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Soap-free body wash products for sensitive skin

Are you looking to switch to soap-free body wash, hand wash or face wash? Soap can be drying on the skin and it’s not suitable for everyone. Discover our collection of natural, soap-free products that cleanse effectively whilst also being kind to dry and sensitive skin.

By Hannah Mepham

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Are you looking to switch to soap-free body wash, hand wash or face wash? Soap can be drying on the skin and it’s not suitable for everyone. Discover our collection of natural, soap-free products that cleanse effectively whilst also being kind to dry and sensitive skin.

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Why switch to soap-free skin care

Soap is a cleansing agent and is a very effective one too. However, soap is not the most skin-kind ingredients.

Soap is made from fats and then saponified with an alkaline ingredient such as  sodium hydroxide. The resulting soaps are quite strongly alkaline and with frequent, consistent use, can irritate the skin by stripping away some of the lubricating sebum oils that keep the skin feeling supple, balanced and comfortable.

The fact that true soap has a much higher pH than human skin means that it is capable of disturbing the skin’s acid mantle and microbiome. The acid mantle typically has a Ph between 4 and 5.9 and functions as a hostile environment for bacteria, such as acne bacteria. If the pH level of the acid mantle becomes too alkaline, the skin can become dry and bad bacteria will have more opportunities to flourish, increasing your risk of breakouts.

Overuse of soap is also known to be a contributing factor to eczema and contact dermatitis. Skin-drying soap can easily irritate sensitive skin and if soap makes you itch or leaves your skin feeling dry and delicate, it’s a good idea to look into soap-free bath and beauty products.

To minimise the damage that soap can do to the skin consider making some or all of your body care products soap-free.



Soap-free body wash

It’s simply much more convenient to bathe with a liquid alternative to soap, such as a soap-free shower gel. Soap can be slippery to hold onto in the bath and shower and it is as bad for the skin on your body as it is for the skin on your face.

Shower gels often rely on skin-irritating sulfates such as SLS to create foam but the gentler SCS we use in our organic bath care collection lathers up perfectly. All Green People’s natural shower gels are soap-free, SLS-free and pH-balanced.   

To ensure our soap-free shower gels are as planet-friendly as they can be, we are in the process of switching all our squeezy shower gel tubes into ones made from sugar cane plastic.

See all soap-free body washes now.


Soap-free hand wash

Hand wash should be something that everyone uses every day and regularly washing the hands with soap bars and hand washes help is an effective way to keep bad bacteria and viruses at bay.

However, liquid and bar soaps and alcohol hand sanitiser can be problematic for those with sensitive skin and hand eczema, and you may find that soap and SLS is too drying on your skin and leaves your hands feeling raw and tight. If this happens, you might like to read more about avoiding dryness from frequent hand washing.

If you need a soap-free hand wash, we have plenty of SLS-free hand washes to choose from. Our organic hand washes and hand foams are all soap-free and packed with plant-actives which cleanse and hydrate the skin. Instead of SLS they contain SCS which creates a fluffy foam to lift away dirt and germs without irritating delicate skin.

We recommend our Manuka & Lemon Tea Tree Antibacterial Hand Wash which is rich in antibacterial actives pH-balanced and free from SLS, triclosan and irritating soap. After use, liberally apply the Manuka & Lemon Tea Tree Hand Cream to support fragile skin barriers and lock hydration into the hands.


See all soap-free hand washes now.


Soap-free face wash

It was once common to wash your face with soap and water, but we nowadays we have a lot more options available to us, many of which are healthier to the skin.

Put simply, bars of soap should never be applied to the face. They are far too acidic for the complexion and if you are regularly double cleansing your face, soap use will only trigger dry skin and breakouts.

The good news is there’s lots of soap-free face washes to choose from


Soap-free foam face wash

Our fluffy foam face washes are made without soap and SLS and are the best choice is you prefer your face wash products to deliver a foaming action. Made with mild foaming agents derived from coconut, our foam face washes gently lift away dirt without drying-out the skin and can be rinsed away with water.


Soap-free cream cleanser

Our cream cleansers do not foam. Instead, they purify the skin with a lotion-light touch which gently  and effectively cleanses away make-up and impurities. Our soap-free cream cleansers are a great choice for dry and sensitive skin types and hydrate and calm as they cleanse.


Soap-free cleansing balm

Cleansing balms are also soap-free and melt into the skin. When massaged over the complexion they lift away dirt and make-up so that it can then be washed away from the skin surface with water. Cleansing balms are best used for double cleansing on the days that you wear make-up.


TOP TIP: If a soap-based face wash has left the skin on your face feeling dry, make sure you replenish your skin's hydration levels with a water-binding face serum. Hyaluronic acid holds up to 1000 times its own weight in water so our scent-free Hyaluronic Booster Serum is a great choice for soap-dried skin.


For more information on the benefits of soap-free bath products and help on finding the best soap-free skin care products for you, why not contact our customer care team on 01403 740350?

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