Relieving dry skin & muscle aches after exercise
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Relieving dry skin & muscle aches after exercise

Love sport but hate dry skin and muscle cramps? Make sure your body care routine can keep up with your active lifestyle with our guide to high performance body care for relieving dry skin and muscle aches after exercise.

By Hannah Mepham

6 Minute read

Love sport but hate dry skin and muscle cramps? Make sure your body care routine can keep up with your active lifestyle with our guide to high performance body care for relieving dry skin and muscle aches after exercise.

Best body wash for after sports

Showers are a great way to cool down after exercise and some bathing processes are even thought to help with muscle repair.

Cold showers are popular with sportsmen and women and some athletes even endure the pain of immersing their body in an ice bath to help reduce inflammation and encourage muscle protein synthesis.

However, for those whose skin has become chafed during exercise, even a simple shower could cause discomfort.

To gently cleanse dry, sensitive skin after sport or exercise, use a shower gel or body wash that’s made with mild, non-drying foaming agents. The Yucca and SCS foaming agents used in Green People’s natural shower gels are ideal for this and create a refreshing lather that gently purifies sensitive skin.


Scented shower products are great for leaving skin refreshed and some fragrances can even support the natural mood lift that you get from exercise.

Very good for after exercise. Gentle on hair and good scent. Also good on sensitive areas after sport.” Joe W.

If you have very sensitive skin, then you should choose our Scent Free Shower Gel. This unisex product is great for gently cleansing away sweat without irritating delicate skin.

Use this as my after swim shower. Forms a lovely gentle lather (especially when used with a sponge). Doesn't leave skin feeling dried out.” Rachel M.

Turning the temperature of your shower down a tad can also have benefits for athletes prone to dry skin after exercise. This is because washing in very warm water can damage blood vessels below the skin surface.

Going from room temperature to a hot, steamy environment also exposes your skin to a sudden temperature change and this can leave the skin more vulnerable to dryness.

Best body lotion for after sports

Do you experience leg cramps or restless legs after exercise? Massage can be a great way to relieve muscle tension and so that you can recreate the benefits of a sports massage at home, we offer Time to Ease Muscle Relax Body Oil and Time to Restore Magnesium Body Lotion.

Best body lotion for after sports

Formulated to help relieve muscle aches, these feature CB2-Skin™ Biofunctional, a remarkable extract that’s derived from Patchouli. A skin-comforting active, this helps relax and soothe skin itchiness and helps to improve barrier function to protect against further skin irritation.

Time to Ease Muscle Relax Body Oil creates great slip for massage and eases muscle tension with a relaxing, herbal blend of warming Ginger and Black Pepper and soothing Peppermint and Eucalyptus oils.

Time to Restore Magnesium Lotion is a Magnesium body lotion which is enriched with a hydrating moisture matrix of Red Algae and Amylopectin and a concentrated solution of Zechstein Magnesium Chloride, the purest natural Magnesium source in the world.

Magnesium is associated with helping to relieve the symptoms of restless sleep and muscle fatigue and Time to Restore is a Magnesium cream that athletes, and indeed anyone, prone to restless legs and leg cramps can apply with experiencing discomfort or causing sensitive skin to sting.

In addition to containing Magnesium, it contains CB2-Skin™ Biofunctional, an extract derived from Patchouli that activates the body’s CB2 cannabinoid receptors to provide remarkable skin calming benefits.

We think it is best applied after exercise and just before bedtime as its sleep-inducing blend of relaxing essential oils will help you to drift off and dream of achieving more PBs!

Best hand care for after sports

If holding on to handlebars or heavy weights has left you nursing sore spots on your hands after exercise, our natural and organic skin care can help to keep the skin soft.

If your hands feel dry after using soap, we offer a selection of soap-free, natural hand washes which are SLS-free, pH balanced and gentle on delicate skin.

Formulated to gently cleanse delicate hands without drying or stinging, we blend natural foaming agents with moisture-binding natural ingredients to offer gentle hand care that leaves sensitive hands feeling clean, soft, and moisturised.

Once your hands are clean and dry, apply a hydrating hand cream such as Quinoa & Calendula Hand & Body Lotion. A natural hand cream for everyday use, this soothing hand cream has an uplifting Sweet Orange and Ginger scent and is rich in the Omega-3&6 fatty acids that are essential for healthy skin.

Best foot cream for after sports

Feet can also be punished by intense workouts and if you experience dry skin on your feet after exercise, the best advice from the NHS is to remove hard skin with a pumice stone and to moisturise the feet to soften hard, uncomfortable soles.

The foot cream that we recommend to sportsmen and women with dry, sore feet is Deodorising Prebiotic Foot Cream, a cooling foot cream that uses moisture-binding Shea Butter and Sunflower Oil to rehydrate dry skin and soothe cracked heels.

Formulated with a 3-way natural deodorising action and the refreshing scent of Peppermint and Eucalyptus, this post-sport organic foot cream is also ideal as a foot deodorant for athletes prone to sweaty feet.

Do you need helping to find the best skin care for your sport? Our friendly UK customer care team can help and can be contacted on 01403 740350.

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