Lifestyle changes for a happy and healthy menopause
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Lifestyle changes for a happy and healthy menopause

Did you know that there’s thought to be 34 symptoms of the menopause?  Menopause champions have made sure that people of menopausal age have a voice and reforms are ongoing to ensure that there’s more support available during menopause. Here you’ll find some great tips on making lifestyle changes to support a happy, healthy perimenopause and menopause.

By Hannah Mepham

8 Minute read

Did you know that there’s thought to be 34 symptoms of the menopause? 

Menopause champions have made sure that people of menopausal age have a voice and reforms are ongoing to ensure that there’s more support available during menopause.

Here you’ll find some great tips on making lifestyle changes to support a happy, healthy perimenopause and menopause.

Why make lifestyle changes during the perimenopause and menopause?

In the UK a campaign is taking place to raise awareness of the menopause and the huge effect that it has on women.

We’re learning more and more about the symptoms of the menopause and how making small lifestyle changes can help everyone to have a happy and healthy menopause.

We now know that there’s over 30 symptoms of the menopause and that these can include changes to gynaecological health, circulatory health, bone health and mental wellbeing.

As such, the period once known as ‘the change’ is a great time to reflect on your lifestyle habits and make more time for self-care.

Healthy lifestyle changes that you may wish to make during the perimenopause and menopause include:

  • Eating better
  • Exercising more
  • Enhancing your rest
  • Preserving your mental wellbeing


Healthy lifestyle


 The next section of this article will look at each of these menopause lifestyle changes in more detail.


Eating for a healthy menopause

Your body’s dietary needs will evolve during the menopause and it may benefit you to adjust your diet to better manage weight gain and hot flushes. Dietary changes can also help to manages changes to cholesterol level and bone health.

Health and dietician professionals can advise you on avoiding trigger foods that can make hot flushes worse e.g. alcohol, caffeine or a spicy curry. They can also guide you on how to increase your intake of calcium-rich foods to protect against brittle bone diseases.

If needs be, your GP or dietician can also help you to find supplements that best support your nutritional needs as you go through the menopause.

The NHS website and The Association of British Dieticians are both great sources for advice on how to eat well during the menopause and we always advise that you speak to your doctor before making any major overhauls to your diet.


Exercise tips for a healthy menopause

Going through the menopause can increase weight gain which may also lead to an increased likelihood of diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Making active lifestyle choices during the menopause is key to maintain good health but, as you can become more prone to brittle bone disease, you may want to adapt your exercise routine and enjoy low impact exercise that will not put as much pressure on your joints.

Swimming, yoga and Pilates are all great low impact exercises for people of menopausal age and can either be done solo or in a group class. Yoga and Pilates can also be done at home and require relatively little space or equipment.

If you experience muscle aches after your exercise, work a little of Time to Ease Muscle Relax Body Oil onto the area causing you pain.



Featuring soothing Peppermint and Eucalyptus with warming Ginger and Black Pepper, this synergistic blend uses the phyto active CB2-Skin™ Biofunctional and plant actives with pain-relieving properties to gently ease muscular tension and is ideal for soothing discomfort after exercise.


Sleep tips for a healthy menopause

Disruption to sleep is another known menopause symptom and regular episodes of insomnia can take their toll on your wellbeing and on your energy levels.

To support good rest, switch off before bed by combining Time to Relax Essential Oil Blend with a scent free bath wash and gentle soak your skin in the scented bubbles.

Featuring scents known to support sleep and relaxation, such as Lavender and Bergamot, this calming aroma is best used in the evening to help calm feelings of anxiety and your evening bath is an ideal way to inhale its soothing aroma.



After your bath, dry the skin and pamper it with a body oil that’s also scented with relaxing scents.

We suggest Time to Ease which features Lavender, Bergamot and Mint Oils and is ideal for relieving tension with a pre-bed massage. This soothing body oil is also ideal if tense or restless muscles keep you awake at night and is enriched with phyto actives that help to calm aches, tension and irritated skin.


Mental wellbeing tips for a healthy menopause

Low mood, fatigue and brain fog are all common symptoms of the menopause so, if you are making changes to your diet during menopause, keep a few pick-me-up treats in your kitchen cupboards for those moments when you need a little extra self-care.

Scent is another way that you can help to manage your mood and concentration levels and our Me Time Scents feature calming scents of pure essential oils to help relax mind and body during the menopause.

Time to Smile has a zesty and uplifting citrus scent and we love to add a few drops to our Handheld Diffuser whenever we need a mood boost.



Scents that help to increase concentration and clear the mind include Basil and Lemongrass. These are both used in our Time to Relax essential oil blend and whenever we need a moment of peace, calm and concentration, we add a few drops to a portable diffuser and inhale its soothing herbal scent.


Menopause skin care

Skin care is another form of menopause self-care and we offer a huge collection of beauty products that have been formulated to give women confidence in their skin.

Our Age Defy+ collection was created by our founder when she turned 50 and realised her skin needed something more.

A science-based skin care collection, Age Defy+ uses proven clinical actives that help skin to help bring balance to the skin as it adjusts to the hormonal changes associated with menopause.

If during menopause your skin is prone to reddening, help to calm your complexion by applying skin care that’s made with actives known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Our Age Defy+ Soothing Anti Redness Oil Serum is ideal for menopausal skin and features Apricot Plant Stem Cell extract that acts on pro-inflammatory substances to decrease skin sensitivity and calm inflammation.



If menopausal acne is a concern, blend a few drops of Age Defy+ Purifying Balancing Oil Serum with your day creams. Ideal for adult skin affected by blocked pores and frequent breakouts this uses Jojoba oil to balance sebum levels and Black Cumin Seed oil fights blemishes, clogged pores and inflammation.



To keep skin taut, consider practicing facial yoga or using a facial massage tool such Gua Sha. Not only are the self-care practices ideal for supporting firm and glowing skin, but they’re also a great ‘me time’ way to relax the mind.


You can find more menopause skin care tips in our guide to menopausal skin changes.

We also understand that the menopause can be both mentally and physically demanding and if you need more tailored advice on menopause skincare or menopause wellbeing products, our friendly customer care team is just a phone call away. You can speak to us on 01403 740350.

If you’re struggling with menopause symptoms, please also speak with GP.


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