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5 autumn skin care & beauty tips

Of all the seasons, perhaps the most romanticised and hotly anticipated is autumn. We expect orange-hued days spent snuggled under a blanket, and we look forward to wearing our favourite jumpers once again. But what may look pretty in a picture often doesn’t bode well for our skin.

By Hannah Mepham

6 Minute read

With a sharp drop in temperature marking the start of the change in seasons, autumn weather can wreak havoc on any skin type.

Here are our top essential autumn skin care tips to see you and your skin through the change in seasons in the UK.

1. Exfoliate regularly in autumn

Your skin may look and feel its best in summer thanks to a boost from sunshine and a nutrient-rich summer diet. As the seasons change and your tan starts to fade, it’s time to reset your skin with regular exfoliation.

A key component of your autumn cleansing routine, exfoliators are designed to help skin to shed dead, dull cells so that it can radiate a healthy, bright glow. Releasing the dead cells also helps your skin creams to sink in more easily and reduces the likelihood of dead cells contributing to spots by congesting pores.

Face Scrub

We think that exfoliation is best performed twice a week in the autumn as this supports cellular regeneration without risking irritation from excessive skin scrubbing.

To help your skin to glow through autumn, we use natural exfoliators such as the Bamboo particles that Fruit Scrub and Age Defy+ Soft Buff use to gently buff and polish all skin types.

For extra exfoliation action, we enhance these skin-refining scrubs with exfoliating fruit enzyme action from Pineapple Extract. Rich in the enzyme Bromelain, Pineapple provides gentle ‘chemical’ exfoliation to break down the bonds that connect dead skin cells.

Rachel T says using Age Defy+ Soft Buff Exfoliator twice a week helps her skin to glow.

customer review

2. Inject more moisture

Your skin must work extra hard to hold on to hydration in the autumn, so a good day cream and a rich night cream are autumn skin care essentials for all skin types.

We think that Age Defy+ Daily SPF30 Moisturiser is the perfect autumn day cream with SPF30 to protect against autumn sunlight and Beech Bud to increases skin hydration by 30%.

To help this SPF moisturiser work even harder, use it in conjunction with a hydration-boosting serum or a facial oil.

Age Defy+ Collagen Boost Vitamin C Serum is a great addition to your autumn skin care routine and gives dry, dull skin a brightening boost with a slow-release form of collagen-supporting Vitamin C.

Best applied before your autumn SPF moisturiser, this lightweight skin cream is also enriched with Hyaluronic Acid which sinks deep to plump and hydrate at a cellular level.  

If you’ve never tried a facial oil before, autumn is the perfect time to invest. Best used after moisturiser, a few drops of one of our organic facial oils will help to create a protective barrier that locks in moisture for longer and helps to shield skin from drying central heating and winter weather.

3. Nourish at night

Keeping skin protected and well hydrated will help redness-prone skin calm in autumn but if redness is a big autumn skin care concern of yours, you may find that scent-free skin products that are formulated without fragrance or essential oils give your skin extra gentle touch during times of seasonal stress.

Nordic Roots Truffle Night Cream is perfect for nurturing a healthy skin barrier on cold, dark autumn nights. Scent free and suitable for sensitive skin, this natural night cream helps you to discover your skin’s feel-good state with Northern Truffle, a sustainably sourced natural active that’s been proven to instantly soothe and calm skin.


This remarkable anti-redness active has been shown to reduce skin reddening by as much as 90% and when applied regularly, it even increases the overall tolerance of skin to irritants.

For extra defence against redness, mix a few drops of Age Defy+ Soothing Anti Redness Oil Serum with your night cream.

Using Apricot Leaf Extract to calm inflammation, these soothing skin drops for redness-prone skin can be used whenever you need redness relief and can even be applied neat to problem areas.

Anita H says Age Defy+ Soothing Anti Redness Oil Serum gave her redness relief in just two weeks.

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4. Choose natural lip care

Like skin, lips can become dry and damaged during the autumn. To prevent this, reach for a lip balm that contains natural waxes and oils to protect, nourish and repair damaged lips.

One Balm is an autumn skin hero and can be used to nourish dry skin anywhere, including dry lips. Soothing Pomegranate and Myrrh support the healing of dry, chapped lips whilst Beeswax softens and Rosehip encourages repair.

Malgorzata K says One Balm is a ‘one for everything wonder product’.

customer review

5. Help out your hands

Hands are exposed to the elements in autumn too and are particularly prone to dryness, especially in colder weather.

To avoid dry hands in autumn, pamper yours with a deeply moisturising hand cream like our Quinoa & Calendula Hand & Body Lotion.

The perfect hand cream for autumn, this pairs the reparative properties of Quinoa and Perilla with the soothing touch of Calendula for top-to-toe skin comfort.


We hope that you have found these autumn skin care tips helpful. If you'd like personal skin care advice to help you restore your complexion in the autumn and throughout the year, please contact our UK customer care team on 01403 740350; we're happy to help!

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