop men’s deodorant now.

Why are Green People deodorants so good for sensitive skin?

As experts in sensitive skin, we do not use harsh ingredients in any of our natural roll-on deodorants for men with sensitive skin.

Instead, we use natural and organic actives that are effective against B.O. but gentle on sensitive skin. Our deodorants for men are even suitable for skin that may be prone to eczema.

To keep you fresh without blocking pores, we use natural deodorising ingredients like Prebiotics, Potassium Alum and Zinc Ricinoleate derived from castor oil. These offer natural control of body odour without suppressing the vital function of perspiration.


Shop men’s deodorants for sensitive skin

All Green People deodorants are suitable for men with sensitive skin and keep skin feeling soft and protected using a moisturising blend of Aloe Vera and Shea Butter.  

With a choice of fresh or herbal-scented men’s deodorants or our completely unscented deodorant for very sensitive skin, you can find lasting comfort and freshness. They are made in the UK and are fully recyclable.

Nancy chose Green People for Men when her husband needed a non-irritating deodorant.

customer review

Dominik says he was relieved to finally find a men’s deodorant his skin could tolerate:

customer review

Best deodorant for very sensitive underarms

If you are prone to irritation from essential oils, you may want to choose our UK men’s deodorant for very sensitive skin: our Scent Free Deodorant.

This unisex deodorant is made with the same effective odour control as our other natural deodorants, but without fragrance or essential oils.

Richard says Scent Free Deodorant is best for his sensitive skin:

customer review

What can cause irritation from deodorant?

Many men experience armpit irritation or an armpit rash after using deodorant and there can be many causes of this*.

Sensitive skin can be triggered by ingredients found in your shower gel or fabric softener. You may also be sensitive to ingredients that are commonly used to make men’s deodorants and antiperspirants.

Here are some examples of ingredients used in men’s deodorants that may not be suitable for sensitive underarms. We avoid using all of the below in our deodorants.   

Aluminium chlorohydrate

Aluminium chlorohydrate is used in antiperspirant and creates a gel that blocks the pores to stop sweat from being secreted. If pores in the underarms become blocked, there is a chance that they may develop pimples that cause discomfort in the underarm area.

Artificial fragrance

Many men’s deodorants are strongly scented and perfumes are one of the most common causes of allergies to toiletries. You may find you can tolerate a men’s deodorant with natural essential oils or, if even these are too much for your sensitive skin, then a scent-free deodorant is your best choice.


Another ingredient used in men’s deodorants which can cause sensitive armpits to sting is alcohol (ethyl alcohol/ethanol). This skin-drying ingredient is found in both sprays and roll-ons.

We hope that you have found this deodorant for sensitive skin shopping guide useful. For more help choosing a men’s deodorant for sensitive skin, contact our friendly UK customer care team on 01403 740350 or @GreenPeopleUk.

*Sensitive and itchy armpits can also be a sign of more serious health conditions, such as breast cancer. Both men and women can develop breast cancer and if you are concerned about any lumps, swelling or sensitivity in your underarm, discuss this with your GP.

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