How to create a natural anti-ageing skin care routine
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How to create a natural anti-ageing skin care routine

Starting to notice the first signs of ageing? Read on and discover how to build your ideal natural anti-ageing skin care routine.

Von Hannah Mepham

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Starting to notice the first signs of ageing? Read on and discover how to build your ideal natural anti-ageing skin care routine.

The early signs of ageing typically start to appear between the ages of 25 and 45 and include:

  • Fine lines
  • Skin dehydration
  • Sagging around the eyes

    The key elements of a natural anti-ageing routine

    Skin ageing is inevitable but by incorporating the following items into your skin care routine you can hold back the clock and help to keep your skin strong, smooth and supple.

    1) A non-drying cleanser

    2) A gentle exfoliator

    3) A serum

    4) An SPF moisturiser

    5) A hydrating eye cream

    Choosing a natural anti-ageing cleanser

    To keep skin fresh and healthy you should spend two minutes cleansing the skin in the morning and in the evening.

    Try to steer clear of cleansers made with harsh chemicals or drying alcohols, and instead opt for hydrating natural formulations to help the skin maintain moisture.

    The Hibiscus plant is renowned for increasing skin elasticity and has been shown to actively combat skin-ageing by firming and lifting the skin. Naturally hydrating, we’ve added this botanical ingredient into our anti-ageing cream cleanser which hydrates the skin whilst removing impurities and make-up.

    anti ageing cleanser

    Choosing a natural anti-ageing exfoliator

    Exfoliating mature skin is important as it helps to stimulate skin cell renewal and ensures that your moisturisers can effectively penetrate skin tissue. However, care should be taken not to over-exfoliate mature skin with harsh exfoliants as this can irritate the skin and make it look and feel thin.

    Mature skin typically also has larger pores so, when choosing your exfoliator, look for scrubs made with small natural grains such as Bamboo Stem extract, Bentonite Clay or Cranberry Seed. Gentle on the skin these natural exfoliants won’t tear the pores.

    Mature skin is less effective at shedding skin cells so it is best to opt for an anti-ageing scrub designed to boost cell renewal such as Green People’s Age Defy + Soft Buff Exfoliator. For more information on choosing the right exfoliator for your skin type be sure to check out our exfoliation guide.

    soft buff

    Choosing a natural anti-ageing serum

    Unsure how serum fits into your skin care regime? Serums contain higher levels of moisture-based active ingredients than face creams and help hydrate and tone the skin. They also sink deeper into the skin which makes them particularly effective for targeting wrinkles, dryness and inflammation.

    Serum should always be applied before your moisturiser and a key ingredient to check your serum contains is Baicalin. This nature ingredient has remarkable anti-ageing benefits and has been shown to improve skin elasticity and firmness by more than 10% in adults over the age of 30.

    Choosing a natural anti-ageing moisturiser

    Usually, the first wrinkles that appear on the skin are not a sign of ageing but a sign of UV damage. Damage from sun exposure accumulates over several years and causes not only wrinkles, but also sun spots and hyperpigmentation.

    To prevent further sun damage it is important that you choose a moisturiser that contains an SPF of 15 or more, and that you apply this daily.

    Choosing a tinted SPF moisturiser will help even the skin tone and is ideal for covering blue veins, redness or hyperpigmentation.

    Choosing a natural anti-ageing eye cream

    As we age the skin on our eyelids gets thinner, exposing underlying blood vessels. Hormonal changes and hydration can also leave the skin around the eyes looking puffy and tired.

    Practising facial yoga can help tone muscles around eyes and you can further help tone the skin by applying a firming eye cream.

    When selecting an anti-ageing eye cream check the ingredients list for Sea Holly. Shown to stimulate elastin and collagen, this skin-tightening ingredient is also a powerful antioxidant and can help protect the skin from free radical damage.

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