Men's shaving guide for senstive skin
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Men’s shaving guide for sensitive skin

Suffering with the sting of shaving rash? Read on to discover how switching to green grooming products could bring you a shave closer to solving your sensitive skin.

By Alexandra Julian

4 Minute read

Suffering with the sting of shaving rash? Read on to discover how switching to green grooming products could bring you a shave closer to solving your sensitive skin.


Struggling with sensitive skin and stubble? Sensitive skin can make shaving every day a chore, but before you run off and join the beard brigade, bear in mind that growing and maintaining facial hair can be just as much of a faff. Not only does it require regular barber trims and more oil than the average UK car, but growing a beard can also be an incredibly itchy experience. The beard growth period can prove particularity scratchy for sensitive skin and if oil and debris build up in the beard, you could find yourself reaching for the razor and revealing skin even sorer than before.

So, if beards aren’t the answer, what’s the secret to solving sensitive skin for men? The reality is that the best way to soothe sensitive skin is to go back to nature and invest in plant-based skin care.


Synthetic chemicals and fragrances are commonly used in grooming products to help them foam and smell appealing, but this chemical concoction can leave the skin feeling dry, sore and inflamed. This can be problematic for both male and female skin, but it is men who are perhaps most at risk of experiencing a negative reaction to the chemicals. The reason for this is that as you shave, you not only remove stubble but also an outer layer of skin cells. This process dehydrates the skin and exposes younger cells at the surface which can be more prone to irritation from external aggressors including sunlight, chemicals and skin-drying alcohol.

Switching to skin care packed with high-performance plant extracts such as Green People for Men can help to reduce the risk of irritation and calm sensitive skin. Designed especially for men with sensitive skin, the range is entirely free from harsh chemicals including alcohol, SLS and parabens and instead contains the following plant-based ingredients, chosen for their calming, soothing effect on the skin:


Packed full of antioxidants, this helps the skin to fight off damaging external aggressors and protects the structure of the skin.


This natural exfoliator gently removes dead skin cells without aggravating the skin so that the skin feels clean and fresh.


Known for its healing benefits, this soothing plant conditions, protects and hydrates the skin to keep it feeling cool, calm and balanced.


Strong and fresh, Mint has cooling antiseptic properties and helps relieve irritation and itchiness.


Ideal for spot prone skin, this anti-inflammatory ingredient controls sebum production and helps to prevent spots forming.


This helpful hydrator gradually releases moisture to relieve the sting of razor burn.


Discover our plant-based wash bag wonders for sensitive skin:


  1. Prepare the skin for shaving by drinking a glass of water to help hydrate the skin. Having a shower before shaving will also help soften the hairs and make them easier to cut
  2. Exfoliate regularly with our No.1 Exfoliating Face Scrub to reduce your risk of ingrown hairs and prime the skin for shaving
  3. Apply an SLS-free shaving gel, such as our No.2 Soothing Shaving Gel, to the skin and work it into a lather and stretch the skin taunt before starting to shave
  4. The more times you go over an area, the higher your risk of irritating the skin is, so always shave in the direction of the hair, and if possible shave each area of the face once only
  5. After shaving rinse any residue with warm water and pat the skin dry. To keep skin hydrated apply a moisturiser containing Squalene, a natural ingredient known to maintain skin hydration for over 8 hours, such as our No.3 Cooling Moisturiser or No.7 Antioxidant Serum.
  6. Make sunscreen your final step. A facial sunscreen for your beard area will you keep your skin protected from UV damage. 

    Have you switched to Green People for Men’s plant-based grooming products to help with your sensitive skin? Join the conversation on social with @GreenPeopleUK.

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