Best organic balms for natural tattoo aftercare
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Best organic balms for natural tattoo aftercare

Just got a new tattoo? Discover the best organic tattoo balms, sunscreen and skin care products with our guide to natural tattoo aftercare.

By Hannah Mepham

6 Minute read

Just got a new tattoo? Discover the best organic tattoo balms, sunscreen and skin care products with our guide to natural tattoo aftercare.

How to care for a new tattoo

 According to YouGov, 26% of the British public have tattoos and if you’ve just got a new tattoo, you’ll likely want it to heal as quick as possible so that you can show your new body art off to family and friends.

The time that your tattoo takes to heal may depend on many factors, including where on the body you had the tattoo and its size. The aftercare that you give your tattoo may also affect the rate at which your freshly inked skin starts to heal.

Newly applied tattoo ink can inflame and irritate your skin so a gentle tattoo after care approach is best. A little TLC with soothing natural skin care that’s enriched with skin-calming, anti-inflammatory actives will not only help newly tattooed skin to heal, but it could also help to prolong the lifespan of your ink.

The next section of this blog shares tips for caring for a new tattoo with natural body care. If you tattoo does not start to heal or you become concerned about your skin or health after having a tattoo, we also encourage you to also speak to your tattoo artist and GP for further aftercare advice.


Best body wash for tattoo after care

Freshly tattooed skin can is best cleansed using gentle body care and your tattoo artist should tell you how long to wait before you can shower or bathe the area of skin that you have had inked. 

During the skin healing process, harsh or astringent ingredients such as synthetic foaming agents and body exfoliators are best avoided. Fragrance and essential oils may also irritate reddened, newly tattooed skin so consider using scent-free products to avoid the sting of sensitive skin as you care for your new body art.

If your skin is feeling tight, inflamed, or itchy after your tattoo, the best body wash for tattoo aftercare will be a gentle, SLS-free body wash that calms redness with anti-inflammatory actives such Marshmallow.

A soothing ingredient that’s known to reduce redness, Marshmallow Root contains significant amounts of mucilage which makes it an excellent emollient with calming effects on the skin. 

To make our Scent Free Shower/Bath Gel we blend Marshmallow Root with Aloe Vera – a hydrating plant known to promote healing. We then then add Yucca to create a mild lather that gently cleanses delicate skin.



Best balm for tattoo after care

Your tattoo artist will likely encourage you to support tattoo healing by regularly applying a non-pore clogging balm to your new ink.

When choosing a tattoo balm, look for natural ingredients that encourage healing whilst allowing the skin to breathe and commence its reparative processes.

The following ingredients have soothing, rejuvenating properties and are ideal for helping tattooed skin to heal.

  • Myrrh: This anti-inflammatory active is naturally antimicrobial and accelerates skin healing
  • Pomegranate: Antioxidant-rich Pomegranate has strong anti-inflammatory properties and nourishes, soothes and protects the skin
  • Rosehip Oil: Known for its tissue-regenerative properties, Rosehip is rich in Omega-3&6 essential fatty acids that skin needs to heal

These ingredients can all be found in ONE Balm, a multi-tasking, non-comedogenic balm that can be used to soothe dry, damaged skin.

It is packaged in a zero-waste eco pot and its handy size means you can carry it in a pocket or bag to reapply as needed.

This natural and organic balm is suitable for tattoo aftercare anywhere on the body.



Zinc is another ingredient that is known to support skin healing and if you are looking for a Zinc cream to care for your new tattoo, you can try our Calming Nappy Cream. Part of our Organic Babies skin care collection, this is naturally rich in Zinc Oxide and Vitamin E.

It also uses soothing, moisturising Calendula and restorative Hemp which relieves discomfort and is an excellent moisturiser and emollient.



Best sunscreen for new tattoo

Exposing your body art to intense sunlight may accelerate the rate that the ink starts to fade. To keep new ink looking fresh and bold, apply sunscreen to your new tattoo 30 minutes before exposing your skin to sunlight.

When shopping for a sunscreen for your tattoo, we suggest using high factor sun protection such as Scent Free Facial Sun Cream SPF30.

A non-pore clogging, natural sunscreen for all skin types, this blends effective sun filters with moisture-retaining Aloe Vera and Green Tea, an antioxidant active that protects the skin from oxidative damage.

It can be used on the face or anywhere on the body.



To continue caring for your body art following sun exposure, replenish the skin with a natural moisturiser such as our Hydrating After Sun.

Intensely hydrating, this natural body moisturiser contains cooling Peppermint and rehydrating Aloe Vera to help minimise skin peeling.




For more guidance and information about our tattoo after care products, please contact our customer care team on 01403 740350.


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