Green People’s guide to Aloe Vera benefits for skin
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Green People’s guide to Aloe Vera benefits for skin

If there’s one hero ingredient that we couldn’t live without here at Green People, it would have to be Aloe Vera. We believe that all skin types can benefit from this spiky succulent, and we use the inner leaf of Aloe Vera as a base ingredient in most of our natural and organic beauty products.

By Hannah Mepham

6 Minute read

Is Aloe Vera the best beauty ingredient? We certainly think so! We believe that all skin types can benefit from this spiky succulent, and we use the inner leaf of Aloe Vera as a base ingredient in most of our natural and organic beauty products.

This article looks at the beauty benefits of Aloe Vera and helps you to discover new Aloe Vera beauty products for hair, scalp and skin to incorporate into your organic beauty routine.

What are the beauty benefits of Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera is a flowering succulent. Its beauty benefits have been used since ancient times with the Aloe Vera plant reputedly referred to as the ‘plant of immortality’ by the ancient Egyptians.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera stores water in its large leaves and has soothing, hydrating properties that make it the perfect ingredient for our Aloe Vera beauty products.

A nutrient-rich plant, it offers a staggering 75 nutrients, 20 minerals, 12 vitamins and 18 amino acids which come together to mean that Aloe Vera offers a host of benefits for skin and hair.

5 skin benefits of Aloe Vera:

  • Soothes and calms irritated skin
  • Hydrates and protects against water loss
  • Rich in protective antioxidants
  • Promotes skin elasticity
  • A history of use for healing damaged skin

Discover Aloe Vera in action in some of our most popular moisturisers:

What’s special about our organic freeze-dried Aloe Vera?

Most of our organic beauty products have an Aloe Vera base and in addition to offering Aloe Vera hair care and Aloe Vera skin care, we offer Aloe Vera toothpaste and Aloe Vera sun care.

We choose to use the inner gel of Aloe Vera over water because it is a skin-compatible active that is gentle on sensitive skin and rich in nutrients.

The form of Aloe Vera that we use is freeze-dried, certified organic Aloe Vera juice which offers extra benefits.

So that we can bring you the purest Aloe Vera beauty products, the juicing part of this process takes place within two hours of the plant being picked.

Once juiced, the Aloe Vera is drained to create a freeze-fried powder that is 200 times more concentrated than fresh juice. This process ensures that the Aloe Vera can be transported in an energy-efficient way and extends the shelf-life of Aloe Vera without the need for preservatives.

We then rehydrate the freeze-dried Aloe Vera powder back to its original strength, retaining its certified organic status and all of its skin benefits, immediately before incorporating it into our products.

Watch Cosmetic Scientist, Ian Taylor, explain how we extract and use Aloe Vera in our organic beauty products.

Why does Green People use Aloin-free Aloe Vera?

In the UK, Aloe Vera is a trending ingredient and Tik Tokers promote Aloe Vera facials, but did you know that it’s not always safe to apply Aloe Vera directly to the skin? That’s because some parts of the Aloe Vera plant contain Aloin, which is a mild skin irritant.

All the Aloe Vera we use has its Aloin removed. As part of the harvesting process, our Aloe Vera farmers hand-fillet the plant to extract juice only from the inner leaf which does not contain Aloin.

To ensure that no part of the plant goes to waste, any parts of the Aloe Vera plant that are not juiced are returned to the fields as fertilizer.

Shop Aloe Vera body wash

The soothing and hydrating properties of Aloe Vera help our Daily Aloe Shower Gel to keep skin soft as you shower.

Suitable for all the family, it has a light Lavender scent and can be used as a body wash in the bath or shower. When added to bath water, it makes a skin-soothing bath soak.

customer review

Shop Aloe Vera hair care

Our Daily Aloe Shampoo and Conditioner are the perfect products for everyday hair hydration.  The amino acids in Aloe Vera add strength and lustre to the hair while the polysaccharides help to lock in moisture onto the hair shafts, reducing dryness and helping to control frizz.

Hezzy C chooses Daily Aloe Shampoo to boost her hair shine:

customer review

Stephanie S has used Daily Aloe Conditioner for a decade and says she won’t use anything else:

customer review

Shop Aloe Vera deodorant

Sensitive skin will love the gentle touch of our Aloe Vera deodorant, which is free from skin-drying alcohols and pore-clogging aluminium.

Aloe Vera and Shea Butter soothe and calm while a 3-way action from Alum, Prebiotics and Zinc Ricinolate naturally controls the bacteria that cause odour.

customer review

Shop Aloe Vera toothpaste

All of our natural and organic toothpastes use Aloe Vera as it benefits gum health. Gentle on sensitive gums, this natural toothpaste ingredient has a soothing, antiseptic effect which makes it ideal for people with sensitive or inflamed gums.

Top tip: If your gums are sore or swollen, try massaging a small amount of our Fennel and Propolis Toothpaste on to the sore areas of your mouth and leave it to work overnight to help soothe them.

Shop Aloe Vera sun cream and after sun

Green People sun creams and after suns contain over 60% organic Aloe Vera. The soothing properties of Aloe Vera makes them ideal for calming sun-exposed skin.

customer review

We hope that you have found this guide to Aloe Vera helpful. For help choosing the best Aloe Vera beauty product for you, please contact our UK customer care team on 01403 740350 or @GreenPeopleUK.

If you wish to republish this content, please credit Green People as the original creator with a link to "Green People’s guide to Aloe Vera benefits for skin" Please do not use an affiliate link.

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