Dry legs exposed: how to stop dry, itchy skin on legs
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Dry legs exposed: how to stop dry, itchy skin on legs

Do you experience flaky, dry, itchy skin on your legs? Keeping the skin barrier hydrated can help to prevent dry legs and here we reveal the best creams and body oils to use when moisturising your legs.

By Hannah Mepham

7 Minute read

Do you experience flaky, dry, itchy skin on your legs? Keeping the skin barrier hydrated can help to prevent dry legs and here we reveal the best creams and body oils to use when moisturising your legs.

Why do I get dry legs?

It’s perfectly normal for the skin on your legs to feel extremely dry in winter thanks to varying temperatures and the drying effect of central heating.

It is also all too easy to forget to moisturise your legs when they are hidden away under tights and trousers.

Other causes of dry skin on your legs include:

  • Taking hot showers
  • Irritation from clothing or products with SLS
  • Shaving and hair removal
  • Natural skin ageing
  • Pre-existing health conditions e.g. diabetes, eczema and dermatitis

How to prevent dry skin on legs

Dry, itchy legs are crying out for moisture and can instantly be nourished with a body lotion or body oil. By knowing the best way to apply dry skin body care you can maximise the amount of moisture you lock into the skin and ensure your skin care is absorbed quickly.


Body oils deliver liquid nourishment for the skin and should be applied daily straight after showering or bathing. Massage a generous amount of oil into the skin whilst it is still damp to lock in intense hydration and leave dry skin feeling soft.


Despite being much thicker than body oils, body lotions should be applied to the skin in a similar way. Once the skin is clean and dry, apply a small amount of lotion to the legs and massage it into the skin using light circular movements.

Best body lotion for dry and snakeskin skin on legs

If you have cracked, dry or snakeskin legs you need to take a two-pronged approach to choosing your body lotion. Always check the INCI list (ingredient list) for skin-restoring actives as well as natural ingredients known to prevent dry skin on legs.

To help repair cracked skin on the legs, opt for skin care containing Perilla oil. We use this ingredient in all Green People’s organic body lotions because it is exceptionally high in Omega-3 and in addition to revitalising dry skin, it helps to protect skin from oxidative damage.

To deliver high levels of moisture to dry skin, opt for an organic body lotion containing Aloe Vera and Jojoba esters.

  • Aloe Vera contains mucopolysaccharides which naturally combine with water to deliver intense skin hydration
  • Jojoba is rich in antioxidant vitamin E and delivers moisture to the skin whilst helping to restore damaged cells

For dry, snakeskin skin on your legs we recommend our Quinoa & Calendula Body Lotion.

Best body cream for sensitive and eczema-prone legs

Moisturising legs prone to eczema or sensitivity regularly will help to strengthen the skin barrier. However, eczema-prone skin can be easily irritated so care should be taken to avoid harsh ingredients that could leave your dry skin feeling inflamed or sore.

Ingredients commonly known to irritate eczema-prone legs include:

  • Synthetic fragrance
  • Stinging alcohols
  • SLS
  • Pore-clogging petrochemicals such as paraffin wax or petrolatum (a mineral oil jelly)

These ingredients are not used in any of Green People’s natural and organic body care products. Instead we use anti-inflammatory actives such as Perilla Oil and Evening Primrose.

These natural ingredients can all be found in our Scent Free Hand & Body Lotion which delivers daily, gentle hydration to sensitive and easily-irritated skin.

For emergency sore skin rescue, we recommend using a little of our Organic Babies Soothing Baby Salve. This skin-calming salve combines Calendula with eczema-friendly Hemp oil and can be used to relieve extremely dry skin.

Best way to prevent dry skin after shaving your legs

When you shave or exfoliate the skin you peel away some of the skin’s supply of surface oils. If this hydrating barrier is not replenished, you may find that the skin feels drier following hair removal. To stop your legs suffering dry skin after shaving try the following tips:

  1. Resist shaving the legs daily and when you do shave, select an SLS-free shower gel to create an irritation-free lather
  2. Moisturise the skin with our Pure Luxe Body Oil after shaving. As the skin soaks up this antioxidant-rich oil it will take in an array of regenerating nutrients and vitamins

Best body oil to keep legs youthful

As we age, our rate of cell renewal decreases, which causes dead cells to cling to the skin surface and makes it harder for the skin to retain hydration. Mature skin also loses elastin and collagen which can cause the skin on the legs to look wrinkly and saggy.

Locking hydration into the skin with a collagen-supporting body oil can help to keep the legs looking taut and smooth and we developed the Pure Luxe Body Oil to deliver these youth-boosting benefits direct to the skin. It contains:

  • Safflower oil which is rich in skin-refining Omega-6
  • Neroli oil to revive the skin at a cellular level and boost skin elasticity
  • Antioxidant-rich Cranberry oil to deliver nutrients and give dry skin a satin-soft touch

Need more advice or information about looking after the dry skin on your legs? Join the conversation at @GreenPeopleUK or contact our UK customer care team on 01403 740350.

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