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Sunscreen & skin care for runners: tips & products

Learn how to protect your skin from some of the most common running skin care complaints, plus discover our best sunscreen and natural skin care products for runners.

By Hannah Mepham

6 Minute read

All runners and athletes need to protect their skin as they train. Build the best sports skin care routine with our round-up of the best natural skin care and sunscreens for runners and athletes.

Does exercise give you better skin?

Cardiovascular exercises like running and athletics provide many benefits for mental and physical health, but did you know that they also support healthy skin radiance? Getting your blood pumping increases the flow of skin nutrients, perfect for enhancing your natural glow.

Your skin care routine plays an important role in supporting your fitness goals and your recovery processes.

In the next section, we’ll explore some of the most common sports-related skin concerns and help you build your best skin care routine with recommendations for natural skin care, deodorant and sunscreen for runners and athletes.

Best sunscreen for runners and athletes

If you’re going out for a run or heading off a field or track event, sunscreen is a must-have. And that’s not just on sunny days.

Applying SPF prior to sports protects against sunburn and so much more. By applying SPF regularly, you help to protect your skin against age spots, premature ageing and skin cancer, the fifth most common cancer in the UK.          

So, what’s the best sunscreen for runners and athletes? If you need sun cream with staying power, you’ll want to choose a high-factor waterproof mineral sunscreen, such as one of our SPF30 mineral sunscreens for sport.

Unlike chemical sunscreens, which need time to work, these sunscreens start shielding against sun damage instantly. Great for when you’ve laced up your trainers and want to get running!

For extra protection, consider UV-protective clothing, and don’t forget sunglasses and that all-important sun cap.

Running in the early evening? Watch out for biting insects such as midges and mosquitoes, which can itch, irritate and impact your performance.

To deter them, apply SPF15 with natural insect repellent liberally before you train. DEET-free and suitable for all skin types, this mineral SPF protects against 93% UVB and gives natural defence against biting insects for up to 4 hours!

Best deodorant for runners and athletes

Sunburn is not the only skin condition that strikes when the weather warms up. A painful skin rash caused by prickly heat can also develop and cause your sporting performance to suffer.

It is caused by blocked sweat glands, and a common cause is the overuse of pore-clogging personal care products, such as deodorant. All our natural deodorants are non pore-clogging and keep you fresh while you train.

Powered by a 3-way action that inhibits the bacteria responsible for BO, our natural deodorants are designed to soothe the skin with moisturising Aloe Vera and Shea Butter.

Our deodorants are ideal the skin care for runners who find chafing sportswear leaves them prone to armpit irritation.


 Recovery skin care for runners and athletes

Best body wash for runners and athletes 

After you exercise, you’ll no doubt want to jump in the shower and refresh your energy levels. For this, we recommend our intensely hydrating Aloe Vera Shower Gel or our No.5 Energising Shower Gel, which cools and soothes with an invigorating Mint and Eucalyptus aroma.

All our natural and organic body washes are naturally SLS-free and contain no skin-drying alcohols. Perfect for restoring healthy skin hydration following a workout!


Best face wash for runners and athletes

If exercise makes you break out, give your pores a thorough clean with Foaming Face Wash. One of our favourite skin care products for runners, its light foaming action deep cleanses the pores of dirt, sweat and pollutants to prevent congestion from developing and attracting acne bacteria.

Did we mention that it feels oh-so-fresh too? With Aloe Vera to hydrate and Prebiotics to help you balance your microbiome as you cleanse, it’s the perfect face wash for athletes. 

View more face washes.

Best face cream for runners

Once you’ve finished your post-run shower, soothe and replenish your skin with our Scent Free 24-Hour Cream or restore your sun protection with our Scent Free SPF15 Sun Cream. Both face creams are heaped with nourishment and skin-friendly plant actives.

View more face creams.

Best massage oils for runners and athletes

Aches and pains are another pitfall of running and athletics. To avoid injury, warm down and stretch out any tension.

Massage oils may help ease discomfort, and with its soothing blend of Ginger, Black Pepper, Peppermint and Eucalyptus, Time to Ease Body Oil is the ultimate treat for tired and aching muscles.

Magnesium has also been linked to easing muscle fatigue and our Alexandra Kay Time to Restore Magnesium Lotion is perfect for use following a tough run or an intense training session.

A non-drying Magnesium lotion that all skin types can enjoy, it has a divinely relaxing natural aroma that is perfect for unwinding after exercise and preparing for peaceful sleep. 

Are you a keen runner? For more help choosing the best skin care for runners, contact our UK customer care team on 01403 740 350.

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