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Choosing a natural pregnancy safe body lotion & foot cream

Are you expecting a baby and looking for pregnancy body care products to help you to care for your growing bump? Here you’ll find tips and information on choosing pregnancy body care that will gently and safely nourish bump and body.

By Alexandra Julian

6 Minute read

Are you expecting a baby and looking for pregnancy body care products to help you to care for your growing bump? Here you’ll find tips and information on choosing pregnancy body care that will gently and safely nourish bump and body.


What pregnancy body care product can you apply to your bump?

All of our certified organic shower gels, body oils, balms and body lotions are suitable for use during pregnancy and these pregnancy body care products can be applied at each trimester and post-pregnancy.

Our natural pregnancy sunscreens and natural sunless tanning products are also pregnancy-safe and can be smoothed over your body and bump.

Some skin care ingredients can be absorbed through the skin and may enter the bloodstream. For this reason, we make our bump-friendly pregnancy body care without ingredients associated with potential health risks and all our pregnancy body care products are made without phthalates, parabens and PEGs.

We suggest mentioning any itchy skin to your midwifery team. It is normal to experience itchy skin as your bump blossoms or whilst your skin heals after a caesarean section but, as itchy skin can be a sign of some pregnancy complications, it is always best to mention anything that’s out of the ordinary for you to your midwife.


Natural body lotion for pregnancy

If you have sensitive skin or you are feeling scent-sensitive during or post-pregnancy, our scent-free shower gel and body lotion are the ideal choice for keeping skin soft and nourished.

Nourish bump and body by bathing with our SLS-free Scent Free Shower Gel and then apply our Scent Free Hand & Body Lotion to any area of skin that’s in need of calm and care.

Intensely hydrating and free-from perfumes and essential oils, this pregnancy safe body lotion blends vitamin-rich Shea Butter with emollient-like Squalane to lock moisture and nourishment into the skin.


Those experiencing sensitive skin during or post pregnancy can also find relief from itchy skin with our Time to Soothe Body Oil. An unscented pregnancy-safe body oil, it blends the breakthrough active CB2-Skin™ Biofunctional with a high concentration of calming plant oils – including regenerating Rosehip oil.

CB2-Skin™ Biofunctional has a remarkable ability to increase skin’s tolerance and this blissful blend quickly calms the discomfort of itchy skin without risking any irritation your sensitive skin.


Pregnancy body care tips for your bump

The skin stretches a remarkable amount during pregnancy and your stretchmarks are simply a sign that the skin is doing what it needs to do to accommodate your growing baby.

If stretchmarks are something you’d prefer to prevent, nourish your bump with pregnancy-safe skin care made with Rosehip Oil. This gentle oil is quickly absorbed by the skin and is rich in the Omega fatty acids needed to repair skin and reduce scars.

You’ll find Rosehip Oil in our skin-soothing One Balm. Our pregnancy body care tip to maintain skin elasticity and keep the skin on the bump soft, supple and stretchable is to apply one of these products twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. They can be reapplied at any time and can also help to nourish itchy skin during pregnancy.

If the sun has tanned your skin, you might find that your stretch marks have become more obvious. To prevent this, keep your bump covered whilst swimming or sunbathing and make sure you apply a high-factor sun lotion to any areas of exposed skin.


Pregnancy safe foot cream for tired feet

Ideal for relieving uncomfortable feet during pregnancy, our Deodorising Foot Cream is pregnancy-safe and made with cooling plant oils that soothe and revitalise tired feet. This pregnancy foot cream is wonderful for cooling swollen feet and can be left on overnight.

Our pregnancy body care tip for tired feet is to massage your foot cream into your feet by cupping your foot between your hands and pushing your thumbs outward to firmly press the upper part of your sole. Repeat on each foot, then apply cotton socks and allow this sole-soothing foot cream to sink into the feet overnight.

Later on in pregnancy, when reaching feet becomes tricky, let your partner take over!



Post-pregnancy body care tips for sensitive skin

It’s natural for your skin to feel more delicate after childbirth and you may feel more comfortable if you initially use skin care for sensitive skin post-pregnancy.

The scent-free skin care products in our mum and baby Skin Relief are ideal for cleansing and caring for extra delicate skin and if the skin around your bump or caesarean scar feels itchy, our best pregnancy body care tip is to apply a little of our One Balm to the itchy skin. The anti-inflammatory natural actives will soon soothe the affected area and bring gentle, calming relief from itchy skin.


Do you need help building a pregnancy skin care routine for your bump or more information about our pregnancy safe foot cream? Our customer care team can help and can be contacted on 01403 740350.


Note: Hormonal changes can affect your skin in many ways during pregnancy and you many find that you skin is more sensitive and cannot tolerate skin care as well as did before you were pregnancy.

All our skin care is pregnancy safe but to err on the side of caution we advise test-patching any products before applying them to your bump.

If you do notice any skin changes that you are concerned about, be sure to discuss these with your maternity team or GP.


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