What is fermented skin care?
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What is fermented skin care?

At Green People we’re big fans of fermented skin care – in particular the Postbiotic skin care ingredient Bacillus Ferment. Explore just what fermented beauty is, how it can benefit your skin and why we use Bacillus Ferment in a selection of our microbiome skin care products.

Von Hannah Mepham

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At Green People we’re big fans of fermented skin care – in particular the Postbiotic skin care ingredient Bacillus Ferment.

Explore just what fermented beauty is, how it can benefit your skin and why we use Bacillus Ferment in a selection of our microbiome skin care products.


What is fermented skin care?

In the UK, fermented skin care is a growing beauty trend. A futuristic example of science and nature in balance, this is skin care that use ingredients fermented by microorganisms.

The science of fermented skin care is pretty special, and the fermentation process essentially makes it easier for beauty ingredients to sink into the skin by making their molecular size smaller.[1]  


Bacillus Ferment skin benefits

When it comes to sourcing the best ingredients, we always aim for the stars and our favourite fermented beauty ingredient is Bacillus Ferment, a COSMOS -approved Postbiotic.

A marine active, its obtained from 'Mars on Earth', a Spanish river which is known for its extreme conditions – much like Mars!

We think that the benefits of fermented skin care for the skin are out of this world too! And we’re not the only ones, in vitro study results have shown this Bacillus Ferment to:

  • Increase moisturisation
  • Enhanced firmness and elasticity
  • Support skin barrier reinforcement
  • Reduce redness after 8 hours
  • Increase radiance in 7 days


Bacillus Ferment


Charlotte Vøhtz, founder of Green People, says:

Bacillus Ferment may sound alien but it’s a brilliant active for bringing stressed skin back down to earth. It not only protects outer skin cells, but also maintains moisture levels in the skin by reinforcing the skin barrier.”

“Far from a fad, as UK skin care shoppers become more aware of the skin microbiome and its importance for skin health, fermented ingredients in skin care will start to play a pivotal role in British beauty routines.”


Shop fermented skin care products

Build a fermented beauty routine with our Bacillus Ferment best buys:



Best fermented skin care for night repair

Wake to brighter skin with Fruitful Nights Night Cream. Formulated to restore radiance whilst you rest, Bacillus Ferment Postbiotics reinforce your skin barrier to reduce night-time moisture loss while Inulin Prebiotics promote a healthy and balanced skin microbiome.




So that you can smooth your skin whilst you sleep, we add Pineapple to refine your skin with gentle fruit enzyme exfoliation. We also add Hibiscus which enhances elasticity so that you wake to wonderfully soft, smooth skin.

Charlotte says:

Skin restores itself whilst we rest but it needs a little help. This hydrating and refining night cream is packed with skin-balancing, barrier-boosting actives that gives the skin what it needs for repair.

“It is also bursting with brightening beauty actives that work overnight to reset your skin’s radiance. Use nightly and you’ll wake to wonderfully soft skin that shows off a good sleep glow.”



Best fermented beauty eye serum

Set your sights on smoother crow’s feet and laughter lines with Firming Eye Serum, a silky skin care product that features Bacillus Ferment.




Gentle around your eyes, Marshmallow protects your skin’s reserves of plumping Hyaluronic Acid while Bacillus Ferment postbiotics reinforce your skin barrier to reduce water loss and support skin rejuvenation.

Charlotte says:

The skin around the eyes is thin and that means it’s one of the first areas to reveal the visible signs of ageing.

“Tapping the toning actives in Firming Eye Serum into the skin daily helps to drain excess fluid and boost blood flow so that the skin around the eyes stays smooth, firm and youthful.”



Best fermented skin care serum

Our featherlight serums sink deep into your skin and Hydrating Firming Serum is the perfect product to plump and firm from within.



Designed to boost your skin’s defences against dehydration, Inulin prebiotics help good bacteria to flourish in the microbiome while Bacillus Ferment postbiotics reinforce the skin barrier to help conserve moisture and reduce redness.

Charlotte says:

Your skin’s natural hydration abilities and barrier functions weaken with age, but you can defy dryness with this silky serum.

“Rich in pre and postbiotics that reinforce the skin barrier, it penetrates deep to plump skin with moisture, leaving skin beautifully firm, fresh and healthy.”


Is Bacillus Ferment missing from your beauty routine? Browse our natural and organic skin care products or speak to our friendly UK customer care team today for help finding the best fermented skin care products for you.

You can call us on 01403 740350 or, if you prefer to chat on social, why not drop us a DM at @GreenPeopleUK.

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[1] https://www.vogue.in/beauty/content/slugging-is-passe-fermented-skincare-is-the-next-it-thing

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