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The skin-purifying benefits of activated charcoal face masks

What makes activated Charcoal masks so good for spot-prone skin? Will it help banish your blackheads? In this post, we explore the benefits of activated Charcoal face masks and introduce you to our natural Purifying Face Mask.

By Hannah Mepham

6 Minute read

Prone to spots or congested pores? Say hello to the mattifying ingredient that’s an oily skin must-have as we explore the benefits of making an activated Charcoal face mask part of your spot-control skin care routine.

What is an activated Charcoal face mask?

Activated Charcoal is a hugely popular beauty ingredient in the UK. But what is it, and how do you use an activated Charcoal face mask as part of your spot-control skin care routine?

A highly porous natural ingredient that’s known to absorb excess oil, activated Charcoal is the perfect face mask ingredient with lots of benefits for those with oily, combination or blemish-prone skin. Its colour is what makes many purifying face masks black!

activated charcoal face mask close up

Helpful for deeply cleansing skin of oil, bacteria, and toxins, it’s a key ingredient in our Purifying Face Mask. Ideal for spot-prone skin, this natural and organic face mask also contains Bentonite Clay, a natural ingredient which uses electro-magnetic attraction to trap and release impurities that may clog-up your pores and lead to spots.

How do activated Charcoal face masks work?

An essential for bringing oily skin back into balance, using an activated Charcoal face mask regularly helps to keep your skin clear of congestion. This helps to prevent your pores from becoming so clogged that they overproduce oil (sebum) and attract an influx of spot-causing acne bacteria.

How? Well, the skin care science is simple. As the mask dries, it draws dirt, toxins and pollutants onto the skin’s surface, decongesting the pores. Once your mask is dry, simply wash it off and you’ll release the impurities down the drain.

All ages and genders can benefit from activated Charcoal.  Shop our Purifying Charcoal Face Mask here or keep scrolling to discover some of the many benefits of using an activated Charcoal face mask.

man applying charcoal face mask

Benefits of activated Charcoal face masks

The skin-balancing benefits of purifying activated Charcoal mean that the Purifying Face Mask is the perfect skin care product for those with oily skin or combination skin and those affected by acne or large pores.

If that sounds like you, here are just some of the benefits of using our activated Charcoal face mask as part of your spot control skin care routine.


Once applied to the skin, activated Charcoal attracts dirt and toxins and lures them away from the skin surface to deliver a deep-cleansing action.


Damaged and enlarged pores can’t be shrunk but you can make them appear smaller! Activated Charcoal draws engrained impurities out of the pores and onto the skin surface where they can be cleansed away. 


Activated Charcoal helps to stop blocked pores - a common cause of spots - by reducing excess sebum production and removing impurities.

Shop our activated Charcoal mask

Made with a blend of activated Charcoal and mattifying Bentonite Clay, our Purifying Face Mask draws impurities out of your pores to leave skin clean and balanced.

A weekly home facial essential for oily, combination and spot-prone skin, it purifies skin in just 15 minutes.

Did you know?

The Activated Charcoal used in Green People’s Purifying Face Mask is sustainably sourced. When sustainably-grown coconuts are used to make skin care and shampoos, Coconut husk is produced as a by-product but is not used. Rather than waste this valuable resource, these unused husks are transformed to create a purifying and eco-friendly form of activated Charcoal.

Activated Charcoal mask reviews

How to use your activated Charcoal face mask

Wondering how long to leave a Charcoal mask on? Or whether you need to apply moisturiser after you mask?

We often get asked for advice on the best ways to use our Charcoal face mask so we created some tips from getting the most from your mask.


Face masks work best when applied to clean skin so freshen up with Foaming Face Wash. This uses a non-drying foam to cleanse skin of make-up, dirt and congestion.


Apply a light layer of mask around the face, taking care to avoid your mouth and eyes. Then leave it to work its pore-purifying magic for around 15 minutes.

activated charcoal woman mask

Combination skin? To target an oily T-zone, apply your mask across your forehead and down your nose rather than as a full-face mask.

Wondering how many times a week you should apply an activated Charcoal face mask? There’s no need to apply an activated Charcoal face mask every day, once a week is sufficient.


As your mask dries, it will bring impurities to the surface. Once your 15 minutes are up, rinse the mask and impurities away by splashing your face with water.


Your skin might feel a little tight after you mask. To keep it soft and balanced, keep up the spot-fighting action by applying Day Solution Moisturiser.

Enriched with Prebiotics to balance and Willow Bark to reduce redness, this skin-calm cream is your key to a clearer complexion.


We hope that you have found this guide to the benefits of activated Charcoal face masks helpful. Looking for more tips on how to create a spot-control skin care routine? Contact our friendly UK customer care team at @GreenPeopleUK and they will help to build the best routine for you.

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