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How to adapt your skin care regime during pregnancy

Has being pregnant changed your skin? It’s perfectly normal to notice a change to your skin during pregnancy and we know it can be hard to build your ideal skin care regime when your skin is at the mercy of your hormones. To help make things easier we’re sharing our top tips for adapting your skin care regime during pregnancy.

By Hannah Mepham

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Has being pregnant changed your skin? It’s perfectly normal to notice a change to your skin during pregnancy and we know it can be hard to build your ideal skin care regime when your skin is at the mercy of your hormones.

To help make things easier we’re sharing our top tips for adapting your skin care regime during pregnancy.

How can pregnancy change your skin?

During pregnancy your body will be awash with an extra supply of hormones and this can show up on your skin and hair. Many women report that their hair feels fuller and healthier during pregnancy and others may notice their skin has a ‘healthy glow’.

Unfortunately, a change in hormone balance can also leave the skin feeling dry, sensitive or prone to breakouts of acne or hyperpigmentation. If this happens you can help to re-balance your skin by adapting your skin care regime.

5 easy ways to adapt your skin regime


All mums-to-be deserve a pampering skin treat but, regardless of your stage of pregnancy, make sure you check the label before introducing any new products into your regime.

Doctors once thought that the placenta could shield a foetus from harmful chemicals but studies have since prompted concerns that babies' developing organs could be at risk from toxins absorbed through their mother’s skin.

In 2013 the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists published further research and urged expectant mothers to ‘play safe’ to minimise their baby’s exposure to toxins found in everyday household items such as moisturisers, sun creams and shower gels[i].

To make it easier to shop for pregnancy-safe skin care, all Green People beauty products are suitable for use whilst pregnant and do not contain ingredients that could be potentially toxic such as parabens, phthalates or artificial fragrances. We do use essential oils but at such low levels that they are entirely safe.

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When your skin feels dry is important that you exfoliate regularly. This will release dead skin cells from the surface, making it easier for your moisturiser to nourish the skin.

We recommend exfoliating dry skin 1-2 times a week but, if pregnancy is also making your skin feel sensitive, exfoliate no more than once a week and be sure to use a gentle face scrub that contains small natural grains.

Bamboo Stem extract and Bentonite Clay are both effective at gently exfoliating the skin and are natural ingredients used in our skin-brightening Fruit Scrub.


Blaming your spotty complexion on your cravings? Whilst a diet rich in fatty, greasy foods can contribute to breakouts, the more likely culprit is your skin’s sebaceous glands. These go into overdrive during pregnancy and can produce an excess amount of sebum, an oily substance that can clogs pores and attracts acne bacteria.

Regular exfoliation will help to unclog your pores but you can help wash away your skin care worries by using a cleanser containing Willow Bark. A key ingredient in our Foaming Face Wash, this natural ingredient helps balance the production of sebum during pregnancy and, because it is anti-inflammatory, it won’t aggravate sensitive skin.


Need a new moisturiser? Because pregnancy is associated with so many different skin care concerns mothers-to-be should seek out a moisturiser that delivers multiple benefits for their skin.

One thing to check the label for is evidence that your day cream contains a minimum SPF15 broad-spectrum sunscreen. Imperative for shielding your skin from skin-damaging UVA and UVB rays, wearing an SPF moisturiser during pregnancy will also help reduce your likelihood of experiencing Melasma, a common pregnancy skin care concern that causes patches of brown pigment patches to appear on the face and body.

Alternatively, apply an SPF sun lotion daily and opt for a moisturiser containing Cucumber Seed and White Mulberry. We use these plant extracts in our Age Defy+ Brightening Moisturiser which is safe to use during pregnancy and actively works to fade pigmentation and even out skin tone.


If you’re unlucky enough to experience morning sickness or find your blossoming bump makes sleeping uncomfortable, you may find that as your pregnancy progresses, your eyes feel tight, tired and uncomfortable.

To diminish dark circles, choose a pregnancy-friendly eye cream containing plant-based ingredients like Tuberose.

Our Rejuvenating Eye Cream targets tired and puffy eyes with soothing scoops of Seaweed and a plant cell complex of Tuberose with Betaine. Shown to lock in hydration and target crows’ feet and eyelid wrinkles, this revitalising eye cream has even been proven to diminish puffiness and dark circles, with 76% of testers noticing a decrease in dark circles in just 30 days!


How has pregnancy affected your skin? Join the conversation at @GreenPeopleUK.

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