Essential guide to PMS in teens
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Essential guide to PMS in teens

This guide helps you understand what premenstrual tension (PMS/PMT) is and how to cope with it. We have some tips on how you use your diet to get your PMS under control.

By Hannah Mepham

6 Minute read

This guide helps you understand what premenstrual tension (PMS/PMT) is and how it can affect everything from your teen’s mood to their skin.

You’ll also discover mood-lifting natural products for helping to manage common symptoms of PMS in teens, such as spots, greasy hair and mood swings.

Our organic skin care collection, Organic Young, has been especially developed to support teenage skin naturally and gently. 

What are the symptoms of PMS in teens?

PMS stands for premenstrual syndrome and is a term used to describe the physical and emotional symptoms experienced during the luteal stage of the menstrual cycle; the stage that takes place during the lead up to your teen’s period.

According to the Natural Association for Premenstrual Syndromes, as many as 30%[i] of women can experience symptoms of PMS, and it can increase with severity during puberty and other times of hormonal change.

There are lots of different symptoms of PMS in teens and it is thought that these may be caused by hormonal changes linked to the menstrual cycle. Some common PMS symptoms identified by the NHS[ii] include:

Emotional PMS symptoms:

  • Irritability
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety

Physical PMS symptoms:

  • Tiredness
  • Bloating
  • Breast soreness
  • Spots
  • Oily hair
  • Headaches

Some teenagers experience a little PMS, whilst others get PMS all the time. If your teen’s PMS symptoms are persistent or severe, it is always best to encourage them to have a chat about it with their GP, especially if their PMS symptoms are stopping them from enjoying their usual activities.

Does PMS affect teenage skin?

Yes, PMS can affect teenager’s skin and it’s normal to notice that your teen is more prone to spots during the lead-up to their period.

Teenagers with PMS will typically see hormonal spots appear around the chin/jawline. They usually emerges just before their period, when hormonal changes cause skin to secrete more sebum, an oil known to attract acne bacteria.

Whilst your teen’s skin care choices won’t prevent their hormones from playing havoc, you can help to support their skin with natural teenage skin care products that work to keep the pores clear and sebum levels stable.

If your teen is prone to PMS mood swings, you may also find that a little time spent on skin care self-care helps to lift their low mood and improve their confidence.

Natural beauty products for teens with PMS

In this section we have shared some of our favourite natural and organic products to use to support teenagers with PMS who may be prone to spots and acne.

These gentle, skin-calming products are rich in skin-balancing actives and ideal for teens that experience increased skin sensitivity or spots just before their period.

Our bestselling Oy! Skin Goals set is a simple routine which is perfect for teens to use morning and evening. 

Keep reading to find out more about our products.

Face wash:

This foamy face wash is perfect for acne-prone teenage skin and fights spots with a non-drying blend of organic Green Tea, Willow Bark, Witch Hazel, Sage & Tea Tree.

Customer review

Spot serum:

This natural anti-blemish serum is ideal for teens and tweens and uses Black Willow Bark and Tea Tree to gently reduce redness and help fight teen spots.


customer review


Tailormade for teens, this skin-calming moisturiser uses Willow Bark and Green Tea to soothe inflamed spots while Rosehip Oil helps reduce the appearance of teen acne scarring.

customer review


This natural concealer uses Green, Tea Tree and earth minerals tree to calm and conceal spots, helping teenagers take back control of their complexion during breakouts.

customer review

Shop all teenage skin care.

Does PMS make teens’ hair greasy?

Yes, teens with PMS may also find that their hair is greasier during the lead-up to their period. Oily hair is also linked to hormone shifts that trigger more sebum to be released by the glands on your teen’s scalp.

To help make every day a good hair day, we make our Irritated Scalp Shampoo and Conditioner with Rosemary Oil, a natural ingredient known to be helpful for teenage greasy hair.

As with our teenage skin care range, our natural and organic hair care products are developed with pure and gentle ingredients that are kind to our bodies.

Wellbeing boosters for teenagers

In addition to helping your teen to choose natural skin and hair products, you can also help your teen to manage their mood with natural wellbeing products, such as our Alexandra Kay pure essential oil blends.

Best for tiredness: Time to Sleep

Help your teen to develop healthy sleep patterns with this serenity-scented essential oil.

Best for concentration: Time to Relax

Create a calming study area for your teen with this pure essential oil blend.

Best for boosting mood: Time to Smile

Inspire your teen’s positivity when PMS symptoms strike with this summer-scented room scent.

Best used in the Alexandra Kay Time to Breathe Handheld Diffuser, our pure essential oil blends can also be mixed with our Scent Free Shower/Bath Gel to create a relaxing bubble bath for your teen.

Choose a scent to suit their mood or be prepared for PMS teenage mood swings with the Me Time Scents Kit, a wellbeing gift for teens that features all three of our pure essential oil blends.

We hope that you have found this guide to teen PMS beauty products helpful. If you have any questions about natural beauty products for teenage skin, our UK customer care team is happy to help. Please call us on 01403 740350 or contact us at


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