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The Green People Charter of Uncompromised Care

Are you sitting comfortably? Great. Is your skin? At Green People we believe that there’s a natural solution to every problem and that no one should ever feel uncomfortable in their skin. 25 years strong and always improving, we stand-up for pure, certified organic ingredients so that demanding more for your skin and hair comes as second nature to all.

Get to know us better as we share our Charter of Uncompromised Care.

sensitive and scent-free products

We’re for everyone

With over 100 products to choose from and tailored subranges for those with specific needs, all the family can find just what they need at Green People. With nature in our roots and efficacy at our core, we go to the nth degree to cater to all skin types, ages, and genders.


We’re proudly principled

The British-made brand with the big voice, we don’t just talk about transparency, we insist on it. A true pioneer of certified organic skin care, we not only led the campaign for organic beauty standards, but we also then sat on the advisory board and helped to craft the certifications that we continue to stamp onto our products to this very day.


We’re uncompromising

We don’t fast track our products to follow trends or fill them with fodder ingredients. We demand more with nature-packed products made with proven actives and without an ounce of compromise. Our strict adherence to the highest organic standards means that we craft all our formulations with meticulous detail and only release them when our Cosmetics Scientist and panel of product testers are satisfied that they are truly top notch!


And we go the extra mile to be ethical  

You don’t need just take our word when with say with hand on heart that this is organic skin care at its very best. Before our products go on sale, we wave them off for independent tests, giving our certifiers full transparency of our supply chain and armfuls of evidence that we minimised our impact on the environment at every stage. These are just some of the companies that we’re proud to say verify our claims of being a clean and conscious cosmetic company.