Best sunscreen and toiletries for eco camping holidays
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Best sunscreen and toiletries for eco camping holidays

Will you be camping in the UK this summer? Compile your camp kit with our guide to the best toiletries and sunscreen for camping holidays in the UK.

By Hannah Mepham

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Will you be camping this summer? Whether you’re pitching up at one of the UK’s dedicated campsites or camping in Europe, you’ll no doubt want to minimise your impact on the environment.

Get back to nature and discover camping sunscreen and toiletries that leave no trace behind with our guide to the best eco toiletries for camping trips in the UK and Europe.

Best sunscreen for campers

Sunburn can really spoil a night sleeping under the stars so look after your skin with our best sunscreens for camping. Natural, organic and safe for the environment (perfect for wild swimming!), we have camping sunscreens that are great for all the family – even those with sensitive skin.

To save space in the tent, pack a 2-in-1 protection product such as SPF15 Sun Cream with Natural Insect Repellent.

A summer essential for campers and adventurers, Zinc Oxide protects against UVA and UVB rays as DEET-free Citrepel®75 (derived from Java Citronella) naturally repels biting insects for up to 4 hours. Perfect for keeping mosquitoes away whilst camping!

If you’re prone to sensitive skin or prickly heat, we recommend our bestselling unscented sunscreen – Scent Free Sun Cream SPF30. With over 2,000 5-star reviews, you can’t go wrong!

We also offer an Organic Children’s Scent Free Sun Cream which is gentle on delicate skin. This kids’ sunscreen is ideal for family camping holidays and for children to take to kids’ summer holiday camps.

Best after sun and insect repellent for camping

Sundown is supper time for mosquitoes and midges and if these are attracted to your torches and tent lights, you’ll be glad that you packed Moisturising After Sun with Insect Repellent.

With a certified organic Aloe Vera core to cool and soothe skin after sun exposure, this 2-in-1 after sun and insect repellent is perfect for camping.

It’s natural, DEET-free insect repellent is derived from Java Citronella and can be used by all the family to protect against campsite midges, ticks, leeches and mosquitoes for up to four hours. And that’s with just one application.

Best shampoo & body wash for camping

We think the most environmentally friendly and practical shampoo for camping is one of our shampoo bars.

Suitable for all hair types, our natural shampoo bars can also be used to cleanse the body and because they’re soap-free and made with plant-based ingredients, they’re a great shampoo for ‘camping baths’ at the lake.

Rich in conditioning actives, there’s no need to pack a conditioner meaning you can save space for other camping toiletries.

Top tip: Keep your shampoo bar in its box between uses to keep it from drying out.

Best deodorant for camping

If you go camping to enjoy hiking in the hills or kayaking on the lake, you’ll want a deodorant that gives long-lasting freshness.

All our natural and organic roll-on deodorants for camping are made with Prebiotics, Zinc Ricinolate and Potassium Alum which work in synergy to stop bacterial body odours from becoming airborne.

If you have sensitive skin or simply wish to avoid fragrance, try our Scent Free Deodorant. This offers the same odour-neutralising action but is made without any essential oils.

No one wants to have to endure smelly trainers in the tent so keep feet fresh with Deodorising Prebiotic Foot Cream.

This uses the same three-way deodorising action as our roll-on deodorants and keeps feet soft and comfortable with a mix of moisturising Shea Butter and cooling Peppermint essential oils.

Best toothpaste for camping holidays

Most campsites will have a toilet block where you can brush your teeth but if you’re wild camping be sure to use a natural toothpaste for camping that won’t have adverse effects on the environment.

All our toothpastes are made with antibacterial plant oils and leave the mouth feeling fresh and clean.

Most of our toothpastes are fluoride-free but if you’ve been tucking into campsite treats such as sugary marshmallow s’mores, you may prefer to use one of our fluoride toothpastes which can be used by adults and children alike.


Need a hand choosing the best shampoo or sunscreen for camping? We can help you to pack camping toiletries that are tailored to your needs. Contact our UK customer care team on 01403 740350 for friendly tips and advice. 

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