Essential guide to rosacea: sunscreen & skin care
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Essential guide to rosacea: sunscreen & skin care

This guide offers information and advice on rosacea. We explain what rosacea is and look at the common triggers of the skin condition. We also offer advice on how to care for rosacea-prone skin and recommend unscented sunscreen and natural skin care products to soothe and hydrate sensitive skin.

By Alexandra Julian

7 Minute read

Why is rosacea worse in the summer? How do you calm a rosacea flare-up fast? Does sunscreen really help rosacea? As experts in sensitive skin, we understand how frustrating rosacea flare-ups can be.

The guide aims to help you to find a rosacea-friendly sunscreen and skin care routine that calms, soothes and protects so that you can stay one step ahead of rosacea flare-ups.

Natural, organic and free from fragrances, Green People's ultra-gentle sun creams and skin care products are suitable for very sensitive skin and those who may be prone to rosacea.

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition that is perhaps most know for causing a red complexion which may sting or flush.

Often, rosacea develops in middle age around the time of the perimenopause. It can easily be mistaken for adult acne or menopausal flushing. It is also often mistaken with sunburn and blushing.

While rosacea can be managed, flare-ups can happen at any time, especially in times of stress or during the warm weather seasons. You may also find that your rosacea is worse after you have exercised or consumed certain food or drink e.g. spicy food or alcohol.

Unfortunately, rosacea can also make using some skin care products uncomfortable. That is one reason why those with rosacea are advised by the NHS website to use gentle skin care which is designed for use on ultra-sensitive skin.

If you find that sunscreen and skin care products irritate your rosacea-prone skin, we can help. In the next section, we’ll help you to keep your complexion calm and comfortable with advice on what to consider when choosing skin care for rosacea-prone skin.

What is the best sunscreen for rosacea?

Absolutely everyone should apply SPF daily and, if you have rosacea, we cannot stress enough that a facial sunscreen should be a key essential in your rosacea skin care routine.

But which sunscreen is best for rosacea? Well, the NHS website [i]advises that those prone to rosacea apply a minimum of SPF30 and use gentle skin care products for sensitive skin. This should be applied every day, including during the winter.  

That’s where we come in. Experts in sensitive skin, our scent free SPF30 sun creams are gentle but effective and shield against 97% of skin burning UV rays.

Our sunscreens for rosacea-prone skin are:

  • High factor SPF30
  • Unscented and free from potentially irritating essential oils
  • Non-drying and made without skin-drying alcohols, such as Ethanol, a known irritant of sensitive skin

Dermatologically tested, these unscented, alcohol-free facial sunscreens have been clinically proven to be kind to sensitive skin.

Tinted moisturiser with SPF for rosacea-prone skin

If you prefer to use a tinted day cream to help conceal rosacea redness, look for a tinted moisturiser with SPF.

Available in a choice of shade (fair or medium), our Age Defy+ SPF15 Tinted Moisturisers contain earth mineral pigments that adapt to your skin tone to help balance your complexion and conceal redness.

A fusion of skin care and make-up all wrapped up into a smooth-as-silk natural tinted moisturiser, they’re the perfect for choice of mineral make-up for covering pigmentation, redness and rosacea.

For the cherry on top we even added a protective shield of SPF15 and whole bunch of Sea Fennel Stem Cells which work with collagen-boosting Spanish Needle to promote an oh-so smooth and even skin tone.

Rosacea-friendly moisturiser

If your rosacea flares up in sunlight, using a gentle moisturiser can help to calm the inflammation.

Our favourite rosacea-friendly moisturiser for skin that’s in a state of stress is our Nordic Roots Truffle Night Cream. Formulated to help skin find its comfort zone, this soothing scent-free night cream is alcohol-free and so very gentle that it can be used on the most sensitive of skin.

Its key active is Northern Truffle, a mushroom that is sustainably harvested and famed for its neuro-soothing properties that extend the feel-good zone of stressed and irritated skin.

Ideal for calming reddened skin after sun exposure, we use this truffle in our gentle night cream because it is rich in antioxidant Phenols and Grifolin and has been shown to:

  • Reduce discomfort by instantly soothing irritated skin
  • Reduce the perception of stinging
  • Protect against infrared stress by suppressing skin reddening and inflammatory reaction
  • Increase skin’s tolerance to irritants to prevent hypersensitivity

Complete your collection of unscented skin care

Our Sensitive collection of scent-free products is much beloved by those with delicate skin conditions such as rosacea.

Try a tester: We understand that it's daunting trying something new. That's why we offer 'try me' size sachets so that you check our products are just right for your rosacea skin care routine.


Our UK customer care team are experts in sensitive skin and if you are searching for a rosacea sunscreen or skin care routine, they can help you to build a routine that best suits your needs. You can contact them on social at @GreenPeopleUK or alternatively, why not give us a call on 01403 740350?

If you wish to republish this content, please credit Green People as the original creator with a link to "Essential guide to rosacea: sunscreen & skin care". Please do not use an affiliate link.



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