How to manage teenage acne
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How to manage teen breakouts & oily skin before your period

If you are prone to getting acne before your period, you’re not alone and according to the NHS, it’s perfectly normal to break out just before you get your period.

By Hannah Mepham

4 Minute read

Is your teenage skin being bothered by pre-menstrual oily skin and breakouts? Here we explore why teen skin can be prone to pimples during the lead-up to your period and reveal how to bring young skin back into balance with natural skin care during the menstrual cycle.

Is it normal to get oily skin before your period? 

If you are prone to getting acne or oily skin before your period, you’re not alone and according to the NHS, it’s perfectly normal[i] to break out just before you get your period.

There are lots of factors that can cause pre-period blemishes and oily skin and, whilst it’s easy to point the finger of blame at that bar of chocolate you chomped on, it’s also likely that your breakouts are the result of the hormonal fluctuations you experience during ovulation and menstruation.

6 ways to handle hormonal breakouts naturally

Most people think there isn’t much you can do about hormonal spots but they’re wrong! There’s lots of things you can do to reduce the consequences of oily skin before your period and here we guide you through your options.


Black Willow Bark is the natural way to wilt away red, angry spots. This non-irritating, anti-inflammatory ingredient is a rich source of naturally occurring salicylic acid and helps to even-out the volume of blemish-attracting sebum that’s produced by spot-prone skin.



Everyone knows not to pop their pimples but has anyone ever told you why? Far from being a quick way to clear your skin, popping spots can push bacteria deeper into the skin and could make your skin inflammation worse! It can also cause the skin around your spots to scar and damage your pores.


Do you crave sugary, processed foods in the days before you get your period? PMS can trigger a low mood and whilst it’s perfectly normal to turn to comfort foods, it won’t help to clear your complexion.

To alleviate the symptoms of PMS and reduce your risk of spots, maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Drinking green tea can help to detoxify the body, while opting for foods high in selenium, vitamin A and magnesium can help the skin recover faster.


Fatigue is a common PMS symptom[ii] and skipping sleep won’t help your mood or your spots. Scrolling on your phone when you should be sleeping? Stop! As well as eating into your hours of beauty sleep, it's thought that the average smart phone screen harbours lots of bacteria, dirt and oil that may clog pores and cause skin problems[iii].

Sleep also gives our skin time to remove toxins from the surface so cleanse your skin before you go to bed and get a good night’s rest!


Anxiety and low mood are another common PMS symptom[ii] and when your emotions are heightened, it’s easy for your spots to seem worse than they are.

Whilst PMS can make it difficult to see your pimples in a positive way, try to keep them in perspective; your hormones will change and in time, your skin will start to clear!

To help blemishes on their way, treat your skin to a spot soothing facial with our Oy! Skin Goals Gift Set. It’s packed with natural spot-busting actives and the pamper-time will help to perk up your low mood.


When you’re feeling sluggish and lethargic it’s natural not to want to do an intense exercise class and you may feel like swimming is not an option so what’s the best way to exercise when you’re on your period? Our favourite time-of-the-month exercise is yoga.

Great for relieving pre-menstrual cramps, this calming practice can help to detox your body and soothe the mind. Try to avoid inversions such as shoulderstands and handstands though, which work against the body’s natural shedding process.

Could practising facial yoga also help to calm your congested complexion? Why not give it a try with our guide to facial yoga?

How do you manage hormonal spots? Join the conversation at @GreenPeopleUK.




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