Winter SPF: do you really need to use sunscreen in winter?
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Winter SPF: do you really need to use sunscreen in winter?

Think sunscreen is just for summer? Here you’ll discover why winter SPF is the step you mustn’t miss in your skin care routine. 

By Hannah Mepham

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Think sunscreen is just for summer? Here you’ll discover why winter SPF is an essential step in your skin care routine during the colder months.


Benefits of wearing sunscreen in winter

In summary, the main benefits of wearing sunscreen in winter are:

  • Prevention of sun-induced skin ageing
  • Prevention of future pigmentation problems
  • Protection against unexpected spells of sunshine
  • Protection against photosensitivity

To effectively protect skin from harmful UV rays, SPF sunscreen should be worn year-round in the UK, even in the winter.

Wearing a broad-spectrum facial sunscreen in winter provides protection against unexpected spells of sunshine and helps to shield skin from UV light that can seep through the clouds and contribute to long-term damage including skin ageing, photosensitivity and future pigmentation problems.

Going beyond SPF, a further benefit of facial sunscreen in winter is that it can help with the dry skin that often tends to come along with cold weather in the UK.

Green People’s winter SPF moisturisers contain a blend of nourishing plant oils and extracts to keep skin soft and comfortable throughout the winter months. 


Is SPF30 enough for winter?

SPF stands for sun protection factor and indicates how long you can spend in the sun before the skin starts to redden and burn.

In UK winters the UV index is typically low enough that short UVB rays are unlikely to cause sunburn so a good SPF30 is usually sufficient for UK wintertime. An SPF15 will offer slightly lower protection but is also adequate for UK winters.


Best facial sunscreen for winter

If you spend most of the winter in the UK, Day Solution SP15 Moisturiser is a great everyday SPF day cream for the winter months and blends effective SPF15 sun filters with moisture-retaining actives

Hydrating Aloe Vera works with Hemp and Sunflower Seed Oil, sources of Omega-3&6 fatty acids, to keep skin feeling soft and increase the natural moisture-retention capacity of the skin.

Its springlike aroma comes from Rose Geranium essential oil and to help protect skin from dryness and irritation aggravated by cold UK winter weather, we also add Chamomile, an anti-inflammatory active that calms skin.



Prefer a fragrance-free sunscreen for winter? Scent Free Facial Sun Cream SPF15 is your ultra-gentle way to shield sensitive skin against harmful UV rays. Enriched with a moisturising core, Aloe Vera & Squalane intensely work in synergy to nurture a strong and healthy skin barrier.



To help protect skin from dryness and irritation aggravated by cold UK winter weather and skin-redding winter winds, we also add Chamomile, an anti-inflammatory active that calms skin and promotes skin healing.

Choose this SPF15 winter day cream if cold weather has left your skin feeling dry, dull or flaky and you’ll find tight skin is noticeably more nourished and more comfortable.



Best tinted SPF moisturiser for winter

If winter leaves your skin feeling dull, an SPF15 tinted moisturiser can restore a natural glow.

The ‘DD’ in our organic tinted moisturisers stands for Daily Defence and these lightweight, moisturiser/make-up hybrid day creams add clarity and evenness to the complexion.

Best high-factor winter sunscreen

If you prefer to apply a high factor sunscreen in the winter our Scent Free Facial Sun Cream SPF30 is the perfect winter sunscreen for you.

Ideal for sensitive skin, it is unscented and absorbs quickly to provide effective broad-spectrum protection against UVA & UVB rays.

This natural SPF30 facial sun cream contains moisturising blend of Squalane, Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil and Aloe Vera and can be worn over or instead of a winter day cream.

Green Tea brings balance to the complexion while Marshmallow Extract helps calm redness and Hyaluronic Acid keeps skin feeling plumped and comfortable.

This high-factor SPF is also a great choice for those heading away from the UK to winter sun destinations and skiers who may be exposing their skin to sunlight at high altitudes. In addition to using it on the face, we apply a little to our hands to help keep them protected from sun rays that may contribute to age spots.


When to apply SPF in your winter skin care routine

Winter SPF should be applied daily and should always be the last stage of your winter skin care routine.

If your skin is prone to dryness in winter, you can help your skin to feel hydrated and protected for longer by applying a serum blended with an organic facial oil as a primer before your winter sunscreen.

When layering your skin care, layer lightly and allow 20 minutes for your skin to absorb your base layer products before applying your winter SPF.

Our favourite skin care combination for under sunscreen in winter:


Some skin care practices can leave skin photosensitive and if you use strong Retinols in your winter skin care routine or you exfoliate, make sure to apply a minimum of SPF15 winter facial sunscreen to protect against photosensitivity.

Would you like advice choosing the best winter sunscreen for your skin? Our UK customer care team can help and can be contacted on 01403 740350.


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