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Discover DD Cream: natural BB cream + CC cream + SPF

We’ve created a very special product here at Green People. Over the years we’ve had many requests for an organic tinted moisturiser, something that offers lightweight coverage and a smooth, even complexion without chemical nasties.

By Alexandra Julian

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Over the years we’ve had many requests for an organic tinted moisturiser, something that offers lightweight coverage and a smooth, even complexion without chemical nasties.

Green People's Age Defy+ Tinted DD Moisturiser SPF15 is one of the UK's first natural DD creams with organic ingredients and is available in two shades: Light for fair skin, and Medium for tanned or medium toned skin.

With 98% natural ingredients and 13% certified organic ingredients, it is ideal for all skin types, even those who may be prone to sensitive skin. 

This luxuriously light, hydrating make-up is so much more than just a tinted moisturiser and has proven to be one of our most successful products!

What does our natural DD Cream contain?

  • Natural Earth Mineral pigments that adapt to compliment your skin tone
  • Sea Fennel stem cells which stimulate cell renewal and intensely hydrate
  • 98% natural ingredients and 13% organic ingredients including Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil
  • Unique colour correction technology to reduce redness and balance out sallowness
  • Natural SPF15 protection to defend against harmful UVA and UVB rays

BB cream vs CC cream vs DD cream

Original BB creams opened skin care up to so much more than simple hydration. These ‘Beauty Balms’ offered coverage alongside blemish fighting ingredients and SPF protection. Then along came CC creams which offered their self titled ‘colour correcting’, combating issues like redness.

The new DD cream concept offers all that came before and so much more. Alongside its ‘Daily Defence’ promise of SPF protection and an anti-ageing action, there comes blendable coverage and unique colour correction, all wrapped up in a lightweight moisturiser.

Our natural tinted DD moisturiser goes the extra mile for your skin with a unique nutrient-rich and active-packed formula featuring 13% certified organic ingredients.

Enriched with 35 beauty-enhancing actives, including powerfully rejuvenating Sea Fennel stem cells and organic Shea butter, this really is 'one-stop skin care' with maximum beauty-boosting benefits.

How to apply DD cream

You can achieve a range of coverage effects from our multi-purpose DD cream, from light to full, here are our easy steps to achieving a gorgeous natural glow.

tinted cream

Light to medium coverage

  • Apply a small amount to your fingers
  • Use gentle pressure to massage product onto your cheeks, forehead and chin
  • Lightly pat your face to ensure even coverage

Medium to full coverage

  • Pump a small amount onto the back of your hand
  • Use circular motions with a foundation brush to lightly buff the product into your skin
  • Use more product where required, eg. to cover blemishes and dark circles

Expert tip: Dust a little Pressed Mineral Powder over the T-zone for an extra long-lasting, radiant finish.

Daily defence to delay and deliver

Our DD Cream SPF15 has a bespoke skin-kind formula. We have created two blendable shades, light and medium, which intelligently adapt to match a wide variety of skin tones, leaving your skin looking radiant, never cakey or made-up.

Made with natural colour correcting Earth Mineral pigments, our DD cream offers sheer coverage and a gorgeous natural glow to all skin types.

With little to no colour matching required, this lightweight cream will reduce redness and balance out sallow complexions to leave a smooth, even skin tone with a dewy finish.

Wear this on its own for a glowing, natural-looking complexion, or use it as the perfect base under your make-up.

Not only will our DD cream minimise the appearance of pores, it also primes and perfects the skin’s surface, holding your make-up in place with all day staying power and allowing you to go seamlessly from daytime lunches to night-time cocktails.

tinted dd cream

Plant stem cell technology from Sea Fennel

As well as giving fabulous organic coverage, our new Tinted DD Moisturiser offers long term action against wrinkles, fine lines and other skin ageing concerns.

Advanced stem cell technology from the Sea Fennel plant makes our new Tinted DD Moisturiser a unique and innovative step in the world of organic skin care.

This groundbreaking natural extract offers a complete anti-ageing solution for your skin, meaning all the benefits you demand from your moisturiser are now available in a superior tinted moisturiser.

sea fennel

Benefits of Sea Fennel stem cells include:

  • Increased skin radiance for a gorgeous healthy glow
  • Instant moisture infusion for supple, intensely hydrated skin
  • Reduced appearance of age spots and hyper-pigmentation
  • Antioxidants fight the skin-ageing effects of free radicals

Sea plants were the first and original organisms to have come out of the water and onto the land, meaning they needed to evolve and adapt to life out of the ocean.

Grown by the coast in demanding marine locations, Sea Fennel or ‘Rock Samphire’ has adapted over time to survive under unique and challenging environmental conditions.

This hardy and determined nature makes Sea Fennel stem cells an extraordinary youth-boosting ingredient, which is why we chose to use it in our luxurious Tinted ‘Daily Defence’ Moisturiser.

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