facial oil for gua sha

Best facial oils for gua sha

A celestial skin glow is easy to achieve using a facial oil for gua sha.  Luxuriously light on the skin and designed to deliver a silky soft touch of self-care, Green People UK's organic face oils can be used with all Gua Sha stones and facial rollers. 

By Alexandra Julian

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A celestial skin glow is easy to achieve using a facial oil for gua sha

Luxuriously light on the skin and designed to deliver a silky soft touch of self-care, Green People UK's organic face oils can be used with all Gua Sha stones and facial rollers. 

3 of the best facial oils for Gua Sha


Best for: Gua Sha for anti-ageing

Regenerative Rosehip gives this lightweight organic night facial oil its anti-ageing power. This feather-light blend is gentle on sensitive skin but also delivers powerful tissue-regenerative properties and an intensive boost of Omega fatty acids and Vitamin E to replenish and firm the skin.

The perfect blend for those worried about early wrinkles, this facial oil is non-comedogenic and supports skin elasticity without blocking pores.

Great for using as a Gua Sha oil, glide it onto clean skin then work your massage tool towards the lymphatic areas of the face to support skin circulation before you get your beauty sleep.


Best for: Gua Sha for sensitive skin

When Green People’s founder, Charlotte Vøhtz, was growing up in her native Denmark, her mother would wrap her skin in Scandinavian seaweed to infuse it with antioxidant algae nutrients.

The Nordic Roots Marine Facial Oil takes inspiration from her Danish heritage and combines Atlantic Seaweed with a soothing Oat Kernel Extract to deliver a nutrition-rich elixir to weary skin.

Charlotte’s advice is to combine a drop of this natural night face oil with a little of the Nordic Roots Apple Complex Moisturiser on the back of your hand and apply them to the face overnight. She says this leaves the skin “feeling like it has been treated to a moisture-infused face mask”.


Best for: luxury Gua Sha experience

Without a night-cap of hydrating skin care, mature skin can feel dry in the mornings and this can make wrinkles look more pronounced.

For a glow that lasts from dawn to dusk, boost your skin’s vitality whilst you sleep with Green People’s Cell Enrich Facial Oil.

The base oil in this elasticity-boosting facial oil blend comes from a crop of Blackcurrant seeds. Rich in Omega-3&6 essential fatty acids, this oil increases elasticity, improves firmness and helps to reduce premature wrinkles.


Our Obsidian and Jade Gua Sha massage stones make the perfect partner for Green People facial oils. These ancient beauty therapy massage tools make it easy to improve skin firmness, release congestion and reduce puffy eyes.

Suitable for use on sensitive skin, our massage stones can be used with any Green People organic facial oil. Follow our 5-step facial massage routine and see if Gua Sha leaves your skin feeling pure and pampered.

How to use a Gua Sha with your facial oil

Gua Sha facial massage only takes a minute and is something everyone can incorporate into their evening skin care routine.

Before you begin, ensure the skin is clean, then apply a few drops of your favourite facial oil to create a silky slip and make it easier to glide the Gua Sha around the face.

Get to grips with Gua Sha with our 5-step skin care tutorial:

  1. Sweep the Gua Sha massage stone up the neck and under the chin
  2. Sweep the Gua Sha massage stone from the middle of your chin across to your jawline
  3. Sweep the Gua Sha massage stone upwards and over the cheekbones
  4. Gently sweep the Gua Sha massage stone under your eye
  5. Lastly, sweep the Gua Sha massage stone over eyebrows towards your hairline

There’s no need to rinse our night facial oils from the skin after using Gua Sha, simply let the oil sink into the skin whilst you sleep, then cleanse as usual in the morning.

How to use a Gua Sha: video

Watch the lovely Hannah demonstrate Gua Sha with our video on how to use a Gua Sha. 

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Need a hand choosing which is the best facial gua sha oil for you? Our friendly UK customer care team is always happy to help. Please call us on 01403 740350 for personalised skin care advice. 

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