Looking for a night cream for rosacea?

Looking for a night cream for rosacea?

Do you have rosacea? You may find your skin is sensitive and reactive, and finding skin care products suitable for rosacea and be tricky. If you need daytime skin care for rosacea, you might like to see our guide to sunscreen and skin care for rosacea.

By Hannah Mepham

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Do you have rosacea? You may find your skin is sensitive and reactive, and finding skin care products suitable for rosacea and be tricky.

If you need daytime skin care for rosacea, you might like to see our guide to sunscreen and skin care for rosacea.

However in this post, we’re concentrating on choosing a night cream for rosacea, and building a bedtime skin care regime that soothes and calms your skin.


What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition that can affect all genders and skin types and it is particularly common in women of menopausal age.

The tell-tale signs of rosacea include having a ‘blushed’ skin appearance, especially around the nose, chin and cheeks.

Those prone to rosacea may also experience pimple-like spots and can experience skin irritation or dryness.

According to the NHS, people prone to rosacea may find that their symptoms ‘come and go’ and may also notice irritation when using skin care[i].


How to manage rosacea at night

It can be hard to sleep when your skin feels uncomfortable and a good evening skin routine for rosacea-prone skin will help to keep irritable skin comfy whilst you get off to sleep, whilst also helping you to wake to a calm, soft, even complexion.

Key to this is the way you cleanse you skin. This should be done nightly using a very mild cleanser. We suggest using an unscented cream cleanser that features moisturising ingredients that hydrate the skin as you cleanse.

If you have rosacea, avoid using:

  • aggressive face scrubs
  • rough cleansing tools
  • foam washes
  • ethyl alcohol, soap or SLS

All of these have potential to irritate sensitive skin and are not suitable for those prone to rosacea.

When cleansing rosacea-prone skin, always avoid using hot water as this can irritate and flush the skin. Instead, rinse any excess cleanser from the skin using tepid water, applying pH balanced skin care afterward to restore the balance and avoid any tingly feelings of stinging or irritation.


Best evening cleanser for rosacea

Scent Free Cleanser is our best cream cleanser for skin that may be prone to rosacea. Free from SLS, soap and skin-drying alcohols, it has a gentle, creamy consistency that is so mild that it can be used on even ultra-sensitive skin.

Enriched with moisturising Shea Butter and Squalane, Scent Free Cleanser helps the skin to retain moisture as it purifies the complexion.

To help comfort skin that’s irritated by cleansing we also make this pH-balanced cream cleanser with calming Calendula and Sunflower Oil, a natural plant oil that’s rich in Vitamin E and delivers soothing, emollient-like properties.

Another reason why we consider this cream cleanser to be so well suited to rosacea-prone skin is that it contains Inulin. A Prebiotic that helps to promote the proliferation of good bacteria on the skin’s microbiome, Inulin attracts hydration to keep skin healthy and soft. It also promotes a healthy, balanced microbiome, perfect for those wanting to prevent spots and inflammation.



Best night cream for rosacea

Once your skin is clean and dry, apply a scent-free night cream suitable for rosacea and sensitive skin. Our favourite moisturiser for night is the Nordic Roots Northern Truffle Night Cream.

A thick, unscented night moisturiser for even ultra-sensitive skin, the key active in this night cream is Northern Truffle. This remarkable active offers clinically proven properties that soothe and protect against heat stress and irritation.

Benefits of Northern Truffle that make it a suitable night cream ingredient for rosacea-prone skin include:

  • Shown to reduce discomfort by instantly soothing skin
  • Increases skin tolerance to irritants to prevent hypersensitivity
  • Augments the pain threshold and reduces the perception of stinging
  • Protects against infrared stress by suppressing skin reddening and inflammatory reaction

To further soothe and support complexions prone to redness and sensitivity, we make this nourishing bedtime beauty buy with Ceramides which bind water into the skin by sealing gaps.

It also contains Hemp Seed Oil which delivers polyunsaturated fatty acids and nourishes overnight to enhance softness.

For extra night-time skin comfort, we also add Sugar Beets which help bind even more water into dry skin and provide calming, anti-inflammatory benefits.

For best results, apply Northern Truffle Night Cream each evening to drift off without discomfort and sleep without the worry of waking to skin irritation.



5 lifestyle tips for managing rosacea at night

  • Extreme temperatures can irritate rosacea-prone skin so ventilate your bedroom, leaving it cool but not too cold
  • Avoid using essentials oils in bedroom diffusers as these can irritate sensitive skin
  • Resist consuming rosacea triggers before bed such as spicy food and alcohol
  • Keep a gentle, ethyl alcohol-free face mist by your bed and spritz this over the skin if it starts to feel flushed
  • Avoid stress triggers and destress before bed by reading a book or practising mindfulness or yoga

Do you need more information to help you choose a night cream for rosacea-prone skin? Our UK customer care team can help and can be contacted on 01403 740350.


[i] https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/rosacea/


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