Hospital bag heroes & practical tips for pregnancy
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Hospital bag heroes & practical tips for pregnancy

Are you pregnant and starting to think about your birth plan? Whether you’re planning to deliver at home, in a midwife-led centre or in hospital, during the lead-up to your due date you might want to prepare a kit containing items you’ll need during labour. Unsure what to pack? We reveal our top maternity hospital bag toiletries for mums-to-be.

By Hannah Mepham

4 Minute read

There's so much to think about when preparing for a new baby! To help ease your mind we’ve pulled together a list of calming, practical tips for day-to-day life and readying your hospital bag that can help you to feel more prepared for motherhood. 

Prepare your hospital bag well in advance

Whether you’re planning to deliver at home, in a midwife-led centre or in hospital, during the lead-up to your due date you might want to prepare a kit containing items you’ll need during labour.

Its always worth preparing your hospital bag well in advance. Not only is this practical and exciting to do, it also gives you something productive to do when you are in the mood for nesting!

Unsure what you need in your hospital bag? To help you pack we’ve compiled a list of essentials for mothers-to-be and newborn babies.

Birth essentials for your hospital bag

An ultra-gentle post-birth shower gel

Childbirth is exhausting and as your body starts the recovery process, you’ll welcome the opportunity to have a soothing shower.

During the immediate period after childbirth you might find that some areas are particularly sensitive to synthetic fragrances and foaming chemical ingredients.

For this reason, you may wish to consider using our Scent Free Shower Gel, which like all of our shower gels, does not contain harsh ingredients such as alcohol or SLS.

A natural deodorant to keep you feeling fresh

To keep body odour at bay, don’t forget to pack a roll-on made with natural sweat-fighting ingredients in your maternity hospital bag. Unlike chemical antiperspirants, Green People roll-on deodorants are enriched with safe and natural prebiotics, Zinc ricinolate and organic plant actives.

A natural balm for perineal massage

Worried about your risk of damaging the perineum during childbirth? Suitable for use on the perineum from 34 weeks, our Mum & Baby Rescue Balm is made with a skin-softening blend of organic oils that can help to soften the perineum ahead of childbirth.

It is designed to be gentle on delicate skin so can also be used to soothe newborn infant skin. If you go in for an induction, then this is well worth taking with you.

A pure nipple cream to support breastfeeding

Worried cracked nipples will make breastfeeding or pumping milk painful? Our Mum & Baby Rescue Balm is also perfect to use as a soothing nipple cream. 

Scent-free and suitable for use before, during and after feeding, it soothes sore nipples and because it is made with natural, skin-calming ingredients, it can be left on the skin to provide long-term protection from soreness and irritation.

An 'everything' balm

Motherhood can throw so many challenges your way and the calming botanical Calendula and Lavender blend used to make our Organic Babies Salve is a staple that can help you to calm everything from cradle cap to nappy rash.

Mums can even use this soothing salve to soften and protect hands left dry from nappy changes or, apply a little to the temples and use as a stress-relieving balm.

A calming nappy cream

Be ready to repel dampness and soothe sore bottoms with our 100% natural nappy cream.

Made with Zinc oxide, Chamomile Calendula and Beeswax, it is compatible with cloth nappies and packed with organic goodness. Not just for nappies, this multi-purpose chamomile cream relieves red, sore skin anywhere. Apply to skin whenever it needs a soothing touch.

Don't forget your toothpaste

A change in hormonal levels can leave pregnant women vulnerable to oral health concerns so it’s essential that you take good care of your teeth[ii]. To protect teeth from bacterial growth without the need for harsh chemical ingredients, be sure to pack a tube of Green People’s natural toothpaste.

Available in a choice of four flavours, these natural formulas release a gentle burst of organic freshness to keep your mouth feeling clean.

What do you have in your maternity hospital toiletry bag? Let us know by chatting to us on social @GreenPeopleUK. 



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