What is Gua Sha & does it work?
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What is Gua Sha & does it work?

Gua Sha is a beauty massage therapy that’s trending in the UK. The name is also applied to the massage tool itself. It is so popular that it has amassed over 575,000 Instagram hashtags with #guashafacelift and #guashaglow also trending.

By Hannah Mepham

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Gua Sha is a beauty massage therapy that’s trending in the UK. The name is also applied to the massage tool itself. 

It is so popular that it has amassed over 575,000 Instagram hashtags with #guashafacelift and #guashaglow also trending.

Gua Sha is a Mandarin word and according to Vogue, the term Gua Sha actually means ‘scraping’. 

Whilst it is not advisable to ‘scrape’ your face with Gua Sha stones, slowly drawing the smooth, cool Gua Sha stone under the eyes, jaw and cheek bones can support lymphatic drainage to help to release toxins from the body and encourage healthy circulation in the skin.


What does Gua Sha do?

Facial massage is a great self-care way to relax and unwind. Using facial massage techniques like Gua Sha will also help to support the flow of blood to the skin to encourage healthy, well-nourished glow.

These are some of ways our customers tell us that they use their Gua Sha massage tools.

  • To cool and refresh the skin
  • To calm puffy skin
  • To firm, contour and define the jawline
  • To support skin radiance
  • To relax and release tension

A low-cost way to support the health and balance of your skin, incorporating Gua Sha facial massage techniques into your beauty routine is incredibly relaxing, gentle on skin, requires little preparation.

Better yet, this self-care beauty step can be performed within minutes, at home, with no costly trips to the day spa required!


What is Gua Sha & does it work?


Gua Sha kit for beginners

For an easy way to introduce Gua Sha into your skin care routine, take home Revitalising Skin Gym.

This Gua Sha gift set pairs our Jade Gua Sha stone with one of our favourite facial oils and serums and makes it easy for Gua Sha beginners to master this self-care skin care technique.


How to Gua Sha

Our Gua Shas all come with a handy Gua Sha tutorial sheet which shows you best practice techniques for Gua Sha facial massage.


Gua Sha


Gua Sha is not to be rushed and we suggest allowing at least 15 minutes to gently perform your facial massage, taking care not to press on the skin too hard with the stone.

To help your Gua Sha glide over the contour of the skin, first cleanse your face and then prime the skin with a light layer of your favourite facial oil.

Find the best facial oil for extra benefits to your Gua Sha massage.

To help the skin feel refreshed, cool your stone in the fridge before use.


Is Gua Sha any good? 

It may take some time to see results from your Gua Sha stone and results will differ from person to person.

To see results faster, we’d advise incorporating Gua Sha into your daily routine, dedicating around 15 minutes a day to Gua Sha facial massage.

Our customers have certainly been impressed by the results of Gua Sha and our Gua Sha tools have amassed almost a hundred 5-star reviews.

Here we share some of the ways that Green People customers have been benefiting from Gua Sha.


Real Gua Sha reviews

James and Laura quickly saw smoother skin results after using Gua Sha

Real Gua Sha reviews

Evie and Minna say their Gua Shas helped to relieve tension

Real Gua Sha reviews


Christine uses Gua Sha to soothe and settle her skin

Real Gua Sha reviews


Aine found skin confidence from her Gua Sha

Real Gua Sha reviews


Ruth says Gua Sha helped her skin to glow

Real Gua Sha reviews


Shop Gua Sha tools

We offer a choice of Jade Gua Sha and Obsidian Gua Sha massage tools.



Our Jade stone is slightly larger and has a comb shape which is ideal for gliding over cheek bones.

Our Obsidian Gua Sha stone is slightly smaller and has a heart-shape which is ideal for using on the delicate under eye area.

Both stones are suitable for use with any of our organic facial oils and can be cooled in the fridge before use.

skin care quiz


For more guidance and information about our Gua Sha massage tools, please contact our customer care team on 01403 740350.


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