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Baicalin: nature's best anti-ageing active for skin

Is Baicalin the best skin care ingredient for defying the skin ageing process? Here we explore this wonder anti-wrinkle ingredient.

By Alexandra Julian

5 Minute read

Is Baicalin the best natural anti-ageing ingredient? We certainly think so!

Discover the skin-firming benefits of our favourite anti-wrinkle active as we explain what makes Baicalin the best beauty ingredient for fighting fine lines and wrinkles naturally.

What is Baicalin?

Looking for an anti-ageing natural beauty ingredient that helps to rewind time without resorting to ‘tweakments’?

Say hello to Baicalin, an extract from the roots of the skullcap plant, which has been shown to do just that. 

baical skullcap plant

What are the skin benefits of Baicalin?

Ideal for those that prefer to take a natural approach to skin firming, the skin benefits of Baicalin are rather impressive!

Baicalin increases the number of potential cell replications by 10% equivalent to turning the clock back by 10 years.

Here 3 clinically proven skin benefits of Baicalin which make it our pick to be nature’s best anti-ageing active:

  • Increases elasticity and firmness by as much as 10-12%
  • Increases skin restructuring by as much as 13%
  • Helps to restores skin to its state 10 years previously

It makes a brilliant beauty ingredient for those aged 30+ and a must-have for mature and menopausal skin.

Shop Baicalin skin care

Firm your skin with our youth-boosting Baicalin skin care.

Made with a concentrated blend of organic plant oils and extracts, these natural beauty products work to improve hydration, radiance and restore younger looking skin.

Explore the skin care science of Baicalin

So how does this wonder anti-wrinkle active work? Well, Baicalin’s anti-ageing benefits work at a cellular level (deep within the skin) and help to protect Telomeres, the protein caps that sit at the end of your chromosomes and act a bit like the plastic caps on your shoelaces by protecting your DNA during cell division.

Why is this important? Well, when your skin cells divide, Telomeres become damaged. Your cells then become shorter and shorter until, eventually, cell division stops, leading to the visible signs of ageing.

During your childhood and teens, Telomere damage is less of an issue because you’ll naturally produce Telomerase, an enzyme that helps to counteract the Telomere shortening. Unfortunately, most of us will have stopped producing Telomerase by our mid-late twenties.

That’s where Baicalin comes into the picture. *Studies have shown Baicalin can stimulate the production of new Telomerase enzymes. Incredibly this can help to restore skin to the state it was ten years ago!

Baicalin re-stimulates the production of telomerase in adult skin cells, reducing the damage to telomeres, and can increase by 10% the number of cell duplications in skin fibroblasts before they finally die. The effect of this is to restore skin to the state it would have been ten years earlier.” Charlotte Vøhtz, founder of Green People

Video: How Baicalin works

Keen to know more? Watch as our Cosmetic Scientist, Ian Taylor, explains the science and benefits of Baicalin for skin.

Delve deeper into our Baicalin beauty products

Baicalin’s skin care benefits begin at a cellular level and for this reason we primarily use this ingredient in our organic face creams and skin serums. These products sink deep into the skin tissue and deliver hydration and nourishment to areas of the skin where wrinkles are formed.

Baicalin moisturisers

Deeply nourishing and packed with anti-ageing action from Baicalin and a whole host of other youth-boosting botanicals including Squalane and Cacay Oil, our organic moisturisers add plump and glow every day.

Baicalin eye serum

Skin around the eyes is thin and gives away the tell-tale signs of skin-elasticity loss easily, but our fine-line fader leaves skin around the eyes noticeably more taut in just 15 minutes.

Key actives used alongside Baicalin in the Age Defy+ Lip & Eye Eraser Serum include Sea Holly Stem Cells and Beech Bud.

Studies have shown Sea Holly Stem Cells to increase skin hydration by 95%, skin smoothness by 38% and skin tightness by 27%.

Also known as the Everlasting Youth Tree, Beech Tree is extracted from fresh Beech Tree buds and helps to stimulates cellular metabolism resulting in increased skin hydration. Trials also show a 10% wrinkle reduction after 28 days of consistent use.

Baicalin facial serum

Age Defy+ Hydrate and Renew Serum blends Baicalin with Beech Bud and Green Tea, an antioxidant-rich active that helps to keep the skin balanced and firm.

This nourishing anti-ageing face serum also uses Evening Primrose, a skin-revitalising active that helps to prevent premature ageing by supporting healthy skin structure. 

Rich in Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), a type of Omega-6 fatty acid, this natural anti-ageing active supports the collagen and elastin structures needed for the regeneration of healthy skin cells and helps to prevent premature ageing by forming a protective layer.

Need help choosing?

Is Baicalin the missing piece of your anti-ageing beauty routine? Build your best anti-ageing routine with Age Defy+, our signature collection tailored for skin aged 30 or for more help choosing the best Baicalin skin care products for you, why not contact our friendly customer care team on @GreenPeopleUK or 01403 740350.

If you wish to republish this content, please credit Green People as the original creator with a link to "Baicalin: nature's best anti-ageing active". Please do not use an affiliate link.

*Study conducted in 2007, involving 20 participants aged between 35 – 45 years of age (Provital S.A., - manufacturer of VITASOURCE™ (Baicalin)).

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