How to apply tinted moisturiser
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How to apply tinted moisturiser

Applying a tinted moisturiser is a great way to give your skin a natural, even glow but how can you ensure a streak-free finish? Here we reveal the best way to apply tinted moisturisers.

By Hannah Mepham

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Applying a tinted moisturiser is a great way to give your skin a natural, even glow but how can you ensure a streak-free finish? Here we reveal the best way to apply tinted moisturisers.

Tinted moisturiser: an alternative to foundation

Foundation is make-up product that’s used to even out the complexion and conceal signs of:

  • Blemishes
  • Rosacea
  • Tiredness
  • Hyperpigmentation

Offering full coverage that’s helpful for achieving a ‘heavy’ make-up style, foundation formulations may have a thick, pore-clogging consistency.

Tinted moisturisers are lighter make-up products that act like skin care. Considered hybrid cosmetics, they are a popular choice amongst UK consumers that prioritise healthy, glowing skin over heavy make-up.

Another reason to consider choosing tinted moisturiser as an alternative to foundation is that investing in multi-tasking mineral make-up products may save time and money by reducing the number of products in your beauty routine.

Green People’s mineral tinted moisturiser range offers 3-in-1 benefits in one luxurious but lightweight moisturiser. Available in a choice of two mineral make-up shades, these foundation alternatives offer:

  • Natural make-up coverage for glowing skin
  • SPF15 sunscreen
  • Anti-ageing benefits
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Not sure which to choose? Try a tester sachet bundle and see if these beautifully blendable skin creams work with your skin tone.

    How to prime your skin

    A moisturiser first and foremost, tinted moisturisers can be applied directly to the skin, but by priming the skin you can help your tinted moisturiser to glide on and stay put.

    Making a primer for your tinted moisturiser is easy to do and can be greatly beneficial for those with dry, oily or combination skin.

    Simply combine our Hydrate & Renew Serum with our Cell Enrich Facial Oil then tap it into the skin to lock in moisture and create the perfect base for a flawless foundation.

    Top tips for applying tinted moisturiser

    Like foundation, a tinted moisturiser can be applied with your fingers, a sponge or a foundation brush. The way you choose to apply your tinted moisturiser is a matter of personal choice, but whichever way you choose, there are some techniques you can use to make your tinted moisturiser look flawless.


    For light and even coverage the best make-up application tool to use is your hands. Follow these 3 simple steps for applying tinted moisturiser with your hands:

    1. First apply a small amount of tinted moisturiser to your fingers
    2. Then gently massage your tinted moisturiser onto your cheeks, forehead and chin
    3. Lastly, lightly pat your face to even out your coverage, concentrating on the more fiddly areas around the eyes and nose


    Applying tinted moisturiser with a brush is a great way of building heavier coverage and is ideal for covering blemishes and dark circles. We recommend using a Kabuki brush for smooth results. Follow these 3 simple steps for applying tinted moisturiser with a brush:

    1. Pump a small amount of tinted moisturiser onto the back of your hand and dip the end of your brush into the product
    2. Lightly buff the product into your skin by moving your foundation brush in circular motions
    3. Allow to fully absorb for a few seconds and repeat if fuller coverage is required

      How to remove tinted moisturiser

      Make-up applied should always be removed thoroughly at night and the best way to effectively cleanse your natural tinted moisturiser from the skin is with an oil-based cleansing balm.

      Age Defy+ Ultimate Wonder Balm uses 99% certified organic ingredients to gently melt away make-up.

      Warm the balm in your hands and then massage gently over face, eyes and neck before removing with a warm cloth. Follow with Age Defy+ Purify & Hydrate Cream Cleanser for a deeper cleanse.

      To help your tinted make-up to sit smoothly on the skin, exfoliate once or twice a week with Age Defy+ Soft Buff Skin Exfoliator, a gentle face scrub that completes your make-up cleansing routine.

      Do you need help choosing the best shade of natural tinted moisturiser for your skin? Our UK customer care team can help and can be contacted on 01403 740350.

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