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The best essential oils for concentration & focus

Worries and anxieties can block productivity and positive thoughts. Re-set your focus with our guide to the best essential oils for concentration and clarity.

By Hannah Mepham

6 Minute read

Worries and anxieties can block productivity and positive thoughts. Re-set your focus with our guide to the best essential oils for concentration and focus.

Why use essential oils for mental stimulation

Essential oil scents can have lots of benefits for the senses and are great for mental stimulation.

Each essential oil features different properties and the right blend could help to:

  • Focus concentration
  • Increase productivity
  • Boost energy
  • Clear the mind
  • Ease anxieties

If you’re struggling to work productively at home or are preparing for exams and finding it hard to focus, we can help you to find an essential oil to stimulate your mind and support concentration.

Green People Wellbeing

Best essential oils for concentration

Sometimes a little clarity is all you need to re-focus your mind and there are several scents that promote clear thinking and concentration.


Energising Lemongrass is praised for its stimulating properties. Its fresh citrus Lemon notes have a purifying effect and leave the mind feeling fresh, energised and ready to concentrate.


Herby Rosemary is the best scent to use when feeling overworked. Its properties relieve mental and physical tiredness whilst helping to improve memory and promotes clear thinking.

Sweet Basil

Sweet Basil has Liquorice-like properties that help increase concentration and clear the mind.

Basil and Lemongrass are both used in our Time to Relax essential oil blend and whenever we need a moment of peace, calm and concentration we add a few drops to a portable diffuser and inhale its soothing herbal scent.

Best essential oils for productivity and positive thoughts


Spicy Clove can lighten a low mood, strengthen memory and fight lethargy and is great for swapping afternoon slumps for a power-hour of productivity.

We use Clove to make our Time to Ease Muscle Relax Body Oil which can be used to ease feelings of tiredness and tension in the body. It also features a zesty Lemon essential oil which smells fresh and pure and has properties that aid concentration, increase energy, and lift the spirits.

Sweet Orange

Sweet Orange is known as the ‘happy’ essential oil. Useful in cases of nervous tension and stress you can find it in many of our products including our Time to Smile essential oil blend which help boosts energy and a positive outlook.

Pop a few drops into a water-filled Time to Inhale portable diffuser, shake to blend, and then spritz to release a sunny scent that makes you smile.


Fresh Peppermint also features in the Time to Smile essential oil blend and has an uplifting scent that helps to stimulate the mind and focus concentration. To start your day with a sunny disposition and sharp focus inhale this scent by combining a few drops of Time to Smile with your scent-free shower gel or shower with our Peppermint-fresh Green People for Men No.5 Energising Shower Gel.

5 ways to stimulate mental clarity

In addition to using essential oils as part of your everyday routine, you can stimulate mental clarity by performing these self-care practices:

  1. Yoga: Yoga can benefit all ages and can be performed at any time. We practice in a lunch time session, and it helps us to concentrate in the afternoon.
  2. Face yoga: To relieve tension in the face we practice facial yoga or use a Gua Sha to relax the skin and the mind. These short self-care practices take just seconds to perform but help to lift our mood and focus our attention.
  3. Massage: We’re very fortunate to have weekly massages in the office and this helps both our posture and our performance. Our resident masseuse uses the Alexandra Kay massage oils to perform massage on our backs, shoulders and hands and we afterwards we experience a lovely sense of calm and clarity of thought. Massage can also be performed at home, and you can use our Deodorising Foot Cream for a foot massage or use any of our natural hand creams for hand massage.
  1. Bathing rituals: Rest is also a great way to revive mental stimulation and a great way to benefit from the mental stimulation properties of essential oils is to combine your preferred scent with a scent-free body wash and inhale your chosen scent whilst you relax and unwind. 
  1. Rest: Of course, sleep is the ultimate way to revive energy levels to refocus the mind and our Time to Sleep essential oil blend feature soothing oils chosen because their properties support good rest. We use this in our home-made pillow mists and inhale its calming effects as we sleep.

Do you need help finding the best essential oils for your self-care routine? Our UK customer care team are happy to assist and can be contacted on 01403 740350.


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