Sleeping with make-up on: Is it ever ok?
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Sleeping with make-up on: Is it ever ok?

Our mineral make-up and mascara allows your skin to continue to breathe and perform its natural functions but does this mean it’s ever ok to go to sleep still wearing your make-up?

By Hannah Mepham

5 Minute read

Our mineral make-up and mascara allows your skin to continue to breathe and perform its natural functions but does this mean it’s ever ok to go to sleep still wearing your make-up?

Here we reveal why you should always remove your cosmetics and share the best cleansing products for making sure you sweep away every trace of your make-up routine.

Can you sleep in make-up?

It’s always a bad idea to sleep in make-up – whether it is mineral based or not.

At night, skin has important reparative processes to perform . Whilst you rest, the skin detoxes itself of impurities and makes use of the regenerative actives in your evening skin care to replenish the skin and perform its cell turnover processes. To do this well, the skin should be cleansed and purified before you apply your evening skin creams.

Failing to remove your make-up at night could mean that your evening moisturisers and night creams are unable to penetrate the skin barrier and reach the deep layers of skin where repair process take place.

What happens when you sleep in make-up?

Leaving make-up on your skin at night risks sleeping in all the pore-clogging dirt and pollutant particles your skin has encountered during the day. If these congest the pores, blemishes can emerge in the days and weeks to come.

Sleeping in your make-up also far from guarantees you’ll wake to pristine skin. The movements we make in our sleep risk smudging your make-up over your bed linen and the skin’s natural cell shedding process mean you’ll naturally lose a proportion of your make-up come morning.

Any that remains will look cakey due to the water loss that skin experiences at night.

Is it bad to sleep with mascara on?

Sleeping with mascara on is also a bad idea and can lead to itchy eye irritations such as conjunctivitis.

If you want to sleep in eye make-up but reduce your risk of eye irritation, consider permanent eye make-up. Brows and lashes can be tinted by professional salons and eyeliner can be tattooed on.

How to remove make-up at night

1. Cleanse away eye make-up

To cleanse eye make-up at night, use a delicate Scent Free Cream Cleanser that’s effective at removing mascara but delicate on the lash line.

To avoid sore and stinging eyes, choose a cleanser that is pH balanced and avoid using cleansers or cleansing wipes that are made with skin-irritating alcohols or synthetic fragrances.

Waterproof mascaras can be stubborn so you may need to repeat your cleanse twice.

2. Double cleanse foundation

You don’t need to use harsh, SLS washes or disposable make-up wipes to remove your foundation. These can lead to skin irritation and wipes are not always biodegradable.

That said, washing with water alone will not be enough to remove all traces of make-up and the best way to cleanse the skin of concealer and foundation is to double cleanse with a gentle make-up remover.

First use an oil-based cleansing balm that dissolves the make-up. Our Ultimate Wonder Balm is great for this purpose.

Be sure to rinse the skin after cleansing. This is an important step and not doing it risks make-up and cleansing residue lingering on the skin while you sleep.

Follow on with a night cream

To wake up to bright and hydrated skin, follow your double cleanse routine with a night cream. Choose one made with actives that support skin regeneration and minimise the skin’s risk of nocturnal water loss.

  • Rosehip Oil has tissue regenerating properties and help reduce wrinkles
  • Jojoba Oil protects against trans-epidermal water loss and helps balance sebum levels
  • Hemp Seed Oil is rich in Omega-3&6 keeps skin soft and supple overnight
  • Seaweeds rich in penta-saccharides and helps firm the skin by stimulating collagen

For those in their 20s and 30s, our Fruitful Nights is a great balancing choice, whilst those over 40 may wish to treat their skin to our indulgent Hydra-Glow Sleep Mask.

Shop natural night creams now.


Would you like us to help you find the best products to get you out of the habit of sleeping with your make-up on? Our friendly UK customer care can recommend products that are tailored to your routine and skin type and can be contacted on 01403 740350 or @GreenPeopleUK.

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