Get summer-ready feet: soft, fresh and sun safe
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Get summer-ready feet: soft, fresh and sun safe

We all want our feet to look their best during the warmer months, but they can be vulnerable to cracked heels, dry skin, bad odours and sunburn. Here you’ll discover summer foot care tips for keeping feet fresh and sandal-ready all summer long.

By Hannah Mepham

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We all want our feet to look their best during the warmer months, but they can be vulnerable to cracked heels, dry skin, bad odours and sunburn. Here you’ll discover summer foot care tips for keeping feet fresh and sandal-ready all summer long.

How to get softer heels

Cracked, dry heels can be painful but with a little TLC, damaged heel skin will quickly repair itself. A pumice stone can help to release dry, flaky skin from the feet, or if you prefer, you can try a natural exfoliation method by walking barefoot on a sandy beach.

Applying foot cream regularly will also help to keep cracked heels soft and comfortable. If you prefer to use a foot balm, our skin care balms are rich in nourishing plant actives and vitamin enriched oils. These ingredients feed sore, tired feet the skin-calming nutrients they need to repair any damage and restore foot comfort.

Our One Balm is our favourite summer dry feet solution. It soothes dry skin anywhere and is rich in reparative actives including Myrrh, Rosehip and Pomegranate. These natural foot balm ingredients nourish dry skin and create a protective barrier to help dry or cracked skin to recover.

Foot cream should always be applied to clean, dry feet and to soothe sore feet, you can soak your soles in a home-made foot bath before you apply your foot cream.  

To make a home-made footbath add a few drops of Time to Relax Alexandra Kay Essential Oil Blend to an unscented shower gel or half a cup of Epsom salts to a bowl of warm water.

Soak your feet in this for around ten minutes, then pat dry with a towel, not forgetting the spaces in between your toes where damp and bacteria can linger.


How to apply SPF to the feet

When it comes to sun cream application, feet are one of the most missed areas. The tops of your feet can be vulnerable to sunburn and UV damage so, if you’re barefoot or spending the summer in flip-flops or sandals, make sure to rub approximately 50p-size dollop of sun cream to the feet and legs before you step outside.

All Green People sun creams are packed with nourishing, hydrating plant actives and will soften and soothe the feet whilst they safeguard against harmful sun rays.

Apply sun protection to the top of your feet, the soles and in-between the toes and allow a few seconds for this to absorb before putting on shoes or socks.

How to control summer foot odours

Feet have as many as 250,000 sweat glands and, especially if your feet spend a lot of time in sweaty shoes or trainers, you might notice that during the summer months they give off an unpleasant odour.

If you are prone to hot, smelly feet in the summer, you can help to manage foot odours with our Deodorising Prebiotic Foot Cream.

Made with a blend of odour-neutralising prebiotics and moisture-maintaining extracts, our Deodorising Prebiotic Foot Cream quickly sinks in deep to fortify feet against painful cracked heels and the bacterial invasions that can trigger bad foot odours.

An invigorating blend of Peppermint and Eucalyptus gives this sole-soothing solution a cooling touch and herb-fresh aroma, but it’s a 3-way deodorising action which provides our luxurious organic foot cream with an effective natural defence against foot odours.

  • Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide prebiotics promote the growth of beneficial, protective bacteria while inhibiting the bad bacteria which cause foot odour
  • Zinc Ricinoleate absorbs odour molecules like a sponge and prevents unpleasant aromas from becoming airborne
  • The naturally occurring mineral salt Potassium Alum prevents odour-causing bacteria from multiplying

This unisex, vegan product is ideal for active types prone to sweaty feet and sandal-wearers that are prone to cracked heels. After use, feet not only feel fresher but more comfortable.

green people foot deodorant

If smelly feet persist, you can also try soaking the feet in a foot bath containing warm water and apple cider vinegar or half a cup of deodorising baking soda. Both these food cupboard staples are effective, natural antifungal agents but neither will soften the skin so if cracked heels are a problem for you, be sure to apply a foot cream after you have bathed and dried your feet.

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Would you like us to help build you a natural foot care routine for you? Our customer care team can help you to find the best foot care products for your needs can be contacted on 01403 740 350.


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