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Find the best thick & rich face moisturiser for dry skin

Our moisturisers are made with a high proportion of nourishing natural and organic ingredients, each one chosen for its ability to care for your skin.

By Alexandra Julian

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Here we explain when your skin might need a rich moisturiser for dry skin and help you to decide which thick face cream is best for you.

All of our moisturisers are made with a high proportion of nourishing natural and organic ingredients, each one chosen for its ability to care for your skin.

When to apply a rich moisturiser

If your skin is feeling tight and dry, it is telling you that it is dehydrated. All skin types can develop dehydration and you can restore hydration and comfort to your skin by applying a thick moisturiser that’s rich in replenishing actives.

You may also prefer to use a rich moisturiser or night cream during the colder winter seasons when skin is more prone to dehydration, and during different life stages.

The younger you are, the more effective your skill will be at holding onto hydration for longer and teens will not usually need to apply a rich moisturiser.

As you age, your skin will produce less Hyaluronic Acid, a natural skin acid that helps the skin to hold onto moisture. Wrinkles will look more pronounced in dry, mature skin but a rich, thick moisturiser that’s made with collagen-boosting actives will replenish the skin’s hydration levels to plump and smooth skin that’s starting to sag.

You may also notice that your skin feels much drier following a period of stress, illness or hormonal changes. Applying a rich moisturiser for dry skin could help to bring your skin back into balance.

Best rich moisturiser for dry skin

Our favourite rich facial cream for dry skin is Beauty Boost Skin Restore. We turn to this rich, thick skin cream 2-3 times a week to give dry skin an extra helping hand and its non-greasy formula is great all year round.

It’s humectant (water-retaining) actives include Glycerine, Squalane and Seaweed and these work with moisturising Shea Butter, emollient-like Sunflower Oil and hydrating Aloe Vera to give thirsty, tight skin a burst of hydration that restore the skin’s comfort and glow.

A pampering product that’s delicately scented with sweet, invigorating fruit oils, this is not a skin cream to be rushed. Take time to work the thick cream into the thirstiest areas of your skin, tapping the rich facial cream in to aid absorption and boost skin’s circulation and radiance.

It can be used in the day or overnight, and can be used by all ages.

Best thick face cream for sensitive skin

Some medical treatment can leave the skin exceptionally dry and sensitive and those with allergies may find it hard to find a face cream that is suitable for dry, sensitive skin.

If you need a rich moisturiser for sensitive skin, we’d suggest using a unscented cream that is made without skin-drying alcohols.

Our Scent Free Anti-Ageing 24 Hour Cream is the rich moisturiser that we’d recommend for sensitive skin.

It contains a moisture-retaining complex that soothes the skin while moisturising Shea Butter, Squalane and Sunflower Oil replenish lost moisture.

Best thick & rich night cream mask

Come nightfall, all skin types can be vulnerable to trans epidermal water loss, and this is exacerbated during the winter months when we switch on the skin-drying central heating.

Older, thinner skin is particularly prone to overnight dehydration but you can support your skin with a rich and nourishing night cream for older skin.

Our richest, thickest night cream is our Age Defy+ Hydra-Glow Sleep Mask. This leave-on night cream was designed for mature skin aged 35+ and is highly concentrated with 35 active ingredients, including deeply moisturising Shea Butter, skin-suppling Squalane and Hemp Seed Oil, a plant active that increases the natural moisture-retention capacity of the skin.

rich, thick moisturiser

These work in synergy overnight with penta-saccharides rich Green Macro Algae and Caesalpinia Spinosa, a seaweed extract that delivers intense skin hydration, to leave skin plump and bright come morning.

Its many 5-star reviews praise the product for being a rich, creamy sleep mask that leaves skin feeling soft and supple. Our customers also love its easy of use and its spa-like scent which comes from citrus fruit oils and Neroli essential oils which were chosen because they help to support good rest.

To expand your bedtime sleep rituals, take a look at our Time to Sleep essential oil blend.

If you know that your skin cannot tolerate skin care that uses essential oils in its formulation, then Age Defy+ Hydra Glow Face Mask may not be suitable for you.

This is because it has a soothing spa aroma which comes from a blend of 13 natural essential oils including Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Mandarin and Rose Geranium. Instead, we suggest that you use a unperfumed night cream such as Truffle Night Cream.

This thick night cream for sensitive skin uses clinically proven Northern Truffle and barrier-boosting Ceramides to soothe and hydrate sensitive skin whilst you sleep.

How to apply thick moisturisers

Thick, rich skin creams will struggle to penetrate congested skin and to get the most of your skin creams, you should apply them to clean, freshly exfoliated skin, ideally when the skin is still slightly damp.

Doing this helps humectants in your moisturiser to sandwich this hydration to the skin so that it feels softer for longer.

It is also a good idea to exfoliate at least once a week. This releases dead cells from the skin so that your moisturiser can be quickly and effectively absorbed. See our natural facial exfoliators now

If you are needing a rich moisturiser for dry skin, we can help you to find the one that best suits your needs. Contact our UK customer care team on 01403 740350 or organic@greenpeople.co.uk.

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