Meet our zero-waste organic beauty balm
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Meet our zero-waste organic beauty balm

We’re big fans of beauty balms at Green People and believe that these versatile skin care staples should have a spot in every skin care routine. Here we proudly introduce One Balm and reveal why we think it is our best multi-purpose balm yet!

By Hannah Mepham

5 Minute read

Love beauty but hate plastic packaging? We hear you! Finding plastic-free beauty products isn’t always easy so we’re extra proud to have created the UK’s first beauty balm in fully biodegradable packaging.

Scroll on to discover how we made this zero-waste beauty balm possible.

What is a zero-waste beauty balm?

Zero-waste products are made with plastic-free packaging materials that leave no trace behind.

A great example of a zero-waste beauty product is One Balm, our multi-purpose beauty balm that can be used by skin types and for all kinds of uses, including cleansing, skin calming and even tattoo aftercare.

First degradable beauty packaging in the UK

So, what makes One Balm zero waste? Well, this UK beauty first comes in a degradable pot. Yes, you read that right. Made with a blend of plant polymers and by-product sawdust sourced from a sustainable forest, the sturdy pot slowly disappears after use leaving absolutely no trace of microplastic behind. How great is that?!

One Balm Production

One Balm’s SA COSMOS Organic formulation is equally ethical. 99% organic, one of its key ingredients is Myrrh, a skin-soothing active that is collected sustainably from a nomadic tribe called the Himba who use our fairly traded funds to support their traditional ways of life.

You can find out more about our work with this nomadic tribal community or keep scrolling to discover the many benefits of making One Balm part of your organic beauty routine.

The best beauty balm uses

A multi-tasking beauty balm that all the family can use, One Balm cocoons skin in a protective layer of nourishing plant actives that calm and soothe all skin types - including sensitive skin.

A brilliant natural barrier balm, it can be used for everything from cracked heels to cuticle care, shaving and double cleansing. Here are some of our favourite uses for One Balm:

One Balm, Many Uses

  • Dry skin soother: Soothes, calms and repairs irritated skin
  • Natural lip balm: Keeps lips soft and nourished
  • Barrier repair balm: Protects and supports for healthy skin repair
  • Sports chafing salve: Shields against friction
  • Hand and cuticle care: Supports soft hand health
  • Tattoo aftercare: Protects the skin as it heals
  • Bump and stretchmark softener: Gently calms itchy, irritated skin
  • Windchill protection: Defends against harsh winter weather
  • Eyebrow tamer: Keeps brows perfectly in place
Green People One Balm Uses

How to use the One Balm beauty balm

A balm that all the family can use, One Balm’s versatility makes it a staple product for those low-waste shoppers seeking to streamline their bathroom products. Here we reveal our favourite ways to use our eco-friendly beauty balm.

  1. DIRECTLY ON DRY PATCHES: Calm and care for elbows, knees and toes
  2. AN UNBEATABLE BROW BALM: Blend One Balm into the brows for salon-sleek, softer eyebrows
  3. AN ORGANIC CLEANSING BALM: Be a dab-hand at double cleansing and use One Balm to lift away make-up
  4. A CALMING BALM: Give skin a cushiony comfort by working One Balm’s anti-inflammatory actives into any area of sore skin
  5. A POST-SHAVE BALM: Soothe post-shave soreness by applying One Balm on the legs or bikini line after shaving or waxing
  6. A HERO HEEL BALM: Calm cracked heels by applying to the feet before popping on a pair of cotton socks
  7. A CUTICLE BALM: Nourish the nails by soothing onto the cuticle as and when needed
  8. A SPORTS BALM: Keep this pint-sized product in your kit bag and apply to skin that’s prone to chafing
  9. A NATURAL TATTOO BALM: Help skin to heal by lightly laying this gentle balm onto freshly tattooed skin
  10. A NATURAL LIP BALM: Add shine and softness with One Balm’s naturally nourishing actives
  11. A NOSE BALM: Calm red, sore skin by dabbing One Balm around the nostrils
  12. A SKI SLOPE SKIN ESSENTIAL: Apply under goggles to stop irritation around the eye area
  13. A HELMET HERO: If you cycle or wear a safety helmet for work, use to keep the forehead free from irritation

How to dispose of One Balm degradable packaging

Used all your balm? You can either upcycle the packaging or dispose of it by taking it to an industrial compost collection point or adding it to your general waste. The packaging will gradually decompose, leaving no trace of microplastic behind.

Green People One Balm Comparison


Love beauty and hate waste?

Build on your plastic-free beauty routine when you discover our trio of natural, plastic-free shampoo bars. The low-waste way to wash your hair, each waterless 50g bar lasts for up to 60 washes and can also be used to wash your body. 

There’s no need to invest in a shampoo bar storage box either. We lace our cardboard boxes with a special film that keeps your bar perfectly pristine in between uses. The beauty of it is that it is still recyclable!


Going plastic-free and like the sound of One Balm? Our skin care experts can help you to build your best low-waste beauty routine and can be contacted at or on 01403 740350.

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