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Best face oil for a Jade or Rose Quartz roller

Looking for the best facial oil for a Jade or Rose Quartz roller? Here we help you to get the best benefits from facial massage tools with our guide to choosing the best facial oils for face rolling.

By Alexandra Julian

7 Minute read

Looking for the best facial oil for a Jade or Rose Quartz roller? Here we help you to get the best benefits from facial massage tools with our guide to choosing the best facial oils for face rolling.

What is a facial roller tool?

A facial roller is one of the best home-spa tools that you can buy for combination skin that’s prone to dryness, blemishes and fine lines. Like Gua Sha tools, these reusable facial massage tools can last a lifetime and provide skin of all ages with a beauty-boosting glow.

Woman using a gua sha roller on her face

Facial rollers are often made from a precious stone and can come in all kinds of colours.

Typically, Jade and Rose Quartz rollers will consist of a small stone roller attached to a short stone handle.

Stone rollers can also feature two rollers of different size: one at either end of the handle. The larger roller is for use on the forehead and cheeks and the smaller roller is best for massaging around the delicate eye area.

What do facial roller tools do?

Facial rollers have a similar benefit to Gua Sha facial massage tools and, when used regularly with facial oil, a Jade or Rose Quartz facial roller helps to smooth skin and releases inflammation and fluid build-up from puffy, imbalanced skin.

Use in the morning to stimulate your skin’s circulation and give skin a healthy glow. The process of using a facial massage tool is also incredibly relaxing and can help you to unwind in the evening.

Whether you choose to use Gua Sha tool or a facial roller is a matter of personal choice. Whichever you choose, you will soon notice that regularly using a facial massage tool supports your skin’s circulation and leaves skin brighter, less puffy and better equipped to utilise skin care.

Which facial oil to use with a facial roller?

Facial rollers produce their best results when used on freshly cleansed skin and in conjunction with a serum or a facial oil. In addition to replenishing the skin, these light, silky skin care products help to create slip so that the roller moves seamlessly around the skin.

Best face oil for Jade or Rose Quartz roller

Rose Quartz is a healing stone and, while all our organic facial oils are suitable, we think the best oil to use with a Rose Quartz roller is our Anti-Ageing Facial Oil.  

A light, non-pore clogging organic facial oil that feels silky smooth on the skin, we recommend this revitalising oil for skin that’s aged 20 to 35 and starting to see the emergence of fine lines.

green people anti-ageing facial oil 30ml

Rich in with plant oils with healing properties, this anti-ageing facial oil works perfectly with a Rose Quartz facial roller because it contains:

  • Rosehip oil - a quickly absorbed oil that is known for its tissue-regenerative properties
  • Sunflower Seed oil – a golden oil that’s full of skin-reinforcing fatty acids and vitamins and feeds the skin barrier exactly what it needs to stay, calm, soft and protected
  • Thistle Seed oil – a soothing oil that protects the skin barrier and is one of the richest sources of the Omega-6 essential fatty acid Linoleic acid

Using our Anti-Ageing Facial Oil with your Rose Quartz facial roller will feed fatty acids into the skin and help plump skin to smooth away fine lines. This non-comedogenic facial oil for facial rollers will also help balance your skin’s sebum levels to minimise the likelihood of blemishes.

Our organic Anti-Ageing Facial Oil is also a good choice for a Jade roller. However as Jade has a slightly coarser texture to Rose Quartz, you may want to use a little more oil to get the right amount of slip.

If your skin is prone to sensitivity or easily irritated by fragrance, the best oil that we’d recommend for use with Jade or Rose Quartz rollers is our Nordic Roots Marine Facial Oil.

This scent free oil is the best facial oil for using facial massage tools on sensitive skin. Tap it onto clean skin then glide your facial roller around your face to help your skin absorb the collagen-boosting Atlantic Seaweed.

After use skin will have a noticeable healthy glow and will feel calm and comfortable.

How to use a roller with facial oil

Using facial oil with a facial roller needn’t take too much time. Simply dispense a few drops of oil onto the skin then glide your roller towards areas of lymphatic drainage.

A great tip for the summer months is to keep your Jade or Rose Quartz facial roller on a shady windowsill or in the fridge. When you come to use it, it will feel fresh and cool against your skin and this can help to cool skin that’s feeling the heat.

Best serum for Jade or Rose Quartz roller

If you prefer to use a serum with your facial roller, we have the perfect recommendation. 

Our best serum for Jade or Rose Quartz rollers is our Nordic Roots Hyaluronic Booster Serum.

serum for jade or rose quartz roller

A non-sticky Hyaluronic Acid serum, it has a silk-like texture which is ideal for helping your facial roller tool to glide around the skin. It also comes with a dropper dispenser which makes it easy to control how much serum you use with your Rose Quartz roller.

Scent free and suitable for all skin types, this lightweight serum sinks deep into the skin to replenish dryness and plump firm lines. After use, expect skin to feel plump and intensely hydrated.

How to clean a facial roller

If you are going to use a facial massage tool it’s important that you cleanse it after use. As you glide your roller around your face it can pick up oils and dirt and could attract bacteria which then comes into contact with your skin the next time you use it.

Your Jade or Rose Quartz facial roller may come with specific cleaning instruction or a cleansing cloth.

To clean our facial massage tools, we dispense a little shower gel onto a clean cloth or flannel and wipe it over the surface of the tool. We then gently rinse the tool to release any germs and gently dry it with a clean towel.


Would you like help choosing the best facial oil for a Jade or Rose Quartz roller? Our UK customer care team can help and can be contacted on 01403 740350.

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