How to calm a prickly heat rash flare-up
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How to calm a prickly heat rash flare-up

Don’t let the pain of prickly heat spoil your summer. Soothe irritated skin with these fast-fix tips to calm a prickly heat flare-up.

Von Hannah Mepham

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Don’t let the pain of prickly heat spoil your summer. Soothe irritated skin with these tips and shower gel suggestions for a prickly heat flare-up. 

What is prickly heat?

An uncomfortable skin condition, prickly heat is a rash which develops when the skin is exposed to warm temperatures. Prickly heat can affect both adults and children, and is characterised by itchy red spots that cause the skin to feel irritated and inflamed.

Why do I get prickly heat?

You don’t have to have sensitive skin to develop prickly heat, anyone can experience the condition.

It develops when the body is unable to regulate its temperature (through normal perspiration) due to dehydration, or the sweat ducts being blocked by pore-clogging personal care products.

Babies that cannot yet control their body temperatures are particularly vulnerable to the condition, and being overweight can also increase the likelihood of sweating excessively and developing prickly heat.

Wearing synthetic clothing materials in warmer weather can aggravate the condition because excess sweat is produced when the clothing rubs against the skin.

How long does prickly heat rash last?

The bumpy skin rash associated with prickly heat will start to fade as the body cools but it can take a few days to fade completely.

If you are concerned about the condition the NHS recommends speaking to a pharmacist who, depending on the severity of the condition, may recommend applying calamine lotion or taking an antihistamine tablet to relieve the skin[i].

The NHS also recommends speaking to a GP if you are concerned about a skin rash, or if your prickly heat has not faded after a few days.

How to calm a prickly heat rash flare-up

The good news is that there are several things you can do to naturally calm a prickly heat flare-up:


Cool the body by staying in the shade, drinking fluids and wearing loose, light clothing. The NHS also recommends applying a damp cloth or an ice pack wrapped in a tea towel to the affected area[i].


If your skin is inflamed by prickly heat you might find that showering in cool water can help naturally relieve the discomfort. Showering regularly can also help regulate your body temperature, but care should be taken to avoid using shower gels and creams containing artificial fragrances.

Fragrance can irritate delicate skin and the NHS recommends complete avoidance of perfumed products when the skin is affected by prickly heat[i].

For a scent free solution try Green People’s Scent Free Shower Gel. Made with soothing Aloe Vera, this scent-free shower gel is suitable for skin prone to prickly heat and does not contain harsh chemicals including SLS, alcohol and synthetic fragrances.


Noted for its soothing and healing benefits, Aloe Vera is a moisturising plant active that can help calm skin irritated by prickly heat.

Aloe Vera is a key ingredient in Green People’s Scent Free Body Lotion, in which we combine it with a skin-nourishing natural hydration complex to create a soothing all-over moisturiser for sensitive skin.

For optimum results apply sparingly to the skin after showering.

3 skin care switches to prevent prickly heat

Want to prevent prickly heat from reoccurring? Chemical and pore-clogging personal care products can block your sweat ducts and increase your risk of experiencing prickly heat.

If you are prone to the condition, making these simple skin care switches could help to reduce your chance of developing a rash the next time you step out into the sunshine.


To reduce your risk of prickly heat, try switching your antiperspirant to a natural deodorant made without pore-clogging aluminium.

Opting for a deodorant containing prebiotics will naturally restrict the smell of BO whilst ensuring the pores can still release sweat from the body. 


Waterproof sun lotions can contain mineral oils and silicone which clog the pores and prevents them from releasing sweat.

For a water-repellent, natural alternative opt for sun care containing natural waxes such as Green People’s organic sun creams.

Non-toxic and marine-friendly, they provide sun protection without the need for pore-clogging ingredients.


To help clear pores and support skin prone to prickly heat, cleanse your body thoroughly by showering with a gentle, SLS-free shower gel. If you have sensitive skin, choose a scent-free body wash to minimise the chance of further irritation.


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