Can plant stem skin care help to delay skin ageing?
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Can plant stem cell skin care help to delay skin ageing?

Can plant stem cell skin care help your skin to defy the ageing process? In this post we explain why we use this exciting beauty innovation in our Age Defy+ collection and help you to discover the best plant stem cell skin care products for your skin.

By Hannah Mepham

8 Minute read

Can plant stem cell skin care help your skin to defy the ageing process?

In this post we explain why we use this exciting beauty innovation in our Age Defy+ collection and help you to discover the best plant stem cell skin care products for your skin.

What are the benefits of plant stem cell skin care?

The extracts from plant stem cells are packed with antioxidant compounds including polyphenols, phenolic acids, flavonoids, triterpenes, carotenoids and peptides offering anti-ageing properties.

The benefits of plant stem cell technology in skin care include:

  • Intense skin hydration and prevention of water loss and dryness
  • Reduced appearance of wrinkles and dark spots
  • Skin regeneration and collagen synthesis
  • Skin vitality and a radiant complexion
  • A delay of the biological ageing of essential cells
  • A decrease skin sensitivity, redness and inflammation

Skin care that’s made using plant stem cell extracts is particularly beneficial for those aged 30+.


How are plant stem cells cultivated?

Plant stem cells are created within labs. This is a controlled setting which is free from environmental contaminants such as pesticides and pollutants, meaning the plant stem cell extracts are completely pure.   

This method of cultivation is very sustainable because resources such as water are used efficiently and the yield and quality are consistently high, resulting in less waste.


Is plant stem cell skin care safe?

Yes, our plant stem cell skin care is safe. The stem cell extracts we use contain highly useful benefits for the skin and act no differently on the skin than other plant extracts and oils. They are both vegan and cruelty free.

The plant stem cell extracts we use are very well tolerated by even very sensitive skin.


Which Green People products contain plant stem cell extracts?

Discovering plant stem cell extracts played a significant part in the development of our founder’s signature Age Defy+ collection.

Charlotte, creator of the Age Defy+ range, says:

“My greatest discovery was adding plant stem cell extracts to my formulations. These cutting-edge botanicals work in synergy with proven phyto actives and deliver just want skin needs to define the skin tone and delay the visible signs of ageing.”

Featuring potent, regenerative properties, our organic stem cell skin care products provide a natural way to maintain a youthful complexion.

Some of the plant stem cell extracts that we use in these formulations have been scientifically proven to support collagen synthesis and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

The stem cell extracts we use include Apricot Plant Stem Cell Extract, Ginger Stem Cell Extract, Sea Holly Stem Cell Extract and Sea Fennel Plant Stem Cell Extract.

See our plant stem skin care products now:


Need some help choosing? Read on.


The best stem cell face cream


Our DD Tinted Moisturisers feature Sea Fennel Stem Cell Extract. Sea Fennel has evolved to withstand very harsh growing conditions on the rocky foreshores of Brittany. The extraordinary resilience of this plant is due in part to the high level of antioxidants it contains.


Sea Fennel


Sea Fennel Stem Cell Extract has been scientifically proven to boost collagen within just 2 hours. In trials after 56 days, Sea Fennel Stem Cell Extract was shown to give a:

  • 20% increase in radiance
  • 39% reduction of wrinkles
  • 41% increase in skin tone

Available in a choice of two skin tone shades and enriched with protective SPF15 and rejuvenating Spanish Needle, these tinted face creams provide flawless coverage and effectively protect skin against the daily aggressors known to contribute to ageing.



“Every time I wear this product, I get complimented on how well I look. It feels amazing and light on my face and the coverage is flawless. It brings a gentle warm glow to your face and ticks all the right boxes for me. Age defy ✅ SPF ✅ Natural/smooth coverage ✅ Organic products Rachel A


The best stem cell eye cream


Our Line Eraser Serum uses plant stem cell technology to target wrinkles around the eyes and lips. Once applied, it starts to tighten skin within 15 minutes thanks to Sea Holly Stem Cell Extract which is scientifically proven to smooth, tighten and hydrate the skin.


Sea Holly


Ideal for plumping deep-wrinkles, a 28-day trial monitored by a dermatologist demonstrated that Sea Holly Stem Cell Extract boosted skin hydration by a staggering 95%.

For best results, we recommend using Line Eraser for 4 weeks for improved skin structure and a noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.



“Didn't take long before this eye serum showed results. As well as under my eyes, started putting just a little cream under my eyebrows as skin bit saggy here - really noticed a difference!” Gillian M


The best stem cell serum for redness


Designed for those aged 35+, this silky organic stem cell extract serum features Apricot Stem Cell technology.


Apricot Stem Cell


This ingredient is very well suited to sensitive skin types and helps to promotes a more radiant skin tone by soothing the skin and reducing redness.

The Soothing Anti-Redness Oil Serum can be applied neat to patches of skin most prone to redness, such as the cheeks, or combined with day creams and moisturisers and smoothed onto the face and neck.

It is ideal for proactively managing the redness that is sometimes displayed by perimenopausal and menopausal skin.



“Very impressed with this serum. I’ve only been using it for about 3 months but I’ve definitely noticed a reduction in the redness across my cheeks and nose area. I’ve now received a couple of compliments that my skin looks in fresh and dewy.” Helen


The best stem cell serum for congested skin


Ideal for skin that’s prone to congestion, our Purifying Balancing Oil Serum features skin-refining Ginger Stem Cell Extract which mattifies skin and helps to prevent skin dehydration.



It also contains Black Cumin Seed Oil to fight blemishes, clogged pores and inflammation, while Jojoba balances sebum levels.

Apply neat to spots or blend with face cream to give anti-ageing moisturisers an extra anti-blemish boost.



“This is an incredible oil and one where I’m seeing results for the first time in years of trying to find something suitable to help with my blemishes and yet dry and aging skin. I am 39 years old and have highly sensitive facial skin, prone to blemishes, and dryness. This helps tone, creates even skin tone, reduced blemishes substantially and overalll has been incredible for my face.” Jasmin


Would you like to try plant stem cell skin care? Our friendly UK customer care team can help you build a beauty routine incorporating these exciting and innovative ingredients. Please call us on 01403 740350 or at

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