Silicone-free moisturizer for clear & healthy skin
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Silicone-free moisturizer for clear & healthy skin

Searching for a silicone-free moisturizer? We can help; all of our organic moisturizers are silicone-free! They are also made without parabens and ethyl alcohol.

By Hannah Mepham

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Searching for a silicone-free moisturizer? We can help; all of our organic moisturizers are silicone-free! They are also made without parabens and ethyl alcohol.

Eco-friendly and packed with non-comedogenic plant oils and extracts, our natural face creams deliver skin-friendly nourishment to support a healthy, balanced complexion.

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How to spot silicone in moisturizer

When silicone is used in moisturizer it isn’t necessary easy to spot as there are various forms. It may be listed as dimethicone, trimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane or cyclohexasiloxane. If you wish to avoid silicone in day moisturizers and night creams, check for all of the above.  

How do we make moisturizers without silicones?

We make spotting silicone-free skin care easy as all our organic moisturizers are free from all silicones.

All our organic moisturizers are highly concentrated with humectants and plant-based emulsifiers which feel soft and smooth on the skin - without the need for silicones.

Our silicone-free moisturisers:

  • Are non-comedogenic and non-pore clogging
  • Help skin to easily absorb moisture and nutrients from other products
  • Are kind to sensitive skin and skin prone to prickly heat
  • Are suitable for all skin types

Best silicone free face moisturizer

The silicone free face moisturizer that we think is best is our Scent Free Light Day Moisturiser. A frequent best-seller, it is unscented, vegan and gender neutral and brings balance and moisture to all skin types.

A silky face cream that leaves skin soft, it is made with antioxidant anti-pollution actives, sebum-controlling Jojoba oil and microbiome-balancing Prebiotics. These makes it a great silicone-free moisturizer for acne and skin that’s prone to congestion.

If you need your face cream to deliver a high concentration of anti-ageing actives, our best choice is Age Defy+ Brightening Moisturizer.

A phyto science skin cream made with brightening Beech bud and Cucumber extract, this high potency, dimethicone-free moisturizer can be used day and night to deliver intense skin hydration and is fortified with clinically proven plant actives which act on age spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

Best silicone free moisturizer with SPF

If you are prone to prickly heat or summer skin irritation and want a silicone-free moisturiser with SPF built in, we recommend our Scent Free Facial Sun Cream.

A super breathable, light sunscreen for the face and neck fortified with moisturising Cocoa Seed butter and Aloe Vera, this SPF moisturiser without silicone is non-comedogenic and sinks in fast to hydrate and protect the skin, without leaving a white cast.

Best silicone free tinted moisturizer

For a tinted moisturizer that evens-out pigmentation without clogging your pores, choose our Tinted DD Creams.

Our dimethicone-free tinted day moisturizers are both enriched with SPF15 and these multi-purpose organic beauty products blend lightweight mineral make-up coverage with effective anti-ageing actives to create a hybrid foundation/skin care product that balances, protects and moisturizes.

An effortless way to achieve an even, youthful skin tone without masking your skin in pore-clogging make-up, our Tinted DD Creams are essential for a minimalist ‘bare beauty’ make-up routine and contain Sea Fennel Stem Cells, a breakthrough skin care ingredient that uses stem cell technology to support the skin’s supply of collagen and antioxidants. After use skin is left even, matte and protected from the sun.

Best silicone free night cream

Hydra-Glow Face Mask is a nourishing night cream that’s silicone free, quick to apply and feeds your skin everything it needs to repair itself overnight.

Deeply moisturizing, this dimethicone-free face mask is left on overnight and supports the skin’s night-time repair process without clogging pores or preventing the skin from detoxing.

Silk-textured, it sits light-as-a-feather on the skin and feeds hydrating natural actives to leave thirsty, dry skin plump and pillowy come morning. Apply 2-3 times a week after double cleansing and enjoy its spa-like scent of soothing Ylang Ylang and Neroli whilst you rest.

Do you need finding the best silicone-free moisturiser for your skin? Our UK customer care team can help and can be contacted on 01403 740 350 or at @greenpeopleUK.

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