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3 things every teenage boy needs in their skin care routine

In the UK, there are growing concerns that some teenagers are using products that are too harsh for their skin at too young an age. Help your teen to build good skin habits for life as our organic skin care experts share tips for building an age-appropriate skin care routine for teenage boys.

By Alexandra Julian

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In the UK, there are growing concerns that some teenagers are using products that are too harsh for their skin at too young an age. 

Help your teen to build good skin habits for life as our organic skin care experts share tips for building an age-appropriate skin care routine for teenage boys.

What age should boys start using skin care?

Can an 11-year-old start a skin care routine? Should a 13-year-old boy be using face wash? Many parents ask if there's a perfect age to begin skin care.

Boys typically start puberty a little later than girls (around age 9-14) and skin imbalances like spots and body odours soon follow. These can knock teens’ confidence but can be helped by introducing a few skin care basics during the pre-teen years.

What skin care does a teen boy need?

When it comes to a skin care routine for a teenage boy, simplicity is key. Teen pores are already prone to becoming over congested and the last thing they need is to be confused by one too many products.

That said, there’s three essentials that every teenage boy should have in the skin care routine:

To make it easier to find the perfect first skin care routine for teens, we created the Organic Young skin care collection, a unisex teenage skin care brand created for teens by teens.

Naturally non-drying, with no skin-drying alcohols or harsh foaming agents to worry about, this skin-calm collection is tailored to meet the needs of teenage skin and the perfect way to introduce gen-z and gen-alpha teens to the first steps of natural skin care.

What is the best face wash for a teenage boy?

By the time your teen hits puberty, washing with water alone won’t be enough to dislodge the day’s dirt and sweat so now’s the time to introduce them to a natural and organic face wash that purifies and balances their skin, without leaving it stripped.

Why is this important?  Well, teenage skin needs to be purified because it typically excretes an excess of sebum (the oil skin needs to stay lubricated). If their pores are not cleaned regularly this oil can congeal with dirt and dead skin cell to form a ‘plug’ that attracts acne bacteria to the skin.

However, while teen skin needs to feel fresh and clean, it does not need to feel stripped. This can happen when teens use harsh soaps and foaming agents and alcohols that dry out the skin.

Dry skin is not only more vulnerable to irritation and sensitivity but in its confused state, it can produce even more pore-congesting oil!

That’s where Oy! Foaming Face Wash with Tea Tree, Willow Bark and Witch Hazel can help. The perfect first face wash for teenage boys, this uses a specially designed pump to whip up a deeply purifying foam with no drying alcohol or skin-stinging SLS in sight.

Here’s how we made our Organic Young Foaming Face Wash the best foam face wash for teenage male skin:

  • Foaming action deep cleanses the pores
  • Willow Bark gives antibacterial activity against acne-forming bacteria
  • Witch Hazel combats oiliness and helps to prevent blemishes
  • Tea Tree Extract: Has cleansing, anti-inflammatory properties


"A great product for my teenage son who has sensitive skin. It helps him manage spot breakouts and keep his face clean. It is a very eco friendly product too." - Danielle D


What is the best moisturiser for a teenage boy?

Teenage male skin needs balance, and key to that is a healthy dose of hydration. If your teenage son is prone to dry, flaky, easily irritated skin, they’ll be glad you introduced them to Oy! Clear Skin Moisturiser.

Tailor made for teens, this unisex moisturiser contains Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Hemp Seed Oil soothe and hydrate skin whilst simultaneously working to control breakouts.

Powered by skin-balancing Prebiotics, its anti-blemish action comes from Black Willow Bark Extract which provides all the spot-fighting power of Salicylic acid whilst being gentle on sensitive teen skin.

“My son has been using this product for about a month, can really notice the difference in his skin, it’s well hydrated, clearer and looks a lot healthier” - Sheree C

What is the best deodorant for a teenage boy?

Starting secondary school, exam stress, first date nerves; your teen’s skin gets in some stressful situations so help them out with a natural, non-pore clogging deodorant that won’t let them down when the pressure is on.

The perfect first deodorant for pre-teens and teens, Oy! Deodorant is certified organic and uses a 3-way action from bacteria-restricting Alum, skin-balancing Prebiotics and odour-trapping Zinc Ricinolate to naturally protect against odour for up-to 24 hours.

Natural, effective and gentle on young skin, this natural deodorant for teen boys comes in a recyclable roll-on which is easy for teens of all ages to apply and is the perfect size for PE bags.


"Bought this deodorant for my 11 year old son, after using many other natural brands. They did not perform anywhere near as well as this deodorant! To the point I was contemplating using one that isn't natural so that my son did not have to worry about becoming whiffy after P.E.!

So glad we tried this first! He can do sport and lots of other 'sweaty' activities and still no sign of any odour! Protection is spot on! Nailed it! 👏 This will be our go-to and will have on repeat order! Thanks Green People! 💚 Ordered the men's minty one as well...which he also loves! 💙 Both are very unisex fragrances. The cost is 100% worth the effectiveness and peace of mind that we're using no nasties” - Angela Q


Need help building a skin care routine for a teenage boy? Our friendly UK customer care team are always happy to help. Give us a call on 01403 740350 or pop a message in social to @GreenPeopleUK.

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This blog post has been reviewed by Charlotte Vøhtz, founder of Green People, who has 25+ years of experience in the natural and organic beauty industry. A recognised leader in the field of organic beauty, Charlotte helped inform the UK's first organic beauty standards and was voted the People’s Choice in the 2023 list of Who’s Who in Natural Beauty. A published author, she wrote the organic beauty bible ‘Naturally Gorgeous’. Previously, she qualified as a nurse and spent over 10 years working in pharmaceuticals.


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