A guide to living green in your teens
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A guide to living green in your teens

Gen-Z are leading the way in making environmentally-friendly decisions and here we reveal our top tips for being green in your teens.

By Hannah Mepham

6 Minute read

Gen-Z are leading the way in making environmentally-friendly decisions and here we reveal our top tips for being green in your teens.

Be ready to recycle

Our packaging has been designed to be widely recyclable, but did you know that many recyclable cosmetic bottles still end up in landfills simply because of the distance between your bathroom and the recycling bini!

To make it easy to be green, our packaging chips simply need to be rinsed in the bathroom sink and they’ll dissolve.

Need an easy way to remind yourself to recycle wherever possible? Why not consider placing a recycling box in the bathroom or challenge yourself to get creative with your skin care empties and repurpose the packaging.


Eat clean

Eating healthily in your teens can have many benefits for the skin and hair but did you know that your food choices can also affect your environmental impact?

Chemical fertilisers are frequently used to prevent food crops from being damaged by pests but these toxins can also pollute the soil and put bees, which we depend on for pollination, in peril.

Pesticide use is also thought to be contributing to the decline of butterfly, ant and beetle populations and recent reports have claimed that these are declining at a rate that is eight times faster than mammals, birds or reptilesii.

To help prevent this, opt for organic food and cosmetics and consider growing an edible garden at home. Fruit such as tomatoes and strawberries are easy to grow on the windowsill and in addition to tasting great, your homegrown haul will help to reduce the cost of your food bill.

fresh vegetables

Do a beach clean

Our customer care manger organises beach cleans in her spare time and here she offers her top-tip for doing your first beach clean.

"My top tip is to look closer. You may think your beach is clean and there is no rubbish but, look closer and you’ll find bottle tops, small pieces of fishing wire, broken plastic, straws, lollipop sticks…these can easily be picked up by wildlife so it’s important to get them off the sand.

Whichever beach you clean, make sure you have fun - you’ll feel great for doing something so important!"

beach clean

Short on time or live far from the sea? Not everyone can donate their time to conservation work but if you can’t get to the beach you can still make a difference by switching to our marine-safe sun care.

By choosing to use natural sun care made without ingredients known to harm marine life you will be helping to reduce the amount of sun care chemicals in the sea. Each time you purchase a full-size bottle of our SPF30 sun care we’ll to donate 20p toward The Marine Conservation Society.

Be cosmetic conscious

Choosing the right skin care for your skin type needn’t mean compromising your ethics and shopping for eco-conscious teen skin care is easy to do:


Animal testing of cosmetics is banned in the EU but is permitted in the UK and in other areas of the world. 

Green People does not test on animals and is approved by the animal welfare charity PETA. We do not sell our products in China, which requires cosmetics to be tested on animals.

You can be sure that all Green People products are cruelty free.


Often plant-based, certified organic skin care and beauty products support the entire environmental concept of the preservation.

Organic certification will be denied if ingredients are exposed to chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and even the product’s packaging will need to meet strict guidelines stipulated by certificating bodies.

Because our products ingredients have not been exposed to artificial fertilisers, they have a rich mineral content and high volume of skin-balancing vitamins.

oy cruelty free cosmetics

Check your carbon footprint

Endlessly ordering skin care for your shelfies is easy to do but be mindful that repeatedly ordering products generates an unnecessary excess of packaging materials and transport emissions.

To reduce your carbon footprint, try to plan your product purchases and look out for products packaged in carbon-positive materials.

Green People has introduced sugar-cane packaging, and this captures CO2 so efficiently that for every 1kg produced, over 3kgs of CO2 is removed from the air.

footprint in sand on beach

Use your voice

Passionate about protecting the environment? Your opinion counts so keep an eye out for important votes and petitions on matters concerning the environment.

No stranger to a soapbox, Green People has supported several eco-campaigns over the years and knows that getting involved can make a big difference.

One issue we felt particularly strong about was the need to ban microbeads in cosmetics.

By joining forces with Greenpeace and other leading organic beauty brands we were able to raise awareness of the dangers of these pollutant plastics and, after a petition of over 350,000 signatures was present to Downing Street a UK ban on using plastic microbeads in some cosmetics was introduced.

climate change

Are worried about conserving our environment? What things do you do to live greener in your teens? Join the conversation at @GreenPeopleUK.

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