Which toothpastes are vegan-friendly?
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Which toothpastes are vegan-friendly?

Looking for a cruelty-free and vegan-friendly toothpaste? We can help! As a Vegan Society-approved brand with a range of vegan toothpastes that have never been tested on animals, we’re also experts on how to spot non-vegan ingredients in dental care products.

By Hannah Mepham

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Looking for a cruelty-free and vegan-friendly toothpaste? We can help! As a Vegan Society-approved brand with a range of vegan toothpastes that have never been tested on animals, we’re also experts on how to spot non-vegan ingredients in dental care products.

In this post we help you to check toothpaste labels for animal-derived ingredients and share tips for looking after your teeth when following a vegan diet.


How do vegans look after their teeth?

If you are following a vegan diet, you can care for your teeth by brushing teeth regularly with a vegan toothpaste and by taking steps to maintain your calcium intake. Shop vegan toothpaste now.


Which toothpastes are vegan-friendly?


If you use floss, make sure it is a vegan dental floss. Some dental flosses are made from silk and other non-vegan ingredients may include beeswax and animal glycerine.

If you chew gum to maintain saliva levels and support dental health, always check labels to ensure that your choice of gum is plant-based.

If in doubt about whether any of your dental care products are vegan-friendly, look for the Vegan Society Logo. We also encourage you to consult your dentist for the tailored advice on how to care for your personal oral care needs when following a vegan diet.


How do I know if my toothpaste is vegan?

Some of the ingredients used in toothpaste that are not vegan include animal-derived glycerine, propolis and some flavourings and some colourants.

At Green People, we use propolis in one of our toothpastes, Fennel & Propolis Toothpaste, but the rest of our toothpaste range is vegan friendly.

The website VeganFriendly.org.uk offers some great advice on how to know if your toothpaste is vegan and ranks Green People as a vegan-friendly toothpaste brand.

It encourages vegans to check if their toothpaste uses colourings and rightly identify that some food colourings can be derived from insects and thus are not vegan-friendly.

They also advise to check that your vegan toothpaste brand does not test on animals.

As a PETA-approved brand that is also approved by The Vegan Society, we have never tested any of our products on animals and our vegan toothpastes are all cruelty-free.


Organic toothpaste


Fluoride-free vegan toothpastes

As well as being cruelty-free and vegan, our toothpastes are also natural and organic, featuring ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Myrrh.

They are gentle on sensitive teeth and gums and do not contain foaming agents like SLS. Most of our vegan toothpastes are also fluoride free.



Vegan toothpastes with Fluoride

Your dentist may recommend that you use a Fluoride toothpaste to help prevent tooth cavities, a dental concern that vegans are thought to be more at risk of than non-vegetarians and non-vegans.[i]

Fluoride is a mineral and yes, it is vegan friendly.

We offer a vegan Fluoride toothpaste for adults and a vegan toothpaste for children. These contain age-appropriate amounts of fluoride, are cruelty free and are formulated with certified organic, plant-based ingredients that support healthy teeth and gums.



Shop vegan toothpaste with Fluoride.


Another mineral that can help vegans to maintain good dental health is calcium. According to the NHS, Calcium is essential for health teeth and, in addition to being found in dairy products, it can be found in several plant-based foods.

The British Dental Association also encourages vegans to consider incorporating products fortified with calcium into their diet and has a helpful fact sheet which can help you to identify vegan-friendly sources of calcium


Our vegan-friendly toothpaste ingredients

Vegan-friendly toothpaste ingredients that we use include:

Aloe Vera Juice: Soothing and healing Aloe Vera can help those with tender, sensitive gums and has a powerful antiseptic action that can help clean hard-to-reach gum pockets.

Betaine: Extracted from sugar beet, this sugar-free ingredient has a gentle foaming action and encourages the production of saliva, helping to relieve symptoms of Dry Mouth Syndrome.


Olive Leaf Extract: This plant-based toothpaste ingredient is vegan-friendly and has antibacterial activity to help control the growth of dental plaque.

Glycerine: Used as a humectant to help retain moisture levels in the mouth, the Glycerine that we use is sourced entirely from the seeds of the Karanja tree in India and is Fairly Traded.

Stevia: A plant-based sweetener that is extracted plant extract from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana. It is vegan-friendly.



Myrrh: A soothing plant with natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. A vegan friendly toothpaste ingredient, it helps to keep the gums naturally strong and healthy.


Would you like help finding a vegan-friendly toothpaste or would you like advice for choosing one of our wider range of vegan beauty products? Our friendly UK customer care team can help and can be contacted on 01403 740350.


If you wish to republish this content, please credit Green People as the original creator with a link to "Which toothpastes are vegan-friendly?" Please do not use an affiliate link.


[i] https://bdnj.co.uk/2020/02/18/veganism-and-oral-health/#:~:text=While%20the%20mechanisms%20are%20as,caries%20compared%20to%20non%2Dvegetarians.

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