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Best relaxing bath products for bathtub bliss

After a busy, stressful day, you deserve a soothing soak in the bath with your favourite relaxing bath products. Here you’ll discover tips for creating a tranquil bath experience with our bathing ritual recommendations.

By Hannah Mepham

7 Minute read

After a busy, stressful day, you deserve a soothing soak in the bath with your favourite relaxing bath products.

Here you’ll discover tips for creating a tranquil bath experience with our bathing ritual recommendations.

Bathing for wellbeing

Not only can baths be incredibly relaxing, taking time to create soothing bathing ritual could boost your wellbeing!

Time spent in the tub delivers much more than a simple skin cleanse. The bath experience is a form of self-care and a relaxing bath is a great space to reconnect with yourself with a moment of ‘me-time’.

Even a small soak in the tub can do your mood and muscles the world of good – and with the right blend of relaxing bath products, you can relieve your stresses and leave mind and body feeling relaxed and at ease.

If you struggle to sleep, a relaxing bath can also help you to unwind before bed.

25% of respondents said that they had been having more relaxing baths as part of self-care during the 20/21 lockdowns.

Source: Green People survey 2021

What is a relaxing bath ritual?

In 2021, trend analysists at Pinterest predicted that ancient bathing rituals would make a comeback and since then, home spa bathing rituals like the Full Moon Bath and Spiritual Cleansing Baths have soared in popularity.[1]

These relaxing bathing rituals take inspiration from nature and typically involve adding herbs, fruit and salts to your bathing water so that your skin absorbs their therapeutic properties.

Some bathing ritual recipes also advise smudging the air in the bathroom or sipping tea in the tub.

While these indulgent bath rituals are a popular trend, we believe simplicity is the key to a really relaxing bath.

We have created our own ritual recipe for an ultra-relaxing soak in the bath which everyone can use to benefit from the relaxing properties of a naturally soothing bath ritual.

How to have a really relaxing bath


For a calm and relaxing bath, clear away any bathroom clutter. Pack away cleaning products, kids’ bath toys and anything that could cause your mind to wander from ‘me-time’.


Scent can transform a space and by lighting a candle or adding a drop of essential oil to a ceramic diffuser or bath pillow, your bathroom will feel more like a home-spa space.


If you’re also planning to wash your hair or shave body hair, put everything you need within easy reach. For an extra indulgent bath, keep a pot of our Coconut Charcoal Purifying Face Mask nearby and smooth it onto your face whilst you soak. You’ll inhale a soothing Eucalyptus scent as it dries and after use skin will feel soft and pure.


Social media stories and Hollywood movies might make us think that a relaxing bath needs to feature rose petals and a bounty of colour delivered by fizzing bath bombs but keeping your bath routine simple can be much more relaxing.

Not only will you avoid the chances of your skin reacting badly to the mix of too many conflicting bath additions, you also won’t have to worry about cleaning the residue once your bath time is up!

candlelit bath

The best relaxing bath products

Tepid water

Avoid the temptation to make your relaxing bath with very hot water as this can leave skin feeling scorched, dry and irritated. It will also make your bathroom feel lees like a soothing spa and more like a hot and humid hideout.

 A bespoke blend of bath wash and essential oil

We all experience difference levels of stress and building a bespoke bath blend means that you can tailor your relaxing bath experience to your personal needs and scent preference.

It takes seconds to make your own organic bath blend and all you’ll need to do is combine a few drops of an Alexandra Kay essential oil blend or the Time to Ease Muscle Relax Body Oil with our Scent Free Bath Gel. This SLS-free bath wash bubbles when added to running water and, because its unperfumed, it won’t conflict with the aroma of your chosen essential oil.

For an ultra-relaxing bath, we recommend blending 5 drops of Time to Relax with the Scent Free Bath Gel and swishing this into a soothing tub of bath water. Our best relaxing bath oil, it contains Patchouli, Vetiver and Lavender (one of the most relaxing bath ingredients) and transports you to a space of tranquillity as it relaxes the body and the mind.

If you’re having a relaxing bath before bed, you might prefer to mix our Time to Sleep blend with your bath wash. Made with Lavender, Bergamot and Frankincense, this pure essential oil blend calms body and mind and helps you prepare for restorative sleep.

Never put essential oils directly into your bath as you could cause skin irritation. Always mix with an unscented shower gel or carrier oil first.

Epsom salts

If aches and pains prevent you from relaxing, you might want to add some Epsom salts to your relaxing bath routine.

Made from Magnesium sulphate, Epsom salts can help to sooth and revive tired muscles and have been linked to a relaxed state of mind.

If your muscles continue to ache when you step out of the bath, consider using a massage oil as part of your post-bath skin care routine.

Epsom spa salts

Not got a tub?

Our scent-free bath wash can also be used as shower gel and blended with Alexandra Kay Pure Essential Oils to make your shower a self-care sanctuary. You can also hang a little Eucalyptus in your shower and inhale its soothing scent as you wash.

If you need assistance choosing the best relaxing bath products for your routine, our UK customer care team is available to help and can be contacted on

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