Can skin care products ever be chemical free?
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Can skin care products ever be chemical free?

While you may be searching for chemical-free products, did you know that there is actually no such thing? Here we explain the confusing term ‘chemical-free’ and help you to shop for safe, non-toxic skin care.

Von Hannah Mepham

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While you may be searching for chemical-free products, did you know that there is actually no such thing? Here we explain the confusing term ‘chemical-free’ and help you to shop for safe, non-toxic skin care.

Do chemical-free products exist?

When shopping for skin care you might come across terms like chemical-free moisturiser, chemical-free sunscreen and chemical-free deodorant. Some beauty brands use the phrase ‘chemical-free products’ to market their cosmetics as pure and natural, but, as Green People’s Cosmetic Scientist, Ian Taylor, explains, no skin care product can be truly chemical-free.

Scientifically speaking, anything that has matter (i.e. is a liquid, solid or gas) is made up of chemicals.

Even the food we eat and the water we drink is made of chemicals, therefore no beauty products can ever technically be ‘chemical-free’.”

To avoid confusion, Green People doesn’t claim to make chemical-free products. Instead, it creates natural and certified organic cosmetics that are pure, gentle and safe for all skin types.

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Why are some skin care chemicals a concern?

An estimated 70,000 ingredients are used in the production of cosmetics.  Many of these are synthetic or man-made chemicals, and whilst they all have to be individually tested to show that they are safe to use in cosmetics, the vast majority have never been tested in conjunction with other chemicals to assess potential interactions.  This means that little is know about the potential toxicity of certain combinations of chemicals.

This is a concern because it is known that some ingredients used in skin care have very small molecules that can pass through the skin and enter the circulatory system where they could interact with living cells in other parts of the body and potentially harm health.

Can I minimise my exposure to chemicals in skin care?

As everything has a chemical make-up it is not possible to avoid chemicals entirely.

You can reduce the number of synthetic chemicals that come into contact with your skin on a daily basis by choosing a minimalist natural and organic skin care regime.

This will also help to give you peace of mind that the skin is being nourished by primarily pure and natural ingredients.

Safe skin care products from Green People

Green People makes its products with certified organic plant extracts and if we ever have any doubt about the safety or origin of an ingredient, we leave it out!

The natural and organic ingredients that we choose to use are so highly concentrated in skin-beneficial properties and work so well in synergy with each other that we do not feel the need to rely on harsh chemicals.

Instead we fill our products with pure, safe actives that feel good on the skin and do good for the skin.

Moisturiser without harsh chemicals

If you are seeking a chemical-free moisturiser or face cream then you may have sensitive skin or reacted to skin care products in the past. We choose the gentlest ingredients to protect, nourish and calm your skin.

To make our day creams and serums safe for all skin types we often start with a rehydrated Aloe Vera base, then add a blend of plant oils and natural emulsifiers and humectants which work in synergy to hydrate, balance and nourish your skin.

All our natural moisturisers are formulated without ethyl alcohol/ethanol, silicone, mineral oil and parabens, and instead packed with nourishing plant-based ingredients.

Our Apple Complex Moisturiser is a perfect minimalist choice for those with sensitive skin and its base ingredient is a vitamin-rich Apple Cellular water.

Considered a waste-product by the food industry, we repurpose this juicy natural active to give this gentle moisturiser a light-creamy consistency and effective, natural skin hydration properties. It is unscented, making it ideal for those who may have fragrance allergies.

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Looking for chemical-free sunscreen?

Shopping can be a conundrum for clean beauty shoppers that want ‘chemical-free’ sunscreens as these summer skin care essentials can contain a bewildering array of ingredients with hard-to-read names.

Water-resistant sun care products may also contain petrochemicals and silicone chemicals. These should be avoided by those prone to prickly heat as they can coat the skin like cling film, trapping irritating sweat under the skin’s surface.

To make our natural and organic sunscreens effective and safe for all, we use a blend of chemical and physical filters and only ever use filters that are considered marine-safe.

Natural Beeswax and Berry wax provide water repellence without blocking pores, enabling your sunscreen to withstand pool-side splashes without aggravating prickly heat.

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If you need any further information about our natural and organic beauty products, our UK customer care team can help you to find the best skin care products for you and can be contacted on 01403 740 350.

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