Best tinted moisturiser for oily & acne-prone skin
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Best tinted moisturiser with SPF for oily & acne-prone skin

Welcome to our guide to tinted moisturisers for oily, combination and acne-prone skin! We’ll introduce to some natural tinted moisturisers with SPF that are perfect for your skin type.

By Hannah Mepham

6 Minute read

Welcome to our guide to tinted moisturisers for oily, combination and acne-prone skin! We’ll introduce to some natural tinted moisturisers with SPF that are perfect for your skin type.

We love tinted moisturisers because they make it so very easy to look after your skin and keep your complexion looking clear and even all day long.

Some brands of tinted moisturisers can contain ingredients that block pores, which can exacerbate problems for those with oily or combination skin. We’ll go into more detail soon – but rest assured ours are non-greasy and free from comedogenic ingredients.

Read on to discover our favourite tinted moisturisers with SPF for oily skin, combination skin and acne-prone skin.


Tinted moisturisers with SPF for acne-prone skin


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Tinted moisturisers are a great way to cover redness and imperfections and one way that we make our Age Defy+ DD Tinted Moisturisers SPF15 a great choice for acne-prone skin is by making them without pore-clogging mineral oil or silicones.

Instead, we formulate our balancing tinted moisturisers for spot-prone skin with plant extracts that control the amount of sebum oil that is released from the pores.

One such ingredient is Jojoba Oil. Although called an oil, Jojoba is actually a wax. Rich in skin-softening moisturising properties, it is ideal for spot-prone skin because it helps to balance sebum levels and unblock sebum from pores.



Another ingredient that makes our natural tinted moisturisers particularly well suited to oily, spot-prone skin is Witch Hazel Water. One of the best natural anti-blemish actives for adult acne, Witch Hazel Water has strong astringent properties that combat oiliness and helps to prevent blemishes from forming.



Top tip: If red, raised blemishes prevent your tinted make-up sitting neatly on the skin, treat spots by applying Age Defy+ Balancing Oil Serum neat to the skin before you apply your make-up.

Ideal for adult skin affected by blocked pores and frequent breakouts, this blends Jojoba with Black Cumin Seed Oil, which fights blemishes, clogged pores and inflammation.


Tinted moisturisers with SPF for oily skin

Frequent sun exposure puts skin more at risk of pigmentation problems and premature ageing from free radical damage so finding a tinted moisturiser with SPF that works for your oily skin is very important.

So that you can proactively defend skin from sun-induced ageing, our tinted moisturisers with SPF use antioxidants from Sea Fennel Stem Cells, Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil to help neutralise free radical activity.

Combined with balancing Jojoba Oil and astringent Witch Hazel Water, these make for the perfect tinted moisturiser with SPF for oily skin.


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No matter which tinted moisturiser you choose for oily skin, it is important that you always double cleanse after wearing make-up and SPF skin care products.

Cleansing twice will make sure you’ve left no traces of dirt or make-up behind but be careful not to over-cleanse and have the unwanted effect of stripping oils from the skin barrier. Using alcohol-based cleansers or foaming washes with hash foaming actives can also cause the skin to lose oils and trigger a counteractive overproduction of oil.




Our SPF tinted moisturisers are water-based and the best way to cleanse these from oily skin is to use a water-based cleanser such as Age Defy+ Purify & Hydrate Cream Cleanser.

If your skin is sensitive to essential oils you may prefer to use Scent Free Cleanser which is ultra-gentle on sensitive skin.



Tinted moisturiser for combination skin


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Combination skin has a double-whammy of imbalance to contend with. Not only can it experience spots from time to time, but it can also experience patches of dryness.

Our hydrating Age Defy+ DD Tinted Moisturisers are perfectly placed to help bring combination skin into balance, featuring Jojoba Oil and Witch Hazel to target areas of oiliness. We make our tinted SPF15 moisturisers suitable for combination skin by formulating them with moisture-binding actives that keep dry skin soft and replenished.


Sea Fennel


Squalane and Shea Butter moisturise and support a healthy, nourished skin barrier while Sea Fennel Plant Stem Cells stimulate increase hydration and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles that can be more pronounced in dry and combination skin types.

To help the moisturising actives in your tinted moisturiser be well absorbed by combination skin, exfoliate twice a week using Age Defy+ AHA Radiance Peel Mask. This 15-minute face mask uses five natural AHAs and smooths the skin surface so that your tinted moisturiser products sit better.



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Would you like help finding a tinted moisturiser with SPF for oily or acne prone skin? Our friendly UK customer care team can help and can be contacted on 01403 740350 or at @greenpeopleUK.


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