How to create a low-waste bathroom

How to create a low-waste bathroom

The UK’s bathrooms were once bursting with plastic beauty bottles that ended up in landfill sites but thankfully, times have changed.

By Hannah Mepham

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The UK’s bathrooms were once bursting with plastic beauty bottles that ended up in landfill sites but thankfully, times have changed.

It’s now easier than ever to achieve a low-waste bathroom and in this post, we share tips for reducing your reliance on single waste plastic products in the bathroom.


What is a low-waste bathroom?

Bathrooms that are low-waste may feature low-energy lighting and water-saving shower facilities and will likely contain zero-waste toiletries. This can include zero-waste shampoo and body wash, recyclable toothpaste and low waste cleaning products.

Those that favour an eco-friendly bathroom environment may also prefer to use plastic-free hygiene products such a shampoo bars, soap bars, period pants and bamboo toilet tissue.


Eco Bathroom


To have a truly eco-friendly bathroom you should also be conscious that everything that goes down the bathroom plug can end up in the sea. This is one reason why those with eco-friendly bathrooms tend to favour natural and organic bathroom toiletries over products made with synthetic chemicals that may be harmful to marine life.


What are the benefits of a low-waste bathroom?

In the UK many of us are already making a conscious effort to be less reliant on single-use plastic but our bathrooms are still bursting with plastic bottles. If these are not recyclable (or recycled correctly), they can contribute to the planet’s plastic problem.


A 2021 survey the Independent newspaper estimated that Britain’s bathrooms harboured a staggering 152 tonnes of plastic bottles[i].


And it’s not just plastic that’s a problem. Bathroom water wastage can put a stress on the UK’s sewage systems which are already congested by ‘fat bergs’, an environmental issue caused by people incorrectly disposing of nappies, sanitary items and wet wipes down the toilet.

With sustainable and low-waste bathroom products readily available, now is a great time to give your bathroom an eco-friendly make-over.


Benefits of a low-waste bathroom can include:

  • Lower bills because of lower energy/water usage
  • Less clutter due to streamlined shower/skin care routines
  • A healthier environment due to less exposure to synthetic scents and chemicals
  • Knowing you are making a conscious effort to protect the planet from plastic pollution


How to create a low-waste bathroom routine

Give your bathroom and eco-friendly make-over with our best buys for a low-waste bathroom.

  1. Recyclable toothpaste

Toothpaste tubes were once notoriously hard to recycle but our Fresh Mint Toothpaste with Fluoride now uses recyclable packaging. The unique tube uses 50% repurposed plastic and can be disposed of in your household recycling bin.  Read more about our recycled toothpaste packaging.

The tube is also our largest toothpaste making this organic toothpaste a great eco-friendly toiletry for those that prefer to buy their bathroom products in bulk to minimise packaging and delivery emissions.





  1. Zero-waste shampoo bars

In addition to offering liquid shampoos in Sugar Cane plastic packaging, Green People offers a choice of three natural shampoo bars.

Our 50g shampoo bars are entirely plastic-free and you can expect one bar to last for on average 60 washes. A little of our liquid shampoo also goes a long way and, after use,  the recyclable Sugar Cane plastic shampoo tubes can be added to your household recycling.



  1. Low-waste bath products

Did you know that Green People body washes can be used as shower gels and as bath wash? This multi-purpose use makes our organic bath products ideal for low-waste bathrooms.

After use, simply recycle the sugar cane plastic tubes in your usual household waste.



Ethical responsibility is at the heart of what we do. We are proud to present our organic shower and bath gels in a fully recyclable, renewable sugar cane tube with a favourable carbon emissions profile. For every 1 kilo of sugar cane plastic produced, 3 kilos of C0is removed from our atmosphere. This exchange can be described as being climate positive.


  1. Low-waste hand wash

Bars of soap are often plastic free and ideal for using in a low-waste bathroom, but if soaps with a high pH irritate your skin, a low-waste hand wash might be a better choice of hand care for you. Read more about our soap-free products

All Green People’s certified organic hand washes for adult pH balanced and are presented in recyclable plastic packaging that is made with 50% post-consumer plastic.

These low-waste hand washes are soap-free and are also free from SLS. Instead, we use Coconut-derived Sodium Coco Sulphate to gently cleanse the hands.



We also offer a fruit-scented Berry Smoothie Hand Wash for children which is eczema-friendly and packaged in 30% recycled plastic.



  1. Low-waste cleansers

Green People is committed to creating low-waste products and as such we do not produce single-use cleansing wipes. Instead, all our cream and foam cleanses are highly concentrated with organic plant actives and compatible with re-usable cleansing pads.

We also offer low-waste cleansing balms which are ideal for eco-friendly bathroom.

Age Defy+ Ultimate Wonder Balm is the best low-waste cleansing balm for mature skin and is presented in a glass jar. A multi-purpose product, it can also be used to keep skin soft and smooth.



One Balm is another low waste beaty balm that can be used as a cleanser. Formulated with soothing organic plant oils, it is presented in a unique pot that biodegrades after use, leaving no trace of microplastic behind.

A brilliant beauty product for those that prefer to use low-waste products, this waterless balm can be used for everything from moisturising lips to skin-calming and can even be used to care for cuticles.



Would you like help choosing low-waste toiletries for your bathroom? Our friendly UK customer care team can help and can be contacted on 01403 740350 or via live chat.


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