alcohol free skin care alcohol free skin care alcohol free skin care

Ethyl alcohol-free beauty products

Look after your skin with ethyl alcohol-free skin care by Green People.

Feel the gentle nourishment of natural and organic ingredients that bring balance to sensitive skin.

Ethyl alcohol-free skin care

We avoid harsh ingredients and select pure, organic plant ingredients to nourish, soothe and protect your skin. Why choose alcohol-free beauty products? Alcohol (ethanol/ethyl alcohol) can be drying for the ...

We avoid harsh ingredients and select pure, organic plant ingredients to nourish, soothe and protect your skin.

Why choose alcohol-free beauty products?

Alcohol (ethanol/ethyl alcohol) can be drying for the skin and hair and may cause reactions for people with sensitive skin.

Alcohol is often used to give skin care products a light skin feel, in reality the alcohol evaporates on contact with the skin, stripping away the beneficial oils that maintain its healthy balance.

All Green People products are free from drying alcohol (ethanol/ethyl alcohol) and contain only gentle ingredients that are suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Alcohol-free skin care

Alcohol may be used by mainstream skin care companies as part of the preservative blend. Because alcohol isn’t technically a preservative, it can be used at high levels of around 15-20% which may cause irritation and dryness.

Green People’s alcohol-free skin care uses gentle, non-irritating preservatives that are approved for use in certified organic cosmetics. All Green People beauty products are formulated with nature and science in balance to nourish, hydrate and protect your skin.

Alcohol-free hair care

The drying effects of alcohol can also impact your hair. Using hair care products that contain alcohol may cause hair to become dry, brittle and damaged and can also cause scalp irritation and flakiness.

Green People’s alcohol-free hair care contains very high levels of certified organic ingredients and is free from irritating chemicals. Aloe Vera and Avocado are soothing and nourishing for the hair and scalp, whilst naturally derived foaming agents cleanse the hair without stripping its natural, beneficial oils.

What our customers say...

"As someone with very sensitive skin it is wonderful to have complete confidence in Green People."
Scent Free 24-Hour Cream 50ml

Scent Free 24-Hour Cream 50ml

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Michele N.

Verified Buyer

"My go to cream for years, light, nourishing and perfect for my sensitive skin."
vita min fix 50ml

Vita Min Fix 24-Hour Cream 50ml

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Nabeelah E.

Verified Buyer

"Im so happy to have finally found a sunscreen without any denatured alcohol in it."
green people scent free facial sun cream spf 30 50ml

Scent Free Facial Sun Cream - SPF30 50ml

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Dana W.

Verified Buyer

"I love how kind the ingredients are on my skin, yet they are still effective as deodorant."
green people scent-free deodorant 75ml

Scent Free Deodorant 75ml

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Ruchika V.

Verified Buyer

"I have very sensitive skin and can't use most cleansers but this is just so soothing and lovely."
green people gentle cleanse 150ml bottle and box

Gentle Cleanse & Make-Up Remover 150ml

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Paula F.

Verified Buyer

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