How to relieve tired, puffy eyes naturally
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How to relieve tired, puffy eyes naturally

The delicate skin around the eyes can be prone to puffiness, dryness and sensitivity. Discover tips to relieve tired eyes naturally as we explore the best organic eye creams for tired, puffy eyes.

By Hannah Mepham

6 Minute read

Can’t hide those tired eyes? If your eyes look tired and puffy, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we share some of our favourite ways to refresh and rejuvenate your eye area, plus some top tips and natural creams for revitalising tired eyes.

What causes tired, puffy eyes?

Wondering why your eyes look puffy when you’re tired? Could it be fluid retention? According to Specsavers opticians, many factors can cause eyes to puff with fluid, including dietary changes, allergies, poor contact lens care and losing out on precious sleep[i].

You may also notice that your eyes become puffier as you age.

woman with slightly puffy eyes

Why does this happen? Well, the delicate skin around your eyes lacks collagen and elastin, the scaffolding-like structural support system that keeps your skin looking firm.

Unfortunately, collagen and elastin production decline with age. On top of that, lymphatic microcirculation slows down. This combination can lead to dark circles and sagging of fat deposits, leaving eyes looking swollen and tired.

If puffy eyes appear after applying a skin care product around the eye area, you may be sensitive to one of the actives. In this instance, it is best to stop using the product immediately.

Puffy eyes can also be linked with some health conditions so please see a medical professional if you are concerned.

Best eye creams for tired and puffy eyes

A calming eye cream that supports skin elasticity is vital to preventing puffy eyes.

That’s where we come in.

Shop our natural and organic eye creams for tired and puffy eyes below or keep scrolling to discover tips and natural ingredients for relieving tired and puffy eyes.

Our rejuvenating natural ingredients

Experts in sensitive skin, we pack our eye care products with gentle natural actives clinically proven to hydrate and soothe the eye area.

Tuberose (+ Betaine)

If you want to give dark circles the dodge, you can’t go wrong with Rejuvenating Eye Cream.

Rich in anti-puff properties, it uses an innovative, clinically proven plant cell complex that combines Tuberose with Betaine. Great at targeting crow’s feet and giving eyes a smoother, brighter appearance, this not only calms inflammation but also gives skin circulation and a welcome boost.

The perfect combination for naturally relieving dark circles, Tuberose & Betaine are clinically proven to reduce dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. One study found that after 30 days:

  • 76% of women reported that dark circles were less coloured
  • 61% of women reported that puffiness was reduced
  • 52% of women reported that crow's feet were reduced

Sea Holly Stem Cells

For fast results for tired eyes, look no further than our Age Defy+ Line Eraser Serum, which targets tired eyes with Baicalin and Sea Holly Stem Cells.

Great for giving tired eyes a naturally firming refresh, Sea Holly Stem Cell extract works fast to firm the skin around your eyes within 15 minutes of application.

A 28-day trial using the ingredient showed that with consistent use, skin hydration increased by a staggering 95%, and smoothness also increased by 38%!


Did you know the best way to apply eye cream is by gently tapping it into the skin? The tapping motion not only aids abortion but also boosts blood flow. It’s also kinder on sensitive eyes, which may aggravated by rubbing.

How to relieve tired and puffy eyes naturally

Woken up with tired and puffy eyes? Soothe and calm those tired eyes with our quick fixes to help you rejuvenate your eye area.


Apply a cold compress over closed eyelids, such as an ice cube wrapped in a paper towel. If you prefer, you can soak cotton pads in a bowl of iced water, then rest the dampened pads over closed eyes.


Keep the skin around the eye well-nourished with a hydrating daytime eye cream. For a cooler touch, keep your eye cream in the fridge.


Sweeping a smooth Gua Sha stone under each eye each evening supports healthy blood flow to your under-eye area.

Using a Gua Sha for puffy eyes and eye bags is easy. Create a slip with a scent-free facial oil, then gently sweep the Gua Sha under both eyes, taking care not to press on the skin too hard.

Do you need help finding the best eye cream for your tired, puffy eyes or advice on choosing a Gua Sha? Our UK customer care team is happy to help and we can be contacted on 01403 740350.

The contents of this blog post should be treated as information only. Please consult a medical professional if you have any health-related concerns or symptoms.

If you wish to republish this content, please credit Green People as the original creator with a link to "How to relieve tired, puffy eyes naturally” Please do not use an affiliate link.

Reviewed by:

This blog post has been reviewed by Charlotte Vøhtz, founder of Green People, who has 25+ years of experience in the natural and organic beauty industry. A recognised leader in the field of organic beauty, Charlotte helped inform the UK's first organic beauty standards and was voted the People’s Choice in the 2023 list of Who’s Who in Natural Beauty. A published author, she wrote the organic beauty bible ‘Naturally Gorgeous’. Previously, she qualified as a nurse and spent over 10 years working in pharmaceuticals.



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