Choosing a vitamin C serum for sensitive skin
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Choosing a vitamin C serum for sensitive skin

Could your sensitive skin benefit from a boost of vitamin C? Have you tried vitamin C skin care before but experienced a reaction? Here we help you to find the best vitamin C serum for sensitive skin.

By Hannah Mepham

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Could your sensitive skin benefit from a boost of vitamin C? Have you tried vitamin C skin care before but experienced a reaction? Here we help you to find the best vitamin C serum for sensitive skin.

Is vitamin C good for sensitive skin?

Whilst all forms of vitamin C skin care should deliver a firming, brightening effect to sensitive skin, some derivatives of vitamin C can be more suitable for sensitive skin than others.

There are currently almost a dozen different forms of vitamin C in serums and other skin care products and all will have different potencies, pH-levels and absorption rates.

Pure vitamin C is very potent and if ingredients like L’ascorbic acid sting your sensitive skin, the best vitamin C serum for your skin type will be one made with a slow-release derivative of vitamin C which is less astringent, has a higher pH-level and releases its long-lasting skin supporting benefits gradually.

Green People Vitamin C Serum

How much vitamin C can be used on sensitive skin?

Vitamin C skin care can be applied to sensitive skin daily, and so that you only need to use a little at a time, we make our vitamin C serum with a slow-release form of vitamin C called Ascorbyl glucoside. This has a higher pH than pure vitamin C and is well tolerated by all skin types, including sensitive skin.

If you have sensitive skin, is a good idea to check the concentration of vitamin C before you apply serum to your skin. This is because pure vitamin C can be quite acidic and with some vitamin C products containing as much as 12% vitamin C, you might find that your skin tingles if you apply too much vitamin C skin care.

We use 2% Ascorbyl glucoside to make our vitamin C serum and consider this to be the best amount of vitamin C for sensitive skin.

Discover a natural & organic vitamin C serum

Age Defy+ Collagen Boost Vitamin C Serum

When formulating our vitamin C serum for sensitive skin, we selected a gentle but effective slow-release form of vitamin C called Ascorbyl glucoside.

We blended this with an ultra-hydrating Hyaluronic acid and anti-inflammatory Bakuchi oil. This means that it is particularly beneficial for preventing the signs of ageing and well tolerated by sensitive skin.

customer review

With regular use, our Ascorbyl glucoside vitamin C serum:

  • Helps to firm the skin by encouraging the synthesis of collagen
  • Brightens and hydrates the skin to help it to glow
  • Evens the skin tone and helps to prevent pigmentation

Will vitamin C irritate sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin can be irritated by all sorts of ingredients – even natural ones!

The skin-boosting benefits that vitamin C serums provide come from their potency so, if you have sensitive skin, it is a good idea to test that you skin can tolerate a vitamin C serum by conducting a patch test before use.

If you patch test a vitamin C skin care product and it makes your sensitive skin start to tingle, there’s a good explanation for this. It’s because pure vitamin C skin care products typically have a lower pH than human skin.

Pure vitamin C is notoriously unstable and needs an acidic formulation and dark packaging to remain stable and effective. The Ascorbyl glucoside we use in our vitamin C serum is much more stable so can be used in serums that have a higher pH that is more compatible with the skin’s natural pH-level.

Will vitamin C serums make my skin sensitive to the sun?

Our Ascorbyl glucoside vitamin C serum is great for keeping skin hydrated during the day and actually helps to prevent UV skin damage by inhibiting melanin. Read more about using Vitamin C serum before sunscreen.

While the form of vitamin C we use is not photosensitising, care should be taken if you choose to use this product in conjunction with ingredients that do make the skin extra sensitive to sunlight.

Retinols and AHAs are both photosensitising and aren’t ideal for sensitive skin. If you choose to apply these whilst using our Collagen Boost Vitamin C Serum, we will strongly suggest you only apply them in the evening and that you patch test these before use to ensure that they can be tolerated by your sensitive skin.

Likewise, exfoliating the skin brings new cells to the skin surface that can be more vulnerable to sunlight. To avoid this, exfoliate at night and apply SPF facial skin care the following day.

Reviews of our vitamin C serum

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Would you like any more information about our vitamin C serum for sensitive skin? Our UK customer care team is available to help and can be contacted on 01403 740350.

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