Despite decades of research there are still conflicting opinions over the relative benefits or risks of supplementing with the mineral fluoride. Whilst there is strong evidence which shows that adequate fluoride is important to reduce the risk of tooth decay, it is also known that excessive intake can have adverse health implications.

To help our customers make up their own minds about whether to use a toothpaste with or without fluoride we have provided links to some websites that give more detailed information on this subject. The UK’s NHS website gives the current view of the health authorities. A website run by a dentist in the USA who has conducted research over many years of practice into the pros and cons of fluoridation of both water supplies and toothpaste. A well-researched scientific paper from the journal Preventative Nutrition & Food Science which looks at the science behind the risks and benefits of fluoride - 

We strongly recommend that any consumers who are in doubt about whether or not to use fluoridated toothpaste should consult their own dentist who would be best qualified to answer their questions.

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